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Presentation anxiety
depressed | 
United Kingdom h4m 
How I combat this pls help. This is problem bc I have to do it for uni, pls members give me advise.
2019-08-14 22:27
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You have to buy propranolol. Or other beta blocker
2019-08-14 22:29
I researched about this has it helped u?
2019-08-14 22:30
talk slowly and take 1-2 second breaks every now and then no joke, you might think it seems weird to your audience but it really doesn't, taking the whole thing slow really helps keeping your cool
2019-08-14 22:35
plus if its a fixed amount of time, you'll need less text
2019-08-14 22:53
2019-08-14 22:34
Same for most of the people ,but once you start your presentation it gets going ,you will not feel any anxiety untill it's over
2019-08-14 22:30
2019-08-14 22:45
be the guy that you want to see up there. just act it out.
2019-08-14 22:30
LoOna | 
Drink vodka before, but not so you get drunkz just to start up your body
2019-08-14 22:35
Netherlands Removed
I know this will sound stupid but what worked for me was to just genuinely not care
2019-08-14 22:36
2019-08-14 22:46
I would definitely avoid pills, weed best option 😎😎😎
2019-08-14 22:37
What does weed exactly do to u? Like do u think?
2019-08-14 22:38
It makes you chill, prevent from stress and overthinking. You won't care what others think -> less anxiety. If you are able to get good sativa strain, it will make you even more talkative.
2019-08-14 23:04
the worst suggestion
2019-08-14 22:44
yeah, just wreck your brain and mood with some benzos
2019-08-14 23:04
Venezuela anx420
breathe hard practice what you want to say but make sure you half improvise it as many small mistakes might throw you off into pure nervousness,, have a paper w small words to remind you of what you wanted to talk about doing it a lot will help your nerves since u will "care less" does it make sense?
2019-08-14 22:39
Ye I get that it's just I overthink too much I guess
2019-08-14 22:43
Venezuela anx420
yeah it comes down to practice i used to be and still am super anxious about talking w a crowd but its just down to doing it a lot and doing some rehearsing
2019-08-14 22:43
United Kingdom MattW_
take it slow deep breathes make sure uve practiced alot after a little u will get into the swing of it. dw
2019-08-14 22:41
How do u feel when u do it
2019-08-14 22:43
It may help to say out loud that youre nervous
2019-08-14 22:42
Dont make eye contact with anyone
2019-08-14 22:46
To be honest I started pretending to pass out during presentations and after it happened 3 times in a row the teacher no longer required me to present to the class. Shit was so cash
2019-08-14 22:46
Thing is it can fuck me up at uni if I don't present
2019-08-14 22:49
Okay man listen here. Imagine you are watching someone present and they seem nervous. They present just fine and maybe stumble over a word or two but they get it done and you clap and then the next person steps up. You might think for a second man he seemed nervous but that thought quickly dissipates and you are now focused on the next presenter. That will be all that happens. People arent going to think about your presentation for days and weeks and instantly link you with how you presented that one day. Time goes on and new things happen. Walk up to some random people on the street and ask what they do before a presentation. Sure its random but who cares. This can be a mini exercise to prove that once everything is said and done all parties go their separate ways and things are over. The person that you asked might think about you for a couple minutes but then you are forgotten and their day resumes. If you REALLY are struggling to even go up there for a presentation 1 or 2 shots of alcohol can really help ease the nerves. Good luck man. You got this
2019-08-14 23:05
Ty man
2019-08-14 23:14
Never did any when I was at secondary school
2019-08-14 22:49
just start off with a terrible joke and when no one laughs realize no one gives a fuck about your presentation, they are just there to do their presentation which you dont give a shit about. and whoever teaches presentation techniques is not a person you need to impress. so stop giving a fuck, take a breath, relax, and talk about your thing no one cares about.
2019-08-14 22:50
That gave me motivation ty
2019-08-14 22:53
make sure to make eye contact with some ppl during the presentation and notice how bored they look, then you cant feel anxious anymore
2019-08-14 22:54
true alphas doesnt have anxiety
2019-08-14 22:51
drink a beer or two, helped me a lot, my presentation was really sovereign not gonna lie
2019-08-14 22:52
+1 a bit of alcohol can do wonders
2019-08-14 23:05
Lebanon Dogman69
get a brain transplant
2019-08-14 22:56
man up
2019-08-14 23:06
oh man I used to fear this shit, once I was like really shaky and shit and I didnt even know why cause they're all my friends or people I know see everyday . So I stopped and apologized to the class and recollected myself and continued the presentation. After this incident ive never had problem with public speaking in fact I kind of like it now, cause I see other people still dont want to do speaches and shit in weddings/birthdays etc. I think you really have to just face the nerves, shakiness or embarrassment until it no longer has power over you. this might not help you at all though right now lol
2019-08-14 23:21
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