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wow classic lol
Canada chedca 
20$ a month ? go fuck yourself activision LOL
2019-08-14 00:06
2019-08-14 00:07
Kazakhstan bjornzz 
2019-08-14 00:07
2019-08-14 00:07
J-bird | 
Sweden Forsgren 
You don't have to play it if you don't want to. No need to be upset about it.
2019-08-14 00:08
well ya but I had had been looking forward to it actually but 20$ is another spit in the face from Activision, it is a sign they will fuck this up like everything else.
2019-08-14 00:11
20? Why? Isn't the original thing only 10?
2019-08-14 00:09
Other zj2 
2019-08-14 00:16
So, you gotta pay more money for a game that has far less content than the ongoing version that has seen, what, 5 or 6 expansions? Fuck me, what a bunch of assholes.
2019-08-14 00:19
Other zj2 
if OP isnt lying and its indeed 20$ (i didnt check) then yea its bullshit what a scummy move by them if its true
2019-08-14 00:20
I have never played WoW but wanted to start, can you pls explain how it all works pls (if you know). Like will I get all expansions and so on or only the new one ??
2019-08-14 02:09
I'm pretty sure you can only play the newest version and nothing else. That's why they're bringing out 'Classic', so you can play the first version again because the newest version which you're forced to play is apparently complete dogshit. I wouldn't know, I played 1 month of the second expansion that goes up to level 80 and laughed for 30 minutes straight when I saw everybody playing the same fucking class so I quit.
2019-08-14 02:13
Okay ty So I can play the first one and the last one only.
2019-08-14 14:51
Those would be your only options for now, yes.
2019-08-14 15:30
I play WoW and I'm going to clarify some things for you: - You need to pay a monthly subscription - You need to buy the new expansion pack if you want to play with everyone else (only the newest one is required) - You don't necessarily play only the current expansion, you'll pass by every expansion while leveling and even at max level, since you'll want to farm some things and do some old content. You can play all of the older content, although it's not what people are mostly playing, since we already have a lot of things to do on the actual expansion. - You don't need to buy the newest expansion if you're going to level from 0 to 110, you'll only need it if you want to start at level 110 (the lastest expansion always give to you a level boost to the maximum of the last expansion) or if you're already at level 110. - They're bringing back Classic for those who want the full Classic experience: the same classes you had back then, same pvp balance, lore, raids, it's literally the game how it was in 2006. Oh, I forgot something: - You don't need to pay for an extra subscription in order to play Classic, you only have to pay the default subscription of the retail version.
2019-08-14 15:50
Ty so I can just pay Monthly for subscription. And then I can play classic and older expansions. But if I want to play with other players I have to buy the newest expansion. And there I can play the older expansions too ? Did I understand this correctly ?
2019-08-14 17:37
You NEVER need to buy older expansions. Just by paying your subscription you have access to every content of the game except by the content of the newest expansion. You'll be doing the following contents while leveling: 1-60 = Classic 61-75 = The Burning Crusade 75-80 = Wrath of the Lich King 81-85 = Cataclysm 86-90 = Mists of Pandaria 91-100 = Warlords of Draenor 101-110 = Legion 111-120 = Battle for Azeroth (this is the actual one) You can do any of the contents of the game just by paying the subscription, except by the contents of 111-120, where you need to buy the expansion. As you level on the game, you'll pass by every past content of the game, you'll see the Lich King, as you'll see Deathwing, you'll do a lot of dungeons with 4 more people, as you'll do questing alone. When you reach the level 120, you'll start to do the actual content of the game, where everyone is playing. Reaching level 120 is the requirement in order to start playing where everyone else is playing too; when you reach it, you'll be able to solo old content in order to farm transmogs (weapon and armor appearances), archievements, mounts, pets, etc. You can do this content with your guild too. The main point is that you don't need to think about buying other expansions, just by paying the monthly subscription, you alread own them all, needing just to buy the newest one.
2019-08-14 19:52
Ty so much for the clarification and taking your taking to write this.
2019-08-15 02:25
No problem, I hope you have fun if you start playing. :)
2019-08-15 02:43
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
Tbf, Wotlk, the expansion you tried, was the beginning of the end regarding the quality of WoW's content. Sad.
2019-08-14 14:56
I heard you need to buy the game, and then also pay for the subscription. Disgusting, like everything that is made by Blizzard/Activision/EA/Ubisoft
2019-08-14 00:11
Denmark FazeUpAssDown 
2019-08-14 00:22
Hey, don't say everything. Starcraft is still good.
2019-08-14 17:52
Germany Landwirt 
Are you a newfrog to wow? It has always been like that
2019-08-14 00:13
2019-08-14 00:32
Denmark Farmand 
it has never been that much money for a subscription before
2019-08-14 00:35
the subscription costs are the same as allways... 12,99€ monthly
2019-08-14 17:39
Denmark Farmand 
oh thought he wrote it in euros
2019-08-14 17:50
He wrote a completly wrong number. In $ it's 14,99 a month
2019-08-14 17:54
Denmark Farmand 
im so confused right now but ok. so its 12,99€ as always
2019-08-14 17:57
yes sir
2019-08-14 18:00
Stop playing that virgin game please.
2019-08-14 00:15
Sweden ezegg 
go to your shitty pservers then and stfu zZzZzz
2019-08-14 00:16
FalleN | 
Brazil Feio91 
here is U$37,90 per year.
2019-08-14 00:17
WoW has always had paid subscription, newfag lol
2019-08-14 00:26
Germany Landwirt 
2019-08-14 00:34
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
2019-08-14 15:00
s1mple | 
Germany NatsuS 
20$ is 11€ lul. You get classic to normal sub
2019-08-14 00:32
add €5 more
2019-08-14 00:35
United States FarCentrist 
There's no way thats true lmao.
2019-08-14 00:31
Ukraine ksay 
that's a decent price why would dudes from western countries even complain about it? i have 350EUR salary and this price doesn't seems outrageous
2019-08-14 00:38
Jame | 
North America McDouble 
this is why i play a real mmo like wizard101
2019-08-14 00:35
Serbia Suckleus 
...for which u dont have to pay what so ever
2019-08-14 02:16
Its 12.99 euro monthly... it gives you access to wow and wow classic.
2019-08-14 00:38
Russia LeGoBoys 
Paying for the game every month. Must be a crazy retard to do is
2019-08-14 00:38
yeah 30 mins of work or less pays for the entire month... zzzzz
2019-08-14 00:39
Russia LeGoBoys 
Or you can play for free other games that much much better
2019-08-14 01:38
tell me free MMO RPG that better than WoW ? I know WoW suck nowdays as game, but TBC, Wotlk, Cata times was great
2019-08-14 01:47
L2 > ALL
2019-08-14 02:21
Germany Landwirt 
No mmo that can top wow
2019-08-14 02:15
Or not from a budget country.
2019-08-14 15:52
people still play that dead game?
2019-08-14 00:39
"dead". lol it topped twitch just when people were reserving their names
2019-08-14 01:49
2019-08-14 01:48
2019-08-14 01:49
Germany Landwirt 
More fun than csgo)
2019-08-14 02:15
Russia baryga007 
used to be
2019-08-14 15:22
99% of wow players are fkibg loosers
2019-08-14 15:24
THE PROBLEM IS they try to mix different bags of players. The one's that want to play only classsics and the one's that play the public. They should just seperate the subscibtions, not merge them into one.
2019-08-15 02:47
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