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liquid wont win the major
Zero | 
Yugoslavia you_prove_it_or 
all aim no brain - player break = aim goes to shit even with a little practice liquid even admitted they just outaimed nrg one game vitality/astralis/mouz/navi will win - major mvp will be top 1 2019
2019-08-15 20:00
+1 read my name
2019-08-15 20:00
Netherlands CaptainMarten 
ye uhm no
2019-08-15 20:01
ence the meme team lol
2019-08-15 22:32
ence also option - allu mvp
2019-08-15 20:01
2019-08-18 08:14
2019-08-15 20:57
2019-08-15 22:00
Ence never won against Vitality
2019-08-15 22:32
Brazil NiceBrazilian 
Vitality never won against Party Astronauts
2019-08-15 23:39
Lul in a shit lan they didn't want to play
2019-08-16 01:56
France MatIsInside 
Tf are you saying men... Ence has already won against Vitality and Vitality has won against Party Astronaut
2019-08-16 09:16
nope ence never won a bo3 against Vitality
2019-08-16 14:02
when you lose the argument, just change the argument. nice one baguette
2019-08-17 17:37
???? he said "Ence has already won against Vitality"
2019-08-17 21:12
yes, and ence has won a bo1 against vitality
2019-08-17 22:00
wow who cares about bo1
2019-08-18 00:34
well, you should care about a bo1 before saying that team x never beat team y also if you don't care about something, it didn't happen? damn that logic is bindblowing
2019-08-18 01:25
If you prefer : Ence never won Vitality in bo3
2019-08-18 16:08
Well that's at least factual
2019-08-18 16:34
2019-08-16 08:37
There's a first time for everything
2019-08-16 08:32
ence over mouz with the 4 he said ez!
2019-08-16 02:06
2019-08-17 01:08
Sry but 2hard4memence
2019-08-17 17:33
2019-08-17 20:26
2019-08-18 08:20
you know what just to show how confident i am if ence wins the major i will swallow my own cum
2019-08-18 08:21
2019-08-15 20:00
EZ 4 Liquid the rest sucks USA USA USA
2019-08-15 20:01
shox | 
Canada [toast] 
Fuck You, Canada better
2019-08-15 20:02
Both canada + US cs > any country except denmark or france
2019-08-15 21:57
Denmark LUL.France LUL
2019-08-15 21:59
Greece Michaelides 
2019-08-15 22:13
Typical burger brain
2019-08-16 08:37
2019-08-17 01:08
2019-08-17 20:33
Xyp9x | 
Turkey g0dzilla 
danish+french cs >na cs
2019-08-15 22:30
Liquid = %0 NA /closed
2019-08-15 23:42
LOL nice brain, did u get it on a garage sale?
2019-08-16 16:33
2019-08-17 17:28
Peru TheJuan 
2019-08-15 20:01
+1 men
2019-08-15 21:07
Russia majncly 
2019-08-15 21:57
2019-08-16 09:22
2019-08-18 05:53
2019-08-18 05:53
United States PH4RMA 
Imagine how little technical skill EU teams have to get beaten by pure aim 5 events in a roe
2019-08-15 20:01
shox | 
Canada [toast] 
aw shit
2019-08-15 20:02
this lol
2019-08-15 20:02
2019-08-15 20:04
Tunisia LenkonFTW 
Imaging having 40-14 record face to face against astralis and still talk shit
2019-08-15 20:06
United States PH4RMA 
Slapped them the last 2 times they met and it's not going to stop anytime soon. Maybe if Astralis could beat NRG, Vitality, or ENCE the gap would be closing faster, but hard to argue with that statistic when you can't even make finals to play face to face
2019-08-15 20:12
"slapped them" liquid got raped hard at their own map pick, only a hard throw from astralis lost them the bo3 i bet this sad americano boy is still mad how astralis made chokequid the joke of 2018
2019-08-15 21:00
2019-08-15 21:06
also choke vs LG lmfao
2019-08-15 21:08
liquid has not lost a single series or bo1 in the past 3 events. Astralis era is over, nobody cares about chokes 3 years ago, just like nobody cares about the major 6 months ago. The liquid era is now, live in the present. Astralis will not beat liquid at this event, but who knows, maybe they will pull off an upset and beat furia! nice try top3 don't try to shit talk top1 when you don't know shit.
