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Hey guys, i'll show you how i got gamesense and my way to lvl 7.(yes its not that goood) 1. Watch demos and analyze Pros. Watch each step they do everyround, if you wanna know how to get apps control, watch Twistzz for example... And watch every move they do twice or 3 times. 2. Watch Pro teams play together to learn strats. Watch what every single player does and watch the strat twice or 3 times, to see what they did if the strat went wrong for example if one player died directly at the beginning of the round or whatever. 3. Watch Zorlakoka's videos. He did videos on how to play literally every position on most played Maps (hes a portuguese streamer so he did the videos in english for you all , very usefull) 4. Watch your own demos. It will help you seek your mistakes and see what you have to improve on. Gl and i hope this helped you!
2019-08-13 21:24
2019-08-13 21:24
cR4zY | 
Myanmar xdcc 
5. Buy a gaming chair
2019-08-13 21:25
6. socks
2019-08-13 21:25
NiKo | 
Europe 90ieskid 
Long time I thought this was a meme, but after I bought a good ergonomic chair, my body posture while playing was much better and natural, hence my I finally was able to place my hand properly on the desk and hold the mice well and feel good and confident about my aim. So this meme is kinda truth too.
2019-08-13 22:04
2019-08-14 00:25
Reunion 1iquser 
too much effort for someone taking the game casually.
2019-08-13 21:44
fair enough
2019-08-13 21:51
Watch Elmapuddy on yt if you really want to learn
2019-08-13 21:52
0/8 1. Use voice_enable 0, don't inflict on yourself the toxicity and useless information of your teammate monkeys that are only good for hiding enemy footsteps, look at the mini map and listen to footsteps, you will naturally develop your sense of the game with concentration. 2. Not having heard your teammates of the whole game, once the game is over, download the Faceit demo to finally hear your teammates, prepare a dish followed by a cool drink, tilt your 180 degree gamer chair and watch your Rager teammates in demo while you had voice_enable 0 and this, for a good slice of laughter.
2019-08-13 21:53
You seem to be that guy that buys kevlar and deagle, goes b cache to peek toxic die and type gg
2019-08-13 22:01
You just described a basic Polish on Faceit lol
2019-08-13 22:10
No , he described you. You're the one that plays SoloQ cause he lost all his friends cause you probably trolled after someone told you you were doing something wrong, and then proceeds to tilt your team on porpuse just for the "LOLZZZ" Yes, you're sad. No, that's not funny, thats ruining others experience.
2019-08-13 22:48
nt psychoanalyst
2019-08-13 23:45
No, people like you are out there and it's disgusting LOL
2019-08-14 00:11
why so mad men)) ?
2019-08-14 00:24
not mad, your dumbness is just toxic.
2019-08-14 00:46
BCko is this you?
2019-08-13 22:13
2019-08-13 22:43
"level 7" "watch pro" stop it men, its cringe af))
2019-08-13 23:50
No dude,i don't think you have a idea what this is about, you should stick to eating baguette on saturdays and go to marche aux puces...
2019-08-14 00:10
"im level 7, i watch pro stream, i play with 4:3 stretched and i buy Zowie EC2A" ))
2019-08-14 00:25
Who said i watch a pro stream? god damn ffs...
2019-08-14 00:46
You know whats faster? Play the game competitively and be serious with your team. Watch all your demos even the ones you won.
2019-08-13 21:53
Yes, I don't understand the people, that take 1 hour of their days to hop on a match, to laugh through the entire game ( ihave nothing against having fun but enough is enough) and go on to troll the entire game or lose on porpuse. I. dont. get. it.
2019-08-13 22:44
This is gayme sense, real game sense is skit.
2019-08-13 22:14
just be smart
2019-08-13 22:51
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