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Its funny how people bring up past shit about Liquid
United States KKonian 
"Liquid will choke like always" "Astralis has beaten liquid 30 times" "Liquid has already gotten many chances at the major". Idiots dont realize that all the shit they say about Liquid was before they got over all their problems and became the best or just had weaker past rosters. Its like they dont take into context that a flip switched on in their head and became the best so anything before that doesnt fucking matter
2019-08-17 20:33
euros are so triggered that na is on top, it's hilarious
2019-08-17 20:35
Finland ToxicDUD 
am not Liquid era is one of the best although its kinda too dominant compared to the old times of nip, fnatic vp, ldlc times Still beats astralis era hands and pants down
2019-08-17 20:46
2019-08-18 09:23
Reunion ME_AUTIST 
2019-08-18 10:53
Switzerland Jeded 
No team rn is really good, all the other teams that are known to be good have dropped off in skill a lot, if astralis was still in their prime they would still beat liquid.
2019-08-18 11:13
Finland ToxicDUD 
I agree
2019-08-18 18:35
Boo | 
France mbl4 
+1, except Vitality that went upwards in 2019, every team is downgrading rn (maybe G2 can be considered as an ascending team even tho they are inconsistent af and can't be in the top 3 atm)
2019-08-20 08:32
Belgium jorneiro 
2019-08-18 11:45
Russia Ypp1 
Lol. Astralis era > Liquid ... can`t call it era.
2019-08-18 18:40
Europe Earpiece 
2019-08-19 11:43
2019-08-20 18:59
by miles +1
2019-08-20 21:17
era is the keyword here
2019-08-20 17:00
Finland mustiGOD 
+1 na > eu
2019-08-18 08:51
without a doubt
2019-08-18 08:52
Makes no sense
2019-08-18 08:53
Finland mustiGOD 
triggered eu lolz 😎
2019-08-18 08:59
2 na teams in top 10 1 sa team 7 eu eu->na
2019-08-18 15:46
Finland mustiGOD 
but 0 top 1 😎
2019-08-18 15:47
Finland Faifainei 
My finnish brothers stop sucking burgers' french fries, their egos rn are big enough even if you dont do that.
2019-08-20 08:09
I think op is the one that's triggered
2019-08-18 09:26
Hungary V1TR00 
um not really lol
2019-08-18 15:00
United States Trump2020KAG 
HAHA so true. Liquid does have a lot of EU fans even before becoming the best team but yea man SOOOO many can’t stand the fact that is #1 LDS IS REAL LIQUID DERANGEMENT SYNDROME
2019-08-20 00:50
The fact people bring up the past about liquid and dont bring up the past about Astralis annoys tf out of me.Like Astralis was exactly the same position liquid was in, everyone called astralis semi final chokers
2019-08-20 02:38
United States Trump2020KAG 
Yup so true.
2019-08-21 00:10
But no since Liquid is from NA they have to talk shit
2019-08-21 01:18
Ummmmm no
2019-08-20 08:27
With the amount of shit us North Americans have taken over the past decade, I'm surprised American CS:GO fans haven't been more intolerable.
2019-08-21 16:36
Not at all, I can't care less about who is winning, I just want to see good counter strike
2019-08-21 21:28
ez for liquid
2019-08-17 20:36
it's actually their opponents being worse than them being better
2019-08-17 20:38
United States KKonian 
If Liquid didnt exist then suddenly all the other teams would be "good" Liquid just raises the bar so high
2019-08-17 20:40
you just proved my point lol
2019-08-17 20:42
United States KKonian 
Because Liquid is so good it makes everyone else look bad. So in fact you misinterpreted my point as Liquid being an average team but everyone else somehow became bad
2019-08-17 20:44
it's the opposite
2019-08-17 20:44
Liquid is so bad it makes everyone else look good?
2019-08-17 20:45
why are wasting a precious reply to ask something you already know?
2019-08-17 20:52
United States KKonian 
Yeah so if you have all these fast cars then you bring in a mega fast car what happens? The fast cars start to look pretty damn slow compared to the mega fast one. Now get rid of the mega fast car and guess what. The fast cars are fast again. Crazy how logic works
2019-08-17 20:47
doesn't the fact that the current #2 team wasn't even in the top10 hints toward something?
2019-08-17 20:51
United States KKonian 
Because Zywoo was playing on bad teams making his way up to where he is?
2019-08-17 20:54
forgot the 3 months ago part
2019-08-17 20:55
United States KKonian 
They were in the top 10 for a while once they got rid of happy
2019-08-17 21:02
they hit the borders of the top 10 when they got their shit up with Alex and suddenly became #2 through the power of friendship and soul of the cards?
