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Top 1 2019 Vote (Strawpoll)
EliGE | 
North America ENCEneverbeatLIQUIDfinals 
Pretty sure they use LAN rating so I'll use that.
2019-08-14 06:23
Belgium Chuckyyy 
Zywoo > s1mple
2019-08-14 06:28
agreed cant believe he has the least amount of votes should be ZywOo 1 EliGE 2 (close) s1mple 3 after all rating doenst mean shit if u skip half of the events in the year and lose the other half
2019-08-14 07:00
0iq Why zywoo should be 1st, no big events wins, no highest rating 2.0, can u explain why?
2019-08-14 07:13
because his rating is close to being the highest, he does have a big event win idk where u got the info that he doesnt, he has improved throughout the year so we can estimate he will be better in the last few months, although we dont know for sure, it is a calculated estimate given their post march stats also his team has been more successful than navi this year, his team isnt skipping mad events like navi, and he has more mvps/evps than s1mple and more meaningful ones too his cologne mvp > all of s1mples evps+mvps this year as for zywoo vs elige, elige has him beat in basically everything except rating, but the gap is big enough to the point where if elige doesnt increase himself to 1.26-1.28 he wont have a chance now with all of that said, it doenst mean zywoo has #1 locked up, thats why i made this thread cuz all 3 of those guys have a realistic chance, but to say zywoo has no chance is foolish is that enough?
2019-08-14 07:18
I said wins, 1 win doesn't change anything, zywoo never become 1st of world. Elige > S1 > Zywoo But zywoo will be 2nd, cuz navi suck, mark my words
2019-08-14 07:21
possible but I have faith in zywOo ppl need to understand this guy's year has already been a top 10 year in csgo history and we havent even seen his prime yet
2019-08-14 07:26
he plays in tier 1 and has a high rating he doesnt have more than 1 win because his team are basically bots compared to him
2019-08-14 07:58
flusha | 
United States k3ar 
First off, you're wrong about no big event wins. ECS S7 is considered a Big Event. Second, ZywOo has more MVPs and EVPs than s1mple and larger rating than EliGE.
2019-08-14 07:23
simplified version of #24 if the guy is too lazy to read that
2019-08-14 07:24
that doesn't matter, jesus. I said wins, only 1 win doesnt't change anything lol larger rating than Elige, and? 6 big events vs 1, 3 mvps vs 1 hhmhmhmhmhammh
2019-08-14 07:27
once again u are wrong zywoo has 3 total mvps and 2 big event mvps u really gotta learn to read i listed the stats in the strawpoll
2019-08-14 07:29
flusha | 
United States k3ar 
The Top 20 list is an individual award. Trophies matter, but not to the extent you are taking it (mainly involves in how the player did in the finals more than actually winning the event). Not like ZywOo is far behind EliGE in MVP's either. EliGE: 3 Big Event MVPs (DH Masters Dallas, EPL Finals, IEM Chicago) ZywOo: 2 Big event MVPs, 1 tier 3 MVP. (ESL One Cologne 2019, ECS S7 Finals, cs_summit 4) The rating decides it the most here.
2019-08-14 07:37
Let me ask u if the list didnt take trophies into account then why was GTR #1 in 2014 while kenny fell to #6, GTR didnt win the mvp at the major his mvps werent more impressive than flusha who had a way higher rating, good team success, and mvps Also why was FalleN #2 in 2016 dispite losing all big mvps to cold I could name more examples but the point is team success does have a part
2019-08-14 07:36
flusha | 
United States k3ar 
I may have gone too far with the "very little" portion. Everything else stands. I edited that part.
2019-08-14 07:37
Everything that i put in the strawpoll matters, all of those details play a part into the ranking, some more than others but they all matter
2019-08-14 07:37
+1 #1 is between zywoo and elige s1mple is #3 no matter what for now
2019-08-14 07:14
thanks quick explaination at #24 for those who only look at rating and nothing else
2019-08-14 07:17
bait, didnt even put NAF as a candidate
2019-08-14 06:29
Yea ur right Naf does bait idk how that puts him in the convo but ur right he is a baiter
2019-08-14 06:59
Australia t0rrent 
It's device
2019-08-14 06:33
Australia GaayCuunt 
why can't i vote for jks?!?!?!?
2019-08-14 06:34
EliGe lul, okey he has sick aim but he cant clutch like S1mple and ZywOo
2019-08-14 06:36
NiKo | 
Israel soez4niko 
name checks out
2019-08-14 06:44
hes got the most mvps and is on the most successful team by far this year and has way more maps/events played/won than the other 2, yea his rating is a little behind rn but if he gets up to 1.26-1.28 (which isnt easy) then he will prob take #1
2019-08-14 06:58
Freeman | 
Australia RongYi 
Cant argue with that fat 1.33 rating
2019-08-14 06:43
NiKo | 
Israel soez4niko 
but only one win and navi bombed out of a couple of events this year regardless if s1mple did good or not
2019-08-14 06:45
Other Aachen 
I think that s1mple will be #1, but it is definitely very arguable.
2019-08-14 06:55
Canada Bucket0 
Device beat s1mple in MVPs if I'm not mistaken. Depending on how the rest of the year goes, s1mple might still deserve it
2019-08-14 07:00
there is a HUGE differnece between this year and last year this year, s1mple skipped half of the events, and in the other half he only won 1 event, and 1 mvp, and that event astralis and liquid both didnt attend last year, s1mple attending basically every big event, won 2 or 3 including cologne, won 5-6 mvps so he was at least close to device's 7
2019-08-14 07:02
Canada Bucket0 
Too early to tell my dude, we dont know how many events navi is going to skip later on, we don't know if zywoo will keep in form. My point is basically that I don't see elige getting 1 he's too much like device was last year.
2019-08-14 07:08
My point is that EliGE is closer to #1 than device was last year by a lot since last year s1mple correctly wrapped up with #1 campaign while this year, 1.) the hype is less, 2.) he has been worse overall, 3.) his team has been shit if u take into account the year as a whole, 4.) he hasnt played nearly as much as he should, 5.) he has 2 competitiors zywoo AND elige not just device like last year
2019-08-14 07:13
zywoo or s1mple gonna shine on major and then elige will disappear from this race and this is gonna be s1mple vs zywoo fight for top1
2019-08-14 07:02
possible although if liquid wins the major (which seems pretty likely rn) and elige wins the mvp (very likely if liquid win the major) then elige's rating goes up and he secures yet another mvp (this one at a major) and then hes the frontrunner
2019-08-14 07:05
yea i mean if liquid win major then its elige top1 but if liquid wont and zywoo or s1mple gonna play with rating 1.4+ then there is all possible
2019-08-14 07:09
ELiGE due to the fact that he has teammates that are much better and frag much harder than players on Na'Vi and Vitality. ELiGE has to compete with all of his teammates to acquire frags rather than s1mple having to compete with only electronic and ZyWoO having to compete with practically no one on his team.
2019-08-14 07:03
Although twistzz naf and stew do take frags from elige, them getting kills results in liquid winning rounds which results in a larger liquid economy which then in turn results in elige getting more gun rounds vs eco players long story short having good teammates both helps and hurts ur rating, so that arguement has flaws
2019-08-14 07:06
+1 you just changed my mind
2019-08-14 07:17
frikin hecc i wanna revote
2019-08-14 07:18
2019-08-14 07:19
i wanna revote i voted s1mple but now i wanna vote elige
2019-08-14 07:20
why the sudden change of heart
2019-08-14 07:25
2019-08-14 07:26
2019-08-14 07:26
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