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Gaben wants csgo to die ?
Netherlands therealtydaa 
Why does he hate cs so much guys why ?!!?
2019-08-14 11:33
You can easily make csgo as good as dota content and update wise lol I see only benefits ?
2019-08-14 11:33
Faroe Islands godlikegaming 
when was the last good update for csgo? I think it was ~2015 when they changed the rifles. the csgo dev's have no clue what they should do. cs has a shitton of gamebreaking bugs.
2019-08-14 11:35
Other zj2 
2 updates that killed cs: sound update hitboxes update, just dink enemy player from the side, his neck will go from \ to / and then back to \ how are u supposed to kill this dynamic shit trash, or when u jump your head does some weird movements as well
2019-08-14 11:50
Faroe Islands godlikegaming 
so true and the movement nerf in my opinion valve need to start to hire good dev's so that they can fix this shit bugs.
2019-08-14 12:52
sound update was good
2019-08-14 13:43
tbh the viewer pass ( the katowice one) was the ebst thing they ever made
2019-08-14 13:00
Boo | 
France mbl4 
Panorama UI was a great update imo. Even if it's a controversial opinion, I think the danger zone update was really good too: valve bringing a whole new gamemode with new maps, features, etc...
2019-08-14 15:35
ZywOo | 
Europe PowwneD 
The fact is that players claims 128 ticks for more than 6 years and we got a fucking BR dude...
2019-08-14 15:45
Boo | 
France mbl4 
I agree on the 128 tick, this is something csgo needs, but I'm pretty sure the more "casual" players wouldn't even notice it and say "WhEn OpErAtIoN ?"
2019-08-14 15:48
ZywOo | 
Europe PowwneD 
Yes ofc but i think (maybe i'm wrong) that there is in CS a population of players that play it for a long time and which have a good experience of the game (because CS is an old game and have a solid basis) This group should be larger (proportionnaly) than most of competitive games, so the devs should consider this part in a more important way that they do actually and make more competitives uptates instead of only update the casual part of the game
2019-08-14 17:22
Boo | 
France mbl4 
Yeah you're probably right
2019-08-14 18:56
Valve's policy says that every developer can freely choose which projects they wanna work on. There are much more devs working on Dota than on csgo, so it's not possible to make csgo the same
2019-08-14 11:53
Denmark WeiZy0 
It is possible. People just dont know how to. Thats not making it impossible :)
2019-08-14 13:11
You tell me how a team that's not even half the size of the Dota team can make the same amount of content as the Dota team does. If you find a way, go to Valve and tell them please so we make csgo better :)
2019-08-14 13:16
Denmark WeiZy0 
Wow, you're really smart. :)
2019-08-14 13:29
Didn't mean to attack you, but reality is that it's impossible :(
2019-08-14 13:32
Denmark WeiZy0 
They could hire someone who dedicated themselves to csgo, so its not impossible.
2019-08-14 13:37
Of course they could, but it wouldn't make sense for them economically
2019-08-14 13:38
Denmark WeiZy0 
Do you really think valve is needing cash? LUL
2019-08-14 16:35
Do you really think they'll just throw cash out the window just because they can? This is business, they have shareholders that they have to make happy and it doesn't make them happy to put more money into the game than necessary
2019-08-14 16:37
Denmark WeiZy0 
I never said they would. I only responded to your "impossible". Please dude. Think before u act.
2019-08-14 18:52
Learn to understand context please. It's not that hard
2019-08-14 18:54
Denmark WeiZy0 
Same to you. :>
2019-08-14 18:57
Show me where I blatantly misinterpreted a statement of yours because I didn't consider the context please
2019-08-14 18:58
Denmark WeiZy0 
You still said impossible. Which is wrong :)
2019-08-14 18:58
Didn't I tell you two replies ago that it is impossible within the context?
2019-08-14 18:59
Denmark WeiZy0 
Its still not impossible :)
2019-08-14 19:43
2019-08-14 19:51
Denmark WeiZy0 
Yes, thats ur brain activity =D
2019-08-14 23:28
Other Aachen 
Why would they waste money?
2019-08-14 17:23
2019-08-14 11:33
smooya | 
United Kingdom Ludio 
he doesn't need to fix anything, people still buy Skins + Stickers etc etc, they're still making money and until they stop making money they won't do anything about it
2019-08-14 11:34
2019-08-14 13:08
Italy studiofrat 
2019-08-14 13:40
Zerocool | 
Other rssyo 
2019-08-14 15:35
valve sucks dotas peen all day what u expectings
2019-08-14 11:37
I just don't understand and comprehend it !
