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Alinity loves her animals
Israel Hezekiel_Keepo 
Alinity loves her animals. You all lost your mind just because she is successful and makes a lot of money, that drives you insane. Jealous. Btw authorities visited her home and concluded animals were happy. Twitch is not going to ban you. I love your tears, jealous neck beards. /close
2019-08-02 23:38
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/open no she doesn't /close
2019-08-02 23:39
Who is this alien
2019-08-02 23:40
Brunei SCAT_best_porn 
Can I date your sister?
2019-08-02 23:43
I don't have a sister((
2019-08-02 23:44
Brunei SCAT_best_porn 0/8 she is also chinese american
2019-08-02 23:45
2019-08-02 23:47
That chick looks 0% Chinese
2019-08-03 00:35
xqc = a picture of dick was on a screen for a frame ( banned, old vod. staff going thru his vods just for this) alinity = a picture of dick on a screen for longer than a second ( nothing ?!?!?! ) oh yeah, also the abuse towards the cat. bannable too.
2019-08-02 23:45
xqc "the new face of twitch"
2019-08-03 00:15
Finland mattixboi 
she cares for her animals, but the ban system is unfair in twitch. if a male did the same he would be instabanned
2019-08-02 23:45
Exactly this
2019-08-03 00:16
Not even a male lol, there was an incident where a smaller female streamer did the exact same thing(throwing the cat over her head) and she received a 14 day ban
2019-08-03 00:30
ye, people aren't freaking out because of her actions but rather because of the favoritism twitch has continuously shown towards their female thots such as her
2019-08-03 00:40
Romania wavyyy 
she deserves to be banned,but the people who say "animal abuse" at the clip where she throws her cat are dumb af
2019-08-02 23:47
Shes an idiot for feeding her cat alcohol tho
2019-08-03 00:36
Romania wavyyy 
ye that's stupid
2019-08-03 01:04
you dont care about animal abuse, you just want her banned because she's a girl .. but you are unable to admit it
2019-08-03 00:07
United States Nohj 
0/8 you are the one who doesnt care about animal abuse :)
2019-08-03 00:10
expected from israel
2019-08-03 01:12
+1 Its only Nazi Pewdiepie sympathisers and actual alt right nazi scums who think she abused her animals. I think Alinity is a great person, props to her for all the success dont be jealous incels.
2019-08-03 00:11
LaimB | 
Lithuania Martis 
Actually Alinity's actions were way worse than Pewdiepie's. Imagine throwing your cat and giving her alcohol
2019-08-03 00:22
Yeah dress up as Nazi officer, giving Nazi salutes, reading mein kampf, send out massage as 'kill the jews' than say its a joke bro its a joke. Not to forget he recently shouted out an Alt Right Nazi scum's channel than makes excuses like he didn't know or whatever. I'm not gonna touch the whole 'N word' incident.
2019-08-03 00:25
You can give her props for her success, but she is a horrible person. Mistreated her cat multiple times, abused youtube's copyright system because she didn't like what someone said of her and she commited marriage fraud by marrying a canadian guy to be able to get into Canada and divorcing him straight after
2019-08-03 00:29
Yeah sexist pig insulting and objectifying a hard working woman than laughing about it, go defend that. Alinity didn't striked her that was another lie made up by pewdiepie the nazi. Collabdrm the company overseeing Alinity's content did the strike without her leave, she cant possibly track every strike they do so its not her fault and company called the strike back. She never said she divorced the guy to get Canada you are speculating pure nonsense we dont know why they actually divorced. She never abused her animals she 'threw' the cat at the bed behind her and she didnt fed the cat alcohol. Her lips were wet with alcohol so it was less than a drop cat was most likely ran from the smell. Nt though go ahead defend nazi misogynistic scums and i ll defend women.
2019-08-03 00:35
ok mr. white knight
2019-08-03 00:36
when there is no argument go for name calling. Its no suprise as you cant defend a racist misogynist with logic and argument. Bye bye incel.
2019-08-03 00:37
You told me to go ahead and I said ok, why are you mad about that?
2019-08-03 00:38
"Can we copystrike Pewdiepie?"
2019-08-03 00:40
Austria WhiteHawk7777 
0/8 but nt
2019-08-03 00:32
Canada Michaelides 
2019-08-03 00:50
Other nt_newfag 
2019-08-03 01:19
Yeah, definitely She should be the CEO of PETA for her long running contribution for helping innocent animals especially cats Adore her
2019-08-03 00:18
Netherlands jonsve 
shut up incel
2019-08-03 00:20
flag checks out
2019-08-03 00:22
I mean it was dumb of her to throw the cat like that but its going to land on the feet from that height anyways.
2019-08-03 00:24
Yes she loves her animals, but dumb, reckless people like her should not be able to get away with this shit. Since she doesn't get punished, she won't learn from it.
2019-08-03 00:27
authorities gave her a lecture about it, read the sources
2019-08-03 00:48
A lecture is not the same as being punished
2019-08-03 00:49
Asia wantod 
2019-08-03 00:35
Sweden ronkaball 
give me shekels
2019-08-03 01:05
Qatar olaolakaka 
Expected from fake jewish baiter Xd
2019-08-03 01:14
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15:30GODSENT vs Illuminar
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