2019-08-17 21:05
United States KKonian 
We dont need to try and take credit away from Vitality as well.
2019-08-17 21:19
+1, it's not liquid's fault but this year the scene is weaker than last year
2019-08-17 20:49
aside from liquid and s1mple(not navi, just s1mple) everyone was shit last year
2019-08-17 21:18
They were so shit that faze at one point almost took the grand slam of astralis and mibr almost managed to win a tournament in the finals against astralis
2019-08-17 21:19
+1 when you lose to fucking MiBR, shit’s bad
2019-08-17 21:20
NA_1_donald_trump_EU_0_donald_trump NA hltv top 1
2019-08-17 20:40
2019-08-21 15:50
Finland Fliida 
People say the same about every top team though, welcome to the internet.
2019-08-17 20:43
NA wouldn't know about that. First top tier team in ages.
2019-08-17 20:45
in forever
2019-08-18 08:54
Faze kennyS would definitely be interesting, I feel like they would have issues at first with kenny's English but I feel that once they've dealt with it, they could be a top team
2019-08-20 02:20
kennyS actually has pretty good english as of now but yeah he needs to get better i belive
2019-08-20 02:26
2019-08-20 02:32
I hope kennyS joins a better team than FaZe HELL i Wouldn't care if he joined Cloud9 faze is just a total dump that only want top tier players
2019-08-20 02:42
Would be nice if he joined faze when they had karrigan
2019-08-20 03:12
No no faze at all
2019-08-20 06:24
You do have a point
2019-08-20 08:16
NA 1 major
2019-08-17 20:53
Sounds like it has gotten to your head :P
2019-08-17 23:09
United States KKonian 
I just wanted to bring up that the past doesnt matter and Liquid is now a winning team
2019-08-18 08:48
Denmark Xipingu 
Why do you give the whiners the attention they seek though? I just leave them believe in their own delusional ideas, which usually results in them making a joke out of themselves lol
2019-08-18 08:59
United States KKonian 
I don’t operate like that. I never understood the “if you defend yourself then you’re guilty” unwritten rule of being a human. Because I always defend everything
2019-08-18 09:10
Denmark Xipingu 
It’s not that you’re guilty, it’s that the method of not responding to clearly delusional idiots works better than giving them attention. I know, because I was a useless retard myself once who shittalked about everything because I loved the salty reactions. People started ignoring me. I didn’t like that, and stopped. So today, yeah I do troll sometimes but I know when something is wrong or right. Hence, why I know it works.
2019-08-18 09:16
United States KKonian 
I’m just using that as an example how I argue everything. I also “get baited” by people because I like to argue.
2019-08-18 09:23
Liquid “era” took its start when Astralis took a break and Na’ Vi took a break( btw they almost won against liquid in bo3, i knew they threw hard but still”, so actually the only thing that is going to proove that liquid era isnt a fluke is major title, which i dont think they will get this time
2019-08-18 09:17
Winning 6 tournaments isnt a fluke you dumbass
2019-08-18 09:21
*wins grand slam* "we gotta see if they can win this one tournament to see if this is just a fluke" wtf LMFAO
2019-08-18 09:26
You know, winning 6 events in a row when there is actually lack of competition isnt that hard, the only 2 teams that liquid actually struggled with were navi and astralis, others were literally garbage compared to top3, so it was pretty lucky for liquid that they had to play against teams like g2, fnatic, faze, nrg – teams that dont give high hopes and shit, thats why astralis’ era was way more better than liquid era - there were teams that could win against them but they were still behind astralis
2019-08-18 12:48
You forgot that Liquid had to play against Vitality and ENCE at Cologne and Dallas respectively. Ever since NAF joined Liquid, they have also been undefeated against Navi so saying that Liquid struggled against Navi probably isn't the best way of looking at it.
2019-08-20 02:28
Barely winning against edward = struggle
2019-08-20 13:47
Liquid 10 wins with NAF against Navi Navi 0 wins against Liquid with NAF Cry is free /case closed
2019-08-20 20:39
Did you forget that they struggled to beat G2?
2019-08-20 06:27
grand slam in impressive time, 6 big events in a row(the best streak alongside with astralis) / fluke pick one...
2019-08-18 09:28
its not a fluke but some of the tournaments they won(most) didnt have all the top teams while the major does.
