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What a convenient time to commit "suicide". I can only wonder how many rich people are getting off the hook because he "suicided" just in time. Its sickening that this kind of things are actually happening even in the developed countries.
2019-08-11 00:45
BILL PogChamp CLINTON PogChamp KILLED PogChamp JEFFREY PogChamp EPSTEIN PogChamp IN PogChamp HIS PogChamp JAIL PogChamp CELL PogChamp IN PogChamp 2019 PogChamp
2019-08-11 00:48
BILL PogChamp CLINTON PogChamp KILLED PogChamp JEFFREY PogChamp EPSTEIN PogChamp IN PogChamp HIS PogChamp JAIL PogChamp CELL PogChamp IN PogChamp 2019 PogChamp
2019-08-11 00:49
Germany cucKingxaxa)) 
BILL PogChamp CLINTON PogChamp KILLED PogChamp JEFFREY PogChamp EPSTEIN PogChamp IN PogChamp HIS PogChamp JAIL PogChamp CELL PogChamp IN PogChamp 2019 PogChamp
2019-08-11 01:00
what the fuck is this copypasta ? should this be funny or something ?
2019-08-11 01:01
Austria Schwerpunkt 
I think it's funny. The man looks like a zombie, and he'd probably die if a fly landed on him.
2019-08-11 01:20
PogChamp BOB PogChamp SAGET PogChamp RAPED PogChamp AND PogChamp KILLED PogChamp A PogChamp GIRL PogChamp IN PogChamp 1990 PogChamp
2019-08-11 01:45
2019-08-11 01:05
Good riddance pedophile (((Epstein))) and he's actually dead, he didn't kill himself but someone killed him before he could do a plea deal and incriminate anyone else
2019-08-11 00:49
2019-08-11 00:50
Hmm? O its just instinct lol. He is jewish btw Not that that matters at all :))))) definitely not. just dont look into things goyim
2019-08-11 00:50
I don't like Jews
2019-08-11 00:53
Austria Schwerpunkt 
Why not?
2019-08-11 01:21
Flag doesn't check out
2019-08-11 02:25
Austria Schwerpunkt 
I know it doesn't, why don't you answer the question?
2019-08-11 02:25
because he has no answer. he is just circlejerking on the jewish hate. which is unwarranted if u ask me.
2019-08-11 02:27
Austria Schwerpunkt 
Yes, I agree.
2019-08-11 02:35
Control pretty much everything, terrorists in the middle east, pedophile rings
2019-08-11 02:34
Austria Schwerpunkt 
Citation needed.
2019-08-11 02:34
give me source for any of these ridicilous allegations ?
2019-08-11 02:35
Even their rabbis bite off infants' foreskin and suck the blood from their little penis.
2019-08-14 14:20
+1 high IQ comment
2019-08-11 03:30
yes but dont you think the alleged suicide was way too convenient. there is no way he was the only one taking part on that sex trafficking. so many people are just getting off the hook and not punished.
2019-08-11 00:50
"and he's actually dead, he didn't kill himself but someone killed him before he could do a plea deal and incriminate anyone else"
2019-08-11 00:51
The triple parentheses was really necessary, huh? In case someone couldn't deduce that from the name EPSTEIN.
2019-08-11 01:28
Is he actually dead though? He could be back on his Island rn fucking kids.
2019-08-11 02:07
+1 what i'm thinking tbh, he won't be seen in public anymore but on his island he can do whatever
2019-08-11 13:09
Yeah that's some movie shit but pretty much possible to fabricate the death and live under cover.
2019-08-14 14:22
Sweden Trkmag 
+1 Posted this in another thread, hopefully this makes people open their eyes about how incredibly corrupt the governments are and that the big corporation leaders in coalition with the men in charge are ''secretly'' ruling the world. Mainstream media would never write something that endangers their existence. Open your eyes
2019-08-11 00:52
the dude was even put on suicide watch after attempted suicide. so they logically put him off of suicide watch and then he suicides. how fucking shady can things get lol.
2019-08-11 00:55
Sweden Trkmag 
It's not shady, it's obvious.
