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Need a keyboard.
kennyS | 
Germany NotaryITW 
Hey guys any recommendations for a keyboard? Playing on WASD. Budget up to 100 euros.
2019-08-18 17:45
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Finland Vkims 
Just play with laptop and you dont have to think which keyboard to buy
2019-08-18 17:47
yea im doing that rn, buliding a PC tho.
2019-08-18 17:47
What "games" exactly you do play with your laptop?..
2019-08-18 17:48
solitaire and candy crush, gamers are everywhere now bro
2019-08-18 17:49
Finland Vkims 
2019-08-18 18:07
Europe letqpena 
What kind of switches, linear, clicky, tactile? Full/TKL/60% form factor?
2019-08-18 17:47
Have you studied keyboards in university? :D Don´t know, played 5 years on a laptop.
2019-08-18 17:48
Just buy a fucking logitech standard or microsoft standard cheap one, they are just fine
2019-08-18 17:56
Europe letqpena 
Just go to nearest brick & mortar and try out some of the keyboards if they have any on display. HyperX Alloy is the current golden standard, Corsair keyboards are pretty nice too (and Corsair K63 is available as wireless version too). Edit: Havit KB395L is pretty decent and cheap. It's also low-profile, if that's your thing.
2019-08-18 18:00
Germany MackyGee 
2019-08-18 17:53
I recommend mechanical keyboard.
2019-08-18 17:48
Netherlands BigMarvin 
Trust is good for cheap gear. Check out some of their keyboards you might find a 😎 one.
2019-08-18 17:50
HyperX Alloy is solid, you will spend extra money if you want RGB to make it more beautiful. Ducky Channel is also excellent, but more expensive due to better durability and overall quality.
2019-08-18 17:50
I give you hint, go to shop and try, so you get to feel what is good size and if the buttons feel good for you
2019-08-18 17:50
Actually I don´t want to go to the next city just to try keyboards... Just wanna order some keyboard from a know brand, it´ll most likely be good...
2019-08-18 17:53
Ah sry, I always forgot people live in small cities, but imo its the best to try. But if you have normal hand maybe no problemo
2019-08-18 17:54
"people live in small cities" dude I live in the middle of nowhere :D In my village only like 3000 peole live ^^
2019-08-18 17:55
you thinking of moving away ? not gonna lie sounds horrifying, everyone knows each other right ? And lots of gossip
2019-08-18 17:56
I have moved away, since I am studying in a real city now^^ But im at home rn, since semester break just hit. I loved growing up here tbh, it was the best as a kid. Only as you grow older it kinda sucks. Don´t know about gossip but idc so can´t tell you bout that
2019-08-18 17:59
Ok, and when you say it know it sounds good place to live as a kid actually. I just heard these stories from the small towns of Finland that everybody knows everyone and when anything happens there is always lots of gossip
2019-08-18 18:01
It´s true, we know pretty much every family in our street :D I would say gossip is mostly spread by older folk that have lived in the village for like 40-50 years. They have connections/know every1 so stuff gets around quite quickly ^^
2019-08-18 18:04
HyperX cherry mx is good, cheap and small, no numpad Corsair is probably the best keyboard brand too Get away from razer, i got one and its bad
2019-08-18 17:50
Any loud keyboard makes me angry. Last personale that used one near me is six feet under wtf 🤬🖕👎
2019-08-18 17:52
damn man chill out
2019-08-18 20:30
Go to a store and try typing on a mechanical keyboard, that's what most people have
2019-08-18 17:53
you should go to a shop to try different ones
2019-08-18 17:54
HyperX alloy rgb/fps/elite I have the rgb elite and very pleased
2019-08-18 17:57
logitech g pro hyperx alloy fps both godlike
2019-08-18 17:55
2019-08-18 18:04
HAHAHAHAHAH I really think someone was just trolling when they made that trackball mouse
2019-08-18 18:44
HyperX Alloy FPS it is. -CLOSED-
2019-08-18 18:04
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
It's been over 2 years now since I've bought the Corsair K70 Rapidfire (RGB QWERTY) with speed switches, and I still love it since day 1. I've been playing FPS games since I was a toddler, and I've always used cheap Trust and Logitech keyboards. This was the first time I 'splurged' on a peripheral and I've got 0 regrets. Plus, unlike headphones which you can't see when wearing them, it looks dope AF 😎 And no, you won't play better with it. If anything, you'll play a lot worse until you've gotten used to the silver switches as they are extremely sensitive. But for overall usage it's been a huge upgrade imo.
2019-08-18 18:10
nice! do you know any other good keyboards besides the logitech gpro, hyper x series and corsair?
2019-08-18 18:45
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
No, sorry. This was the first mechanical keyboard I got, and I chose this one mainly based on the fact that it has silver switches. Back then they were very new, and I knew I didn't want red or brown switches. But you might actually prefer those, so if I were you I'd read up on the differences between the various switches and start from there. I haven't checked out any keyboards since I bought mine, so I assume there are a whole bunch of new keyboards out there both with and without silver switches. But like I said I don't know for sure.
2019-08-18 20:04
jks | 
Sweden Pepsizz 
Zowie Celeritas II if it cost 100. I got it for 100 soo or hyperx Alloy fps. RGB or not
2019-08-18 20:06
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