2019-08-18 10:52
ibp - had astralis before their slump, faze iem sydney - faze, mouz, mibr, nrg, fnatic dh dallas - ence, faze, fnatic, nrg, vitality esl pro league - fnatic, mibr, faze, astralis, mous, nrg cologne - the most stacked event this year blast la - mibr, nrg, faze iem chicago - vitality, mibr, ence also most of those events also had furia and g2 they defeated every top team during their 6 big event streak and its not their fault that astralis or navi skipped some events. FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR from something like a fluke and some teams skipping some events rly isnt an argument here at all. you can also check their winning streak in matches on lan
2019-08-18 11:04
did i say that its liquids fault? and i stated at the start its not a fluke, and they've been at the top for like what, 2 months? just give it some time.
2019-08-18 11:07
im not saying that you claimed all those things but actually a lot of people are saying that all the time here...
2019-08-18 11:33
navi has literally never beaten liquid lmao
2019-08-21 16:34
well i guess its time for some changes since they have their best lineup ever without edward ruining
2019-08-21 21:10
I think you have a much higher opinion of Liquid than you let on, seeming as you believe Na'Vi to have their best roster ever based on one tournament where they played close against Liquid and then later lost 2-0 LOL.
2019-08-21 21:26
namerinho checkerinho outinho
2019-08-21 22:51
Those shit talks are about every top team you know... Nip - weak competition Fnatic - senior vac Lg/sk - Guardian and olof injured Astralis - smoke bug And it's liquid turn right now
2019-08-18 09:38
okay liquid - astralis on break, lul
2019-08-18 15:02
Astralis have been on a long break then huh
2019-08-20 01:20
Cya at major
2019-08-20 17:05
Yes they have????
2019-08-20 17:42
They’ve even played entire tournaments while still somehow on break ?!
2019-08-20 21:53
An skippin even more?? Dupreeh lost his father before last major win. He needed a break. Device needed a break. +this is the first time since back2back major win and a year as #1 they feel hungry. Motivated to show liquid how it is done and shut up all the haters. Ez astralis major win
2019-08-20 22:02
Excuses. All #1 teams have taken breaks after dominant runs and none ever reach same heights. Not to mention smoke glitch is patched and they havent done anything since so that tells a lot
2019-08-21 01:33
you do know they won the major after the smoke was patched right? also funny how i only see degenerate americans talking shit, you dont even have a full team with 327 mio. ppl, canada is carrying liquid and every1 knows it
2019-08-21 08:55
You realize America has won a major, Canada hasnt yet right? Liquid was a 2nd place team at best until Stewie (American) Came along. Naffly could easily be replaced by any top NA player and Liquid would be better off. The only relevant Canadian is Twistzz and even he is inconsistent as fuck at big tournaments. Chill out til one of you win a major
2019-08-21 15:48
lmfao your talking shit about astralis (3 times major champions) from a country with 5.8 mio. and now ur all proud of ur 1 major, which lets be honest were won in the mot scuffed way possible hahhahahaha, Liquid would be nowhere near where they are without twistzz or NAF, simple facts
2019-08-21 15:52
lmao scuffed way? They literally beat the number 1 team at the time in the Grand Finals where half the team had never even made it out of groups at a major prior to that (Ska, Auti, Stew) And maybe pre Stew, but after Stew came in Naf literally fell off and his role is easily replaceable by pretty much any top NA player (NA includes Canada dumbass) Twistzz is a different story but still inconsistent at major tournaments
2019-08-21 15:58
they beat them cause faze choked big time, i mean look at what they achieved before and after that, pretty much nothing. Also NAF's stats are far superior to both stews and nitr0s during 2019. If NAf is replaceable what does that make stew and nitr0 lol? "NA includes Canada dumbass" lmfao so now u have to include an entire continent to compare with astralis (and even then u cant)
2019-08-21 16:08
if you think Nitro is replaceable you are retarded as fuck lmao. I guarantee you changed your country just for this argument lmaoooo cause no way a real liquid fan thinks Nitro is less impact than Naf. And Astralis won when a smoke bug was put in, enough said go whine to someone who cares. Astralis era over and never coming back
2019-08-21 16:19
ill say it again then since ur clearly retarded. Astralis won the last major after they patched it, not to mention since then Liquid only beat astralis 16-14 in a bo1 and 2-1 in a very close bo3, but sure explain all their succes with something u cant prove just to fit ur dumbass narrative, after all its what u peanut brains usually do. Also Nitr0 is def replaceable, its not like his strats are game changing in any way, i doubt he rly says much during the rounds other than go A or B lmfao. There is a reason why ppl talk about "Astralis strats" and not "Liquid strats". "Go whine to someone who cares" hahaha all u delusional american cares, i mean just look at this post hahahha
2019-08-21 16:24
lmfaooo dude you are heated i cant imagine being this much of a closed in nerd to get this mad. See ya fuckin dweeb lmaooooo
2019-08-21 16:31
yeah im clearly the heated one, look at ur replies in this post lmfaooo cya loser
2019-08-21 16:32
dude im sorry i didnt mean to hit a nerve
2019-08-21 17:33
Dead dad and illness is excusses? Ok mr. Robot.
