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bolsonaro idiota kill education
Brazil VamosCriolo this is president of brasil wow and we supportating his
2019-08-14 06:29
Cry Petista (I thought I couldn't hate you more than I did LOL)
2019-08-14 06:32
Did you forget about the previous presidents? > Dilma cut 10 billion from Education and send another 50 billion from "friendly countries " - Lula government stopped spending more than $ 20 billion on Education
2019-08-14 07:35
Imagine having a president anti-science, pro deforestation, and nepotist!! My future is so dark here!!
2019-08-14 06:36
so sad!
2019-08-14 06:41
fer | 
Brazil leguiza 
hahahahahah so sad im crying hahahahahahaha
2019-08-14 07:38
Germany smart_leftist 
No wonder Being a rightist = being uneducated
2019-08-14 06:40
United States skroobdoober 
2019-08-14 06:40
Surely uneducated people would vote leftist because they're poor and want more monies from government
2019-08-14 06:42
Ever heard of voter behaviours? Poor people in the U.K., for example, vote for the Conservatives because they want to defer power to the people they perceive as their 'betters', and that's just one reason poor people (or I should say all people) vote the way they do. If that weren't the case, leftists would be in power all the time, no? Poor people make up the majority of people in a society in most places.
2019-08-14 07:44
In the UK in all classes of people Labour vs Conservatives is split with +/- 1-5%, only age in the UK have any real statistical value. And my point wasn't meant to be taken seriously it was just whataboutism
2019-08-14 07:45
+1 his voters are even worse
2019-08-14 06:42
United States kick_tarik_ffs 
It's too bad all the education in the world never stops all of history's biggest shitholes from being leftist.
2019-08-14 07:02
0/8 and reported
2019-08-14 06:51
hahaha as you say brazilian education was something before him. This shit is dead for a long time my delusional friend
2019-08-14 07:07
yes we can all read portuguese :P
2019-08-14 07:28
Google chrome has an auto translate feature lol just use it oops sorry I forgot your government probably forbids you to do so
2019-08-14 07:32
google is banned yes but its so easy to bypass
2019-08-14 18:28
fer | 
Brazil leguiza 
this protests reminds me of students strikes uaheuaheauehuehaeuahueaheauheauehaueahe
2019-08-14 07:37
Education is overrated krappa
2019-08-14 07:42
i no spek monkeyish
2019-08-14 18:33
yeah u speak cockroachish
2019-08-14 19:09
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