2019-08-15 21:59
hahah 0 major shit team talking about an era, you have nothing. imagine comparing a team with 0 majors and only 11 weeks at 1# to a team with 3 majors and 86 weeks at 1# also good thing u didnt say last 4 events, cause lulquid got humiliated by north not to mention they almost went out to hellraisers right after hahahha 3 years ago? 2018 was 3 years ago? also every1 except delusional lulquid fans cares about the majors but keep telling urself otherwise
2019-08-15 22:21
look at flair and rethink your argument. im not even liquid fan but they have won the grand slam and won 7 events this year so far in only 8 months. If you don't call that an era, then you are the delusional one my friend. also, I didn't say last 4 events because I know they lost a close bo1 game to North in a group stage, but still went on to win the event. Also, I am comparing Liquid and Astralis because even though Astralis was better for longer, Liquid is better currently. Once again, you seem quite delusional. my only point is that, currently, on this day, Liquid is a better team than Astralis, and by winning 6 events in a row, has established their era.
2019-08-15 22:27
i dont give a fuck about ur flair look at ur flag. Astralis achieved far more than liquid, stating otherwise would be insanely delusional. Also how many of their tournament wins were with any real competition? id say about 3 and thats being generous. No team can have an era without a major win, its that fucking simple. Also dont forget how close liquid was to being beat in many of these tournaments, going 3-2 with fnatic and same with fucking G2, they are most likely the least dominant 1# during the last 3 years.
2019-08-15 22:33
I will address each of your points in this message to prove that you are just plain stupid. "i dont give a fuck about ur flair look at ur flag. Astralis achieved far more than liquid, stating otherwise would be insanely delusional." I never stated that liquid ACHIEVED more than Astralis, I just stated that CURRENTLY they are better. "Also how many of their tournament wins were with any real competition? id say about 3 and thats being generous." Vitality attended Cologne, Dallas and Chicago. Astralis attended Cologne, Pro League and IBP masters. The only event without top 3 competition was BLAST, where they did not lose a single map the entire tournament. "No team can have an era without a major win, its that fucking simple." By this logic, a team could win every event they attend in the year, but without winning either major, they don't have an era? Get the fuck out with this flawed logic. Also, the Grand Slam is more prestigious than a major, even the players have stated that. "Also, don't forget how close liquid was to being beat in many of these tournaments, going 3-2 with fnatic and same with fucking G2, they are most likely the least dominant 1# during the last 3 years." It doesn't matter if they come CLOSE to losing, as long as they don't lose. also, the G2 vs Liquid series at Pro League was a 3-1, and in the other bo3 series at Chicago, kennys played out of his fucking mind to even make it competitive. I hope you accept that you have lost the argument since Liquid is CURRENTLY better than Astralis. Let me restate so your tiny brain understands, I don't think they have achieved more than Astralis or should get more credit than astralis, but right now they are the best in the world.
2019-08-15 23:11
Chill bro, no need for such a long reply lol
2019-08-15 23:16
El Salvador Stoical 
nah it was needed
2019-08-16 14:10
i will address each of ur dumbass points as well then: when i say no real competition i mean actually having to deal with more than 1 team who is capable of doing anything: IBP, a warmup tournament in the most scuffed setting: hence why flusha who even played for an NA team at that time tweeted "Dont ever invite me to this shit event again" several things were wrong during this event such as the pros not having sound or the time schedule being completely fucked, i legit dont know any pro who actually considers this win important what so ever. IEM Katowice (major): biggest event of the year by far, liquid going out in the QF against ENCE who went on to being absolutely destroyed by astralis in the finals BP Sao Paulo: Another astralis win, where astralis beat liquid in both the bo1 and the bo3 finals BP miami: Faze beating liquid 2-0 in the finals IEM sydney: only 1 top5 team attended this (no i dont consider faze as they played with ynk instead of their star player niko) - meeting fnatic in the finals also tell u something about the level of this tourney. CS summit: not a tier1 event, but liquid lost convincingly both in group plays and the finals to both ence and vitality DH Dallas: better than the previous events but still no Na'Vi, no astralis, no mibr (which they proved they are more than capable of losing against during that time) ESL pro league: sure they went on to win after losing to north and almost being thrown out by hellraisers, astralis did choke massively against them on map 3 but a win is a win i guess. Also this tourney had no ence, no vitality, no Na'Vi ESL one cologne: this one is for sure a great win BP LA: complete joke of a tourney IEM chicago: again no NaVi no Astralis a vitality team who almost lost to fucking heroic and ENCE who havent rly shown anything since the aug nerf So let me clarify for ur NA peanut brain i never said they are not currently the best, this all started with ur fellow american degenerate talking shit (as you guys usually do as soon as u have any relevance what so ever), but u still dont have an era. Also could u please cite where "the players stated a grand slam is more prestigious than a major"
2019-08-15 23:33
All the pro player know it's the major that is the cream of the crop.
2019-08-16 02:14
+1 exactly
2019-08-16 02:16
It's like the champions league or world cup for football players, the stanley cup for NHL players, super bowl for NFL players and so on~ This is why most people that never watch cs ever, do watch the major or at least some of it at the end, only because how big it is to win!
2019-08-16 02:26
Russia Mike_Shinoda 
They lost to north
2019-08-16 09:20
that was not in the past 3 events that they played.
