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What stickers should I invest in for Berlin Major?
ScreaM | 
Belgium jelledm 
Zywoo? S1mple? team Liquid?
2019-08-14 23:21
s1mple | 
Europe el1teman 
Invest in your brain not virtual items
2019-08-15 00:09
France RAX_ 
you don't seem to be a huge investor yourself visibly
2019-08-15 00:10
that is so smart you changed my life wiht this comment you made a new brain wire in my brain you made new connections in my brain with your angle of mind can't belive it.
2019-08-15 00:14
Will the stickers be on 75% discount again this time ? Gonna buy like 50 Liquid stickers if that's the case.
2019-08-15 00:13
Reunion 1iquser 
get cr4zy stickers when they win the major
2019-08-15 00:14
autist | 
Spain Holiwis 
2019-08-15 00:17
Portugal xxxRUI75xxx 
They look so bad that some of the Katowice stickers actually jumped in price. LOL. I would rather save my money or buying something else than investing in stickers from this major.
2019-08-15 00:24
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