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Major winner in Berlin
Germany JW_3_major_s1mple_0_major 
won't be s0mple for sure. Na'Vi will make it to semis at best once again and then bomb out. "Best" player in the world my ass, even FIfflaren has a major LULW
2019-08-18 21:49
You are so confident when you shouldn't be. NaVi historically has always played better at majors due to higher performances from Zeus and flamie, and the player break COULD give them a better chance.
2019-08-18 21:50
zorte | 
Russia yuko^^ 
electronic was a fucking god on faceit major btw. if electronic will play like that in berlin na'vi can actually win a major,but they need to break a loose streak against liquid
2019-08-18 21:57
Latvia HyD4z 
+1 maybe Astralis or Zywootality will takes down liquid
2019-08-18 22:00
CIS KalashDaniel 
Zywootality are stronk
2019-08-18 22:05
snatchie | 
Poland JKG 
Astralis and Vita>>Navi anyway Navi looks good with bombel, but they are not good enough to win a major Maybe they finally will when they'll -zeus +good fragger and make bombel IGL
2019-08-18 22:07
Latvia HyD4z 
They lose all major finals cuz they have psychological problems, and just check team when he lose any tournament, they always dismoraled each other, just bad mentality When astralis losing something tournaments they never dismoraling each other, like robots and its good for team
2019-08-18 22:21
name checks out
2019-08-18 21:51
cr4zy will win
2019-08-18 21:51
cR4zY | 
Myanmar xdcc 
cr4zy will win
2019-08-18 21:52
it is the 4th your thread about s1mple and navi today, lol, get a life
2019-08-18 21:53
And your 4th reply, lol, get a life.
2019-08-18 22:03
nah, only 2nd
2019-08-19 11:09
not even fan of jw, disappointed
2019-08-18 22:10
FaZe... go ahead laugh as much as you want but remember this comment when Olof says: ZEUS I LOVE YOU!
2019-08-18 22:12
Latvia HyD4z 
Astralis will win this major ( i know they have less chance than 1 year ago)
2019-08-18 22:13
Greece NaviGuy 
wtf men navi will 16-0 everyone 😎
2019-08-18 22:18
Canada ActioN_ 
2019-08-18 22:25
Canada ActioN_ 
In your dreams. Nt no scene. There's no German players and German teams on German Major HAHAHAHAHA stay mad forever
2019-08-18 22:27
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