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1.6 Style Fragmovie - rate
United States wickenhauserr 
2019-07-31 22:15
2019-07-31 22:44
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
> 1.6 style > No Scandinavian melodeath What doink?
2019-08-17 21:52
u right sory bro
2019-08-17 22:01
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
Is ok mens)) Other than that it's a nice video.
2019-08-17 22:03
2019-08-17 22:03
or iron maiden fear of the dark / number of the beast.
2019-08-22 03:02
s1mple | 
Ukraine s1v9mple 
"1.6 Style"
2019-07-31 22:45
yes retard
2019-08-06 22:05
s1mple | 
Ukraine s1v9mple 
2019-08-06 22:09
glad you can read english
2019-08-08 18:25
2019-08-20 17:07
This isn't 1.6 style, this is cancer style 0/10
2019-08-06 22:06
why cus everyone in the vid is better than u ?
2019-08-08 18:26
Niiice comeback bro, sure got me there xDDDDDDD
2019-08-08 22:02
u rly just typed xD seriously?
2019-08-13 18:39
saju | 
Poland PanArek 
:dddd xDD =dd
2019-08-13 19:39
Only took you 5 days to come up with that comeback, sick brother!
2019-08-13 22:18
i just dont go on HLTV often cus im not a degenerate
2019-08-14 01:56
Yet you're still online at 2AM on a weekday. xDDDDDD Busted bro, fuckin nolife
2019-08-14 10:58
imagine not knowing how timezones work yikes
2019-08-17 21:47
You're fakeflagging either way you irrelevant nonamer xDD
2019-08-17 22:03
ok JW_3_major_s1mple_0_major LOL
2019-08-17 22:03
Guy still talks shit on an 18 day old thread. Couldn't make this shit up.
2019-08-17 22:23
You just did too xd
2019-08-14 02:11
fair play
2019-08-17 21:47
Lithuania Azakariux 
very nice, good job
2019-08-06 22:09
2019-08-08 18:26
Spain Vorja83 
it's good
2019-08-08 18:30
2019-08-14 01:57
I liked it a lot. Felt like I was watching a 1.6 fragmovie with PUG frags. 10/10 for me because it was purely about the frags with a minimalistic style of editing like a lot of 1.6 movies from semi-known players. If I wanna watch over-edited frags that don’t showcase what the player is actually doing, I would watch a Virre-edit who I think is better suited for a nice cimematic edit.
2019-08-08 18:39
thanks man thats what I was going for
2019-08-13 18:38
athxna | 
Netherlands p2dr 
2019-08-13 19:38
clean frags, gj
2019-08-13 19:24
thx <3
2019-08-14 01:56
Liked it a lot, very well done !
2019-08-13 19:32
thank u man
2019-08-14 01:57
Sweden frozze90 
"1.6 style" = poor quality, nice one man, I totally get it! Nice frags tho
2019-08-13 19:36
yeah i shoulda made it only available in 360p and 4:3 blackbars for a true 1.6 type vid
2019-08-14 01:57
Sweden frozze90 
gör om, gör rätt! :D
2019-08-21 16:24
athxna | 
Netherlands p2dr 
yeah i did feel the 1.6 vibe, even the frags are kinda in style so yeah gj
2019-08-13 19:39
thanks bro yea that was the goal, i prefer the simplicity in fragmovies
2019-08-14 02:02
Brazil PlasticB0Y 
i like it
2019-08-13 22:22
thank u
2019-08-17 21:49
the 1st clip really felt like a cs 1.6 fragmovie gj
2019-08-14 02:02
2019-08-17 21:51
That viewmodel bugs me sorry
2019-08-14 02:03
cant please everyone i guess what viewmodel doesnt bug you? this one's pretty neutral
2019-08-17 21:49
1.6 eminemaugustin best fragmovie ever made
2019-08-17 23:49
good job that shot from awp was sick
2019-08-14 02:06
thx man :D
2019-08-17 21:49
United Kingdom alcaz4r_ 
Not bad
2019-08-14 11:03
2019-08-20 03:37
10/10 for whites stripes -2 for calling it 1.6 style when you know, it's just you couldnt be bothered editing and and syncing music and having stupid pointless lensflare and ambient occlusion. Just kidding I liked it.