2019-08-14 11:38
Spain kroosw0w 
Dota is just a bigger and more important game for them there is nothing else to understand
2019-08-14 12:33
Other nt_newfag 
csgo has made them so much more money though
2019-08-14 15:32
Spain kroosw0w 
Can't verify that right now but I doubt it since these companies are money hungry, they wouldn't give Dota so much more attention just to make less profit
2019-08-14 15:33
Other nt_newfag 
I am almost certain that one of the best selling pc games of all time has racked in more money than dota and think about the money they make in skins/passes and all that
2019-08-14 15:40
Spain kroosw0w 
I mean it's possible but it doesn't make sense to me why would they put more attention into a game that's less profitable for them
2019-08-14 15:40
Poland misterr_ 
2019-08-14 16:44
Cause he is stuck in silver. That is why.
2019-08-14 11:47
it will die anyway, every game has its life cycle.
2019-08-14 12:31
Russia Blyatmen 
People love Dota, Gaben loves Dota People hate CS, Gaben hates CS
2019-08-14 12:56
who tf loves dota ?
2019-08-14 12:59
my name checks out csgo is by far the most competetive shooter out there and they give no fuck about that lmao
2019-08-14 13:01
cyx | 
Germany Shadyy89 
gabeN feels responsible for usa shootings so he cannot push it any further :(
2019-08-14 13:07
Russia Blyatmen 
Check steamcharts
2019-08-14 13:03
csgo used to cost money, is really unique in its way, more alphas play it, more alphas watch it, and doesnt get 10% of that what dota gets from volvo lol
2019-08-14 13:09
csgo has its limitations. what possible changes can gaben make every half year to make it more fun. like in dota we have hero changes every 6 months, heroes who arent picked that much comes to life. we have map changes / item changes. also new hero or items. since 3 yrs in cs all i saw is the sound update of guns, map pool changes cobble, dust2, infy. minor map changes and the recent aug change also negev becoming 2000$. danger zone. in recent dota update we had ranked roles - meaning player can literally choose what role he wants to play support / rifle / awp / entry. if he doesnt ez low prio ( tem ban from official mm ) i only watch csgo that too main stage of some T1 tournaments rest are trash already.
2019-08-14 13:42
dota 2 is lame and boring.
2019-08-14 13:52
i totally agree with you as a person who has never played the game.
2019-08-14 14:18
+1 LUL
2019-08-14 16:04
Why would they improve a game that doesn't have competition unlike dota that has to fight against LOL
2019-08-14 13:46
2019-08-14 15:38
They aren't retards, they know how to maximize the profit on cs go while doing as little as possible. If they see a drop i'm pretty sure they have things up their sleeves. But why take the hassle while the current average players is already near it's all time peak? On the other hands without all the investment dota would be dead. It's all calculated.
2019-08-14 15:40
Boo | 
France mbl4 
Valve just confirmed CS:GO and Dota2 are the two pillars of the company rn. They don't want to take the same approach to both games because of they do a mistake, they can correct it on the other one. This is why they don't use the same system for the cash prize of the major: a system where all the teams receive an amount of money based on the sticker sells and another where all the money goes in the cash prize, so teams have to get a good placement to earn a lot. It took some years to implement the panorama UI to csgo after "testing it" on dota2 for a few years. Maybe the system of the international with crowdfunded prize money will enventually be applied to CS:GO if they see this brings Valve more money, or if it brings way more viewers. But as for the UI, it takes time. Of course they don't want csgo to die, but they don't want to put all their eggs in the same basket
2019-08-14 15:41
hmm maybe when csgo watching numbers go down they will do the crowdfund stuff brings a lot of hype and more meaning (more on the line more tears)
2019-08-14 19:48
Boo | 
France mbl4 
Yeah I hope you're right, will it be enough to re-launch the cs hype ?
2019-08-14 19:54
8/8 analysis
2019-08-14 23:36
Boo | 
France mbl4 
Thank you SuNny
2019-08-15 00:38
Why u think Valve wants to kill CS:GO? when it brings them loads of money. It has and it continues to be updated constantly, and they care for the game, just Valve doesnt have a "PR" Team, that goes on socialmedia and promotes games with fake, phoney, cringy, goofy shit. And thats fine with me. If u want CS:GO to have jetpacks and bazookas? then ok.. go ahead, go play fortnite. But this game cannot change in many ways, as it has a very special mechanics, and physics. Source 2? it will happen, but there is a reason they didnt implement it yet. And.. Thanks to Valve CS is alive 20 years later. If They didnt buy-out CS when it was first made, that game was considered a mistake, and a flop it would of died right there, and then.. and nobody would of ever heard of CS. (the very first CS-HL MOD). But, yeah ofc Valve sucks!
2019-08-14 15:46
2019-08-15 00:42
no. its already dead. you can't kill something which is already dead.
2019-08-14 16:40
loli | 
United States credit 
2019-08-14 18:55
To be honest we are lucky the game even works. The code is so broken they can’t really update it like people want them too. They’d have to start over
2019-08-15 00:41
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