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My parents are from pakistan, i wish i could go there to visit some cousins, what do u guys think?:
2019-08-14 20:41
will they hate me cause im german?
2019-08-14 20:42
I feel so bad for you
2019-08-14 20:42
why? im german , best country, and you from some shit small country from balkans
2019-08-14 20:43
But Pakistan... you are not German aryan
2019-08-14 20:49
but i born in germany, so im german and i can have same life "real" germans has.
2019-08-14 20:50
It’s not the same. Race matters. It is part of the German identity
2019-08-14 20:51
Reunion Esquinox 
I don't think I care about childrens other I wouldn't buy all these things from you guys but I don't want to be stabbed in the same situation as they were back then and it was crazy how many people were going to be able to do better than I will ever be able to do
2019-08-14 20:42
your ganna have fun! visit the northern areas (Hunza etc) if you can, they are the most naturally beautiful you can find in pk. If you want modern beauty, then Islamabad is full of it. And no no one will hate you, actually, we really like tourists. Because it makes us happy to see our country getting some visitors!
2019-08-14 20:47
Poland CoiletTleaner 
flag checks out
2019-08-14 20:48
Netherlands zeoligma 
he's Brazilian
2019-08-14 20:52
german and my parents from pakistan.
2019-08-14 20:54
Pakistan has nuclear weapons Germany doesn't. Pakistan more evolved than Germany
2019-08-14 20:53
thats true.
2019-08-14 20:53
China confusionwow 
No one will hate you. Welcome to Pakistan. I am Pakistani, currently living in China.
2019-08-16 15:28
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