2019-08-14 11:04
and having stupid pointless lensflare and ambient occlusion. ima be honest idk what any of that shit means but thanks haha
2019-08-17 21:47
not bad
2019-08-14 11:08
2019-08-17 21:51
Liked it! Nice to see what's going on and not get drowned in special effects and all that other garbage. Song name plz!
2019-08-14 11:16
fell in love with a girl - white stripes
2019-08-17 21:48
did you ask your enemies to exclusively run at you 1 by 1 or did they do that of their own volition
2019-08-14 11:20
duno man
2019-08-17 21:49
Brazil NiceBrazilian 
Good clips, bad song
2019-08-17 21:51
song is good though
2019-08-17 21:51
f0rest | 
Belarus eugie 
2019-08-17 21:56
2019-08-19 23:05
Poland Arknes 
>1.6 style >1080p 60 fps OK
2019-08-17 21:57
more just the clarity of the frags and a lack of overediting and the music but u right
2019-08-17 22:00
Poland Arknes 
i know just joking bro 😎
2019-08-17 22:01
ya i gotchu bb <3 thx for watching
2019-08-17 22:01
Poland Arknes 
how fast can you answer to my comment
2019-08-17 22:02
2019-08-17 22:02
Poland Arknes 
2019-08-17 22:02
2019-08-17 22:02
Poland Arknes 
you are Usain Bolt of HLTV
2019-08-17 22:03
i just get a notif and im waiting for my faceit q haha
2019-08-17 22:03
how is this 1.6 style to be exact
2019-08-17 22:04
minimal editing frag showcase, no added effects music is pretty 2000s
2019-08-17 22:07
i guess but for some reason it just doesn't feel right. might be because its higher quality + the game textures. maybe you should have done this ))) replace models with 1.6 ones
2019-08-17 22:09
dara makes great vids much better editor than myself tho
2019-08-21 17:41
flusha | 
Netherlands davin 
whats the song men)) nice clip
2019-08-17 22:04
white stripes - fell in love with a girl
2019-08-17 22:05
2019-08-17 22:07
flusha | 
Netherlands davin 
ty dood
2019-08-18 00:11
shox | 
Serbia Ch11co 
2019-08-17 22:10
thank you babe
2019-08-18 02:30
not "1.6 style"... but i really like it
2019-08-17 22:13
how so?
2019-08-18 02:30
I can kinda see what you were trying to do, reminds me of this
2019-08-17 22:56
Albania sl4p3z 
nice btw
2019-08-17 23:52
2019-08-18 02:29
The frags are aight, if they're your best you aren't very good. Obvious that most of these are against complete noobs (wtf is that nuke spraydown lol, three people standing still aiming at the ground) here are two MUCH BETTER frag movies in "1.6 style" (you definitely didn't play 1.6 btw, stop lying to yourself for some pseudo-superiority).
2019-08-18 02:42
I'm open to criticism but this comment is terrible "(you definitely didn't play 1.6 btw, stop lying to yourself for some pseudo-superiority)." not sure how you could ever comment something this stupid and fake woke and not be aware of how ridiculous you sound 1st video has boring colors, worse frags, and awful motion blur and is clearly against "complete noobs", completely contradictory to what you said about this video lmfao ive seen that second video and its really good but isn't at all what I was going for as you can clearly tell if you watched the video also, which clips weren't good enough for a fragmovie in this video in your opinion? other than maybe the collat down mid on inferno (which was included solely because I needed a clip of everyone) I don't see anything that wouldn't have also been considered clip-worthy in either of those 2 videos you linked
2019-08-19 23:11
I understand you need to do mental gymnastics to keep your fragile ego unharmed, but are you really that ignorant? Have you noticed that none of the enemies you are playing against throw any smokes or flashes? That first video may have some filler frags, i agree, but its syncing is much better than yours lmfao. You are lying to yourself if you believe you have better mechanics than that guy.