2019-08-21 11:26
No “needing a break” is an excuse. There is a reason for player breaks being scheduled together. Astralis would have slowly dropped off
2019-08-21 15:45
The break was needed bc og dead dad and illness, is not like that shit wait for player break. OK dude
2019-08-21 16:40
ok dude
2019-08-21 17:35
Sweden Trkmag 
Didn’t read
2019-08-18 11:06
Indonesia tsokai 
EU rent free in your head
2019-08-18 11:10
United States KKonian 
only ip2 and voldesad are rent free
2019-08-18 14:56
Sweden swediztann3 
Liquid never got over their problems is just that the only team that were good (astralis) fell of a little bit
2019-08-18 11:41
United States KKonian 
Not choking in finals is definitely not getting over their problems
2019-08-18 12:31
Chokequid will happen again, it always happens on majors
2019-08-18 14:59
2019-08-18 14:59
United States KKonian 
always happens before they became good
2019-08-18 15:01
At a major?
2019-08-18 15:02
2019-08-20 00:58
Russia xtkjdtr01 
Which people? Where do they say that?
2019-08-18 15:49
Russia Ypp1 
who care?
2019-08-18 18:39
I have not seen anyone say any of the things you're accusing them of. You are literally arguing with people that you imagined in your head
2019-08-19 23:35
2019-08-20 17:13
I know it's Liquid's era but majors tend to have the most upsets/cinderella runs in the whole circuit. Ya really never know what could happen.
2019-08-20 01:23
Most lame era, if this is an era. You have to have a major. You can't just be dominant 2 months, when your 2 greatest opponents are inctive and then name your team goat. Faze clan, nt
2019-08-20 22:56
I can't tell if you're serious or not...
2019-08-20 23:44
Brazil Bene_Tleilax 
Liquid chokes were legendary its no wonder that anyone that is not a newfag would bring them up. Stop whining every top team gets hate.
2019-08-20 01:29
liquid = european ? why we should be mad? e: and dont argue with me about that. dont talk about fnatic or shit like that. fnatic moved to london and operates from there. liquid never left NL. If you look for jobs/career in team liquid management, the location is 90%+ Utrecht.
2019-08-20 02:31
Finland BigMacLexa 
Liquid's CSGO team = NA Liquid as an org = EU
2019-08-20 21:28
Brazil Cyber_netica 
nobody gives a shit
2019-08-20 06:53
Canada thelegend27 
the first face is adren...
2019-08-20 08:18
broky | 
Canada [toast] 
There are few rare examples who doesnt cry about Liquid
2019-08-20 17:02
NA people get so defensive when it comes to talking about Liquid xaxaxaxa
2019-08-20 17:04
This one of the most true thing they are always trying to prove that liquid is #1 even tho everyone knows that
2019-08-21 08:51
2019-08-21 10:23
Liquid is Netherland not NA
2019-08-20 19:01
Its funny how people bring up liquid
2019-08-21 01:20
Its funny how there were lot cloud9 flairs and they suddenly got changed to liquid ones :O
2019-08-21 08:52
xD +1
2019-08-21 17:34
Korea XigNw0w 
Yes indeed so funny
2019-08-21 08:55
Finland Autisthicc 
yea people have been talking shit about every team for ages why you so defensive lul
2019-08-21 11:30
Men , go outside sometimes. Do it for Yourself.
2019-08-21 16:24
jw 3 major lulquid 0 major axaxaxaxaxaxaxaxa
2019-08-21 17:34
It happens to every team that is number 1 nothing new but i feel some Na fans has become more toxic than before
2019-08-21 17:55
2012 "NA CS LUL" 2013 "NA CS LUL" 2014 "NA CS LUL" 2015 "NA CS LUL" 2016 "NA CS LUL" 2017 "NA CS LUL" 2018 "NA CS LUL" 2019 "It's really sad to me to see how disrespectful and arrogant NA fans are. It doesn't matter who's on top, we just want to see great counterstrike."
2019-08-21 21:27
You know that thy do it to every country right? And i have never done that
2019-08-21 21:38
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