2019-08-16 23:20
+1 If the third map was not this meme vertigo map, the result may be different on an actual tactical map in the map pool.
2019-08-17 17:31
Luxembourg _hhh 
Just want to throw it out there that astralis had the last ban of either dust or vertigo and they banned dust
2019-08-18 01:31
Greece Michaelides 
Imagine talking shit when Astralis threw their era away in the most pathetic way possible.
2019-08-15 20:16
Imagine talking trash when you're a fan of a washed up noob LUL
2019-08-15 20:49
washed up noob pick 1 lol
2019-08-15 20:50
lulquid major pick one "lol"
2019-08-15 20:54
mvp actually qualifying to the major pick one
2019-08-15 21:02
literally the dumbest HLTV user if you think anything on my profile is real now please, pick one of the following; LULQUIT MAJOR XAXAXAXAXAXAXA
2019-08-15 21:05
using an original "roast" get the fuck outta here pick one
2019-08-15 21:06
Roast? It wasn't my intention to "roast" you, I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. I see that I have indeed triggered you by accident though, and I will apologize because of that, I hope that no one will argue against you ever again.
2019-08-15 21:12
i'm sorry if i shat in ur mothers mouth too hard but i have jus treep;orted u to ms. e
2019-08-15 21:13
thats why i used ""
2019-08-15 21:14
Reported for reporting
2019-08-15 22:12
Russia FriZZeh 
you are 1iq
2019-08-15 22:35
Greece Michaelides 
You take that back
2019-08-15 21:43
now show the record with their actual roster. no tacos roster. lul
2019-08-15 21:52
Lmao Astralis comes from a tiny 5 million people country and still dominated, sad NA with over 300 million people and 2 good teams
2019-08-17 01:09
qikert | 
Other Phinks 
2019-08-15 20:13
Isn't it 6 in a row?
2019-08-15 20:45
Greece Michaelides 
6 "Big Events" in a row technically. They did lose cs_summit after winning Sydney, so you gotta be careful with wording.
2019-08-15 21:50
+1 ShitQuid sucks
2019-08-15 20:04
Brazil jeduardo23 
Liquid will choke as always
2019-08-15 20:04
never forget liquid was 15-8 against ence ct side inferno
2019-08-15 20:08
Brazil jeduardo23 
Yeah, its a tradition
2019-08-15 20:17
match url?
2019-08-15 21:01 you already forgot?? or mega plastic??
2019-08-15 21:49
they have played many times on inferno against ence
2019-08-15 21:53
yeah but this was the most famous one
2019-08-15 21:58
2019-08-15 22:00
i see
2019-08-15 22:07
Greece Michaelides 
How did you forget that match? Are you even a real Liquid fan?
2019-08-15 21:52
i barely watched kato so shut the fuck up
2019-08-15 21:52
Greece Michaelides 
Woah, you are aggressive. Sorry if I triggered you. Surely you must've heard of it, even if you didn't watch Kato. Liquid's biggest choke of the year.
2019-08-15 21:54
i came home and i saw the match results, and i thought it was just a close game.
2019-08-15 21:55
2019-08-16 08:40
United States KKonian 
before they found out how to win and became the best
2019-08-16 02:34
2019-08-16 08:54
When Liquid is doing so well that you have to remind people that they've lost before.
2019-08-17 20:38
HAhaaa nice change name :DDDD KID
2019-08-15 20:10
you prove it
2019-08-15 20:35
Denmark limsaitama 
astralis 4 majors
2019-08-15 20:24
real GOAT team
2019-08-15 20:35
Denmark limsaitama 
2019-08-15 20:36
+1 Would be awesome.
2019-08-15 20:48
-1 flag checks out
2019-08-15 21:00
+1 as long as EU wins da major I’m happy
2019-08-17 01:10
Italy bennyhana 
The problem is chokequid They will choke when it really really matters Its cursed team Liquid 0 majors
2019-08-15 20:41
After stew looks stones as hell on stream, and play only pugs for fun, idk anymore, don't think the break suit them before the major either. If not break maybe better chance, but major can't compare to others event tho, everyone will play 100% and more!
2019-08-16 02:29
Sweden Trkmag 
Of course they wont win
2019-08-15 20:43
Russia Didiskoya 
Astralis or NaVi will win this major
2019-08-15 20:44
Ez 4 Liquid Cry is free
2019-08-15 20:56
2019-08-15 20:59
"no brain" i can see you haven't watched any of their demos
2019-08-15 20:59
United States KKonian 
EU completely out class by no brain then
2019-08-17 20:30
Sweden Lagge15 
I am tired of people claiming their playstyle is pure aim. They have a very well coordinated roster that comes from practice of positioning, strats and tactics. They have great utility usage and are able to play off of each other. To me they are the closest thing to a perfect team that we've ever seen. But sure, having some of the best aimers in the world has helped them a lot. But remember that Nitr0 wasn't famous for his raw skills before the strats started working. Remember that they used to choke before they found a way to utilise each other and improve their team play. It also helps a lot that they start off the rounds by heavy utility damage on the enemies early round just buy reading the game so greatly. It isn't pure aim, or this would have happened with Faze years ago
2019-08-15 21:41
it did
2019-08-15 21:48
United States 10YearBansRUs 
2019-08-15 21:51
Astralis was perfect strats with low (relitive) fire power. Liquid is solid strats with insane firepower.