2019-08-11 01:04
yeah and i bet there will be people getting sued for slander when they try to bring up something
2019-08-11 01:05
Yes, not suiciding under suicide watch but suiciding when not under it soo shady. Oh wait.
2019-08-11 01:06
there has been big bucks paid on people. i wonder how they sleep their nights.
2019-08-11 01:07
No need to pay anyone : A guy who attempted suicide is under suicide watch, if you want him to try again (and eventually succeed) just order the warden to remove him from suicide watch. As simple as that.
2019-08-11 01:10
yeah but there is definitely money being paid to someone. either the warden to give the order or some1 else to keep quiet. not everyone in the system is corrupted so they have to be paid to do stuff or paid to keep quiet.
2019-08-11 01:12
Why? No money needed, the warden just respect the chain of command : if his boss, for exemple the State Secretary of Justice or the boss of his boss Mr. D.T, tell him to do so, he will. The only money involved his is current and following legit salary.
2019-08-11 01:15
so the higher rank of the warden was paid to give the order. no reasonable human would put epstein off of the suicide watch after just attempting suicide. some1 was paid money to give the order for fucking sure. whoever he was and what ever rank he was.
2019-08-11 01:17
I'm calling the warden the director of the prison actually. Again no one need to be paid if the order comes from executive power.
2019-08-11 01:20
but cant you understand what im saying. the executive power was paid to give the warden the order. unless the executive power was already friends with the people part of the trafficking he was definitely paid to make the order.
2019-08-11 01:22
As I said above, one member of the executive power was friend with Epstein.
2019-08-11 13:03
the "shady" part isn't him being on suicide watch or killing himself when suicide watch was "off" ... the shady part is suicide watch being off at all , moron.
2019-08-11 02:17
Turkey Taylannnnn 
Rich people have an entirely different justice system than us plebians, they will continue their pedophile sex trafficing ring like nothing happened and in 2 weeks everyone will forget. I bet they already have the next guy to do the dirty work lined up.
2019-08-11 01:02
Even when they admit to grab grills by the pussy no one care. It is not about different justice system, it is about leak of care of the many.
2019-08-11 01:07
just have money and pay people to stay quiet.
2019-08-11 01:48
This will be forgotten before long, just like the Panama papers, just like anything that incriminates the rich and powerful
2019-08-11 01:01
yes most certainly. thats what sickens me the most. this kind of shit just gets sweeped under the rug. money is way too powerful in this world.
2019-08-11 01:02
Sweden Trkmag 
2019-08-11 01:04
Makes me do the big think
2019-08-11 01:02
liTTle | 
CIS Dowa) 
on purpose neck rope) not murder right
2019-08-11 01:32
Money is a disgrace to humanity
2019-08-11 01:24
indeed when it is used with malice.
2019-08-11 01:25
100% murdered ofc, it's literally impossible to kill yourself under suicide watch, which basically means paper clothes, and a camera pointed at you 24/7.
2019-08-11 01:49
he actually wasnt on suicide watch anymore when he "killed himself". that makes is even more shady. he was for some reason put off of suicide watch even after attempting suicide. and then the timing of his "suicide".. lol no way in my books.
2019-08-11 01:50
The first 'attempt' was pretty funny too, _before_ his appeal verdict, yeah right.
2019-08-11 01:51
just "unfortunate" timings haha
2019-08-11 01:59
the long nose tribe "suicided" him
2019-08-11 01:57
oh i think that the .... "tribe" who might've been worried about his testimony is waaaayyyyy further above the one you're talking about ....
2019-08-11 02:20
They offed him.
2019-08-11 02:18
thanks captain
2019-08-11 02:22
All pedophiles are super tight, and there is no way others powerful pedophiles pigs would let him talk. Even tho he was a billionnaire, he wasn't well-known. A pedophile like Bill Clinton will never get in troubles because he was POTUS
2019-08-11 02:54
2019-08-11 13:06
do you read any news ?
2019-08-13 21:23
not rlly no
2019-08-14 14:14
Shut up goys
2019-08-14 14:23
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