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Fin/Swe guys with mini keyboard
Finland Samb0u 
I ordered fnatic ministreak keyboard with nordic layout and now im confused if it will have ä and ö or not, because i tried to look around and havent seen one mini keyboard with ä and ö. Help mens))
2019-08-14 10:39
sergej | 
Finland JoonaKrj 
2019-08-14 10:40
Nigeria Fraggot 
What's a mini keyboard
2019-08-14 10:40
Normal keyboard about 50cm wide and mini about 35cm
2019-08-14 10:41
Nigeria Fraggot 
2019-08-15 00:41
mertz | 
Denmark Mortiii 
It sometimes have but you need to check if it says Nordic layout
2019-08-14 10:44
Yea it is nordic but im not sure if it will have ä and ö in mini keyboard
2019-08-14 10:47
mertz | 
Denmark Mortiii 
Normally it will have keys where i says å/ä and ø/ö then
2019-08-14 10:51
Finland Kurko_Of_HLTV 
if it says nordic then it has them, i wondered the same when i ordered some Qpad keyboard because none of the pictures had äö but it did have when i got it
2019-08-14 10:48
Ty for answering this is excactly the reason i was wondering too because none of the videos or photos has ä and ö
2019-08-14 10:53
Finland Kurko_Of_HLTV 
if it doesnt have then just return because it would be pretty retarded to label as nordic if didnt have them lol
2019-08-14 10:54
cyx | 
Germany Shadyy89 
just apply 2 dots each over a and o and you'll have it bro
2019-08-14 10:49
I have a mini penis
2019-08-14 10:50
i have kela kortti
2019-08-14 10:53
i am kela regular customer
2019-08-14 10:59
I have logitech G410 counts as a mini keyboard? I have it and it has Ä and Ö
2019-08-14 10:58
is that like a tenkeyless kb? I mean if it says it has nordic layout then it must have Ä Ö Å etc.
2019-08-14 11:31
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