2019-08-15 22:36
cyx | 
This is why Astralis shat on Liquid in every final they've met Liquid #1 because the real #1 has stepped aside. Facts
2019-08-17 21:23
Astralis' firepower has tanked, if they get back to form, we could easily see them and TL go back and forth with tournaments, it would be really cool to see
2019-08-17 21:58
United States NotASmurph 
8/8 +1
2019-08-16 02:03
Bulgaria R4D1 
miracle good but not wining ti :D
2019-08-15 21:49
Netherlands PasscaLl 
G2 win kenny mvp
2019-08-15 22:11
Germany Shackrag 
can you_prove_it_or?
2019-08-15 22:37
United States @FyreCS 
Mouz or Navi hopefully show good signs Liquid still can win tho I think
2019-08-15 23:35
2019-08-17 20:32
United States NotASmurph 
0/8 bait
2019-08-16 02:03
United States KKonian 
So if a team wins by being really good then theyre just not good?
2019-08-16 02:12
Liquid have a decent chance but they will probably choke in Berlin. I have faith in Astralis.
2019-08-16 02:27
Portugal macpjoao 
Liquid's dicks are so hard, they'll win out of pure sexual stamina.
2019-08-16 02:34
2019-08-16 08:39
You are very wrong my friend. Aim is the easiest skill to mantain in a player break. Jus dm and workshop. Communication, strategies, confidence are the real problems (but Lisquid don't rely as much on them).
2019-08-16 09:12
rain | 
Lithuania LevelUpp 
Ofcourse they won't because faze will, duhh.
2019-08-16 09:15
2019-08-16 09:21
Twistzz | 
Spain chatu 
is there still people that think liquid is purely aim based? obviously they have insane firepower probably the team with more firepower right now, but that doesn't change the fact they have some really solid stats and teamwork, that's why they are being so dominant over this season, and they will probably still win the major even if they don't dominate it
2019-08-16 14:08
Renegades will win this Major guys LISTEN TO ME
2019-08-16 23:24
Romania kr1tex 
2019-08-17 00:10
Slovakia itsab8 
ofc they wont, useless thread /close
2019-08-17 17:35
Greece Petsos 
Liquid will choke and they will go back to being a meme
2019-08-17 20:31
Even if they lost the major they wouldn't go back to being a "meme" anytime soon. The results for the past 9 months speak for themselves
2019-08-18 16:37
Greece Petsos 
I know im just trolling dont worry
2019-08-18 16:49
would seem like a decent argument if liquid hadnt been an elite team for over a year now
2019-08-17 20:35
ofc they wont lmao
2019-08-17 21:13
United States jay_320 
They actually will almost definitely win the major. But whatever. ANother person who doesn't understand CS>
2019-08-17 21:17
@me when liquid won the major
2019-08-17 21:18
Keep in mind that at least half of the major titles belong to an upset team. It wouldn't be a weird outcome to see Liquid lose the major but it's not like they're all aim. I don't know if you've been playing and watching cs in the past I don't know maybe year and a half, but the game is getting more and more tactically demanding to be a t3 team, let alone being the best team in the world with a living era. Liquid isn't all aim. No top 3 team is all aim anymore aside from Na'Vi but even they are making good calls with Boombl4 being a huge upgrade. Vitality is the only debatably t3 team that goes places with aim, but you got Alex who's one of the most successful IGLs for the most part of the year. Regardless, it's usually your tactics and reads that will make you the #1. At the end of the day, I don't know how many majors you can tell me about where the team didn't win with superior aim but with tactics. Astralis has been a tactical team with that being their reason to success but before that there are many that won with great aim leading the charge. You're gonna get more tactical analysis from a different top-level tournament like an ESL One or an IEM than a major, not saying tactics are often vacant there.
2019-08-17 22:12
2019-08-18 05:38
Vitality kinda do the mibr/sk/lg tactic when coldzera was in his prime but with zywoo :D
2019-08-18 00:36
Australia PegasusGG 
Astralis will win major
2019-08-18 05:54
Says Liquid wont win major because all aim, but continues to list Vitality/Na'Vi as options to win, LOL
2019-08-18 16:09
2019-08-18 16:10
2019-08-18 16:11
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