2019-08-20 05:52
"I understand you need to do mental gymnastics to keep your fragile ego unharmed," Like I said before, open to criticism if there's any logic behind it. But I genuinely can't even tell if you're trolling or not because of how dumb the shit you're typing is. "Have you noticed that none of the enemies you are playing against throw any smokes or flashes?" No, because they did throw smokes and flashes. even if this were the case though, how could you even attempt to make this point after linking a dara video? he plays against trashcans 24/7 and his videos are still great. "You are lying to yourself if you believe you have better mechanics than that guy." yeah I definitely said that somewhere in my comment
2019-08-20 17:05
You are in high school. You never played 1.6, you didn't follow 1.6, your movie has no resemblance to the most famous 1.6 movies. Google cognitive dissonance, you willingly ignorant and conceited child
2019-08-21 21:51
I am not in high school I did play 1.6 I didn't follow 1.6, only true thing you said not being conceited and im not the one literally dismissing facts imagine having no argument so you just throw a random psych term you just learned in your intro to psychology class lmafo called an ad hominem buddy, maybe you'll get to that next semester!
2019-08-22 02:50
That's the funniest comment I've seen in a while
2019-08-22 03:11
7/10 good music
2019-08-20 03:45
2019-08-20 04:39
your wel
2019-08-20 04:57
its actually really nice, good stuff!
2019-08-20 04:40
2019-08-20 17:06
liked a lot
2019-08-20 06:11
2019-08-20 17:00
How is it 1.6 style? because of the pixels?
2019-08-20 17:33
because its not overedited, its just a simple frag showcase also just a clickbait title tbh because 1.6 makes everyone on hltv horny lmao
2019-08-20 19:53
Ok ok, got it. Overediting is just creating a new kind of content. In my opinion, most of the fragmovie nowadays are just shortmovies or simple vids for that reason especially. You're not watching good games and kills anymore.
2019-08-21 09:34
agreed! that was the goal of the "1.6 style" title since it didnt overdo the effects and was just a simple showcase of some kills my friends and I got. thx for watching man
2019-08-21 17:43
My pleasure
2019-08-21 19:05
pretty good video, but the music was pure trash
2019-08-20 19:55
what kind of music do you like then most people seem to have given positive feedback on the music but i cant please everyone ofc
2019-08-21 01:34
Sweden PPH 
2019-08-21 09:37
well yeah its from 1.6
2019-08-21 17:44
Well it sure sounds like one
2019-08-22 02:59
ty thats rly the main point, the music choice and the lack of effects taking emphasis away from the kills music is panned left cus im retarded tho
2019-08-22 03:21
I'm not going to pretend that I knew about CS before 2013, but agreed, I don't really like it when editors add too much to a fragmovie. If the frags are good enough, they don't need editing to be impressive.
2019-08-22 03:23
agreed, i like edits for what they are but I will always prefer real fragmovies. and even if I wanted to do more effects I know fuck all about editing so i couldnt thx for watching man
2019-08-22 03:30
Cambodia afk47 
IMO: 6/10 weird view model (too stretched out) You should use more effects ( more slow mo) but it should sync with the music You should use more 3rd person perspective rather than just 1st person Sync is good but could be better
2019-08-22 03:29
I like the viewmodel personally but yeah i may just not touch fov_cs_debug next time. its like 95 in this vid when the default is 90 but I think it looks fine aside from maybe the famas clip cus the reload looks a lil funny yeah I didn't wanna use too many slowdowns/speedups cus that kinda takes away from the frags imo. I like the idea of 3rd person/enemy pov sometimes but I dont feel like a lot of these frags were particularly good ones to do 3rd person. will experiment with it more next time! thanks 4watching & for the constructive criticism! <3
2019-08-22 03:33
Cambodia afk47 
You welcome dawg!
2019-08-22 03:36
wow you are good!
2019-08-22 03:39
thx man but im still learning :D
2019-08-22 03:40
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