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Hardcore minecraft
Germany dR3k_Reborn 
Anyone complete hardcore minecraft yet
2019-08-20 08:34
kike | 
Mongolia ENCEphalon 
the kool kidz play roblox
2019-08-20 08:35
United States blessedMMA 
how do you complete minecraft, i haven't played it in ages and always thought you build until you die
2019-08-20 08:39
United States t0rror 
That’s the fucking joke
2019-08-20 08:40
United States blessedMMA 
damn i'm retarded
2019-08-20 08:40
You kill the ender dragon and u win izi pizi lemon squzwy
2019-08-20 08:43
Yes, back in version 1.5.2
2019-08-20 08:41
FalleN | 
Asia fos1x 
no one can complete minecraft but hardcore yes.... by dying so yes i have complete hardcore mc
2019-08-20 08:42
Finland xore1 
what u mean no one can complete
2019-08-20 09:41
FalleN | 
Asia fos1x 
you can't complete Minecraft since there is no real end goal, Minecraft speed runner set their record of how fast you can kill the dragon as their goal, but really, there's is non real goal in normal play
2019-08-20 11:29
I don't really see the point in hardcore
2019-08-20 09:39
Kill enderdragon and either without dying ;))
2019-08-20 09:46
i havent played it myself but alot of people say its more exciting when you are exploring caves and etc because if you die its over.
2019-08-20 11:34
Ofc its mandatory
2019-08-20 09:40
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