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moses, anders and thooorin !!
France GodLimit 
these guys always said they want to welcome new blood in the cs talent scene, so it isnt like the the old sc2 scene or league of legend, where newcommers had a hard time getting a shot, but the one time we have new blood for amajor, they make drama on social media until valve and starladder finaly hire them.. dont get me wrong, im happy they are here but i was also look foward to see new blood in the talent scene thoughts?
2019-08-18 21:13
TenZ | 
United States traviticus 
You can mix new blood in, but you need moses, anders, thooorin, spunj, sado and henry at every major. Sean and OJ Borg if available as well
2019-08-18 21:15
they cant hire everyone can they
2019-08-18 21:15
Romania persian_beater 
Yeah... no. Anders and Moses yes and sado.. but you listing names won't do anything. Thooorin definetly not, henry is cringy af. Sean and borg and no-names unless you worship cs. And they are hypocritical with adding new talent.
2019-08-18 21:19
other i can agreee but definitely dont need thoorin or oj borg
2019-08-18 21:21
Anders, Spunj, DDK, and Bardolph are the only instant-includes if you ask me.
2019-08-18 21:22
TenZ | 
United States traviticus 
If you have anders, need moses
2019-08-18 21:33
if you have Anders, need Sem......oh..., right
2019-08-18 21:34
2019-08-18 21:35
Canada thelegend27 
dustmouret the moleman aka guy who took the smithzzz joke too far blu the dry commentator steel the firestarter BABAM the god
2019-08-18 21:15
Lithuania afez 
this is a major not a dreamhack open. you need proven talent
2019-08-18 21:16
Ok but here's the thing, moses and Anders are classic commentators for a reason and are generally well loved by everyone. Literally can't have a major without at least Anders. Thoorin is a little controversial but he is the one who advocated for StarLadder to get a major in the first place so I can see why he feels betrayed about it.
2019-08-18 21:42
anders, henry and sado have turned into literal dogshit, sad
2019-08-18 21:45
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