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old VP reunion soon
Poland humen)))) 
from multiple sources Neo will be kicked from FaZe, so is TaZ from Aristocracy so is pasha failed tests on AGO so is Snax in VP so is byali free agent basically only playing some mixes new polish dreamteam will feature: -Neo -TaZ -pashaBiceps -Snax -byali
2019-08-22 00:22
Netherlands BigMarvin 
Would be fun to see them play again. Doubt it’d go far though.
2019-08-22 00:24
Would it? I don't really want to see a legendary lineup get trashed by tier 3 teams.
2019-08-22 00:29
Netherlands BigMarvin 
That’s true but seeing 5 old friends coming together one last time sounds fucking amazing to me. Definitely when those 5 old friends are Pasha,Byali,Neo,Taz and Snax.
2019-08-22 00:32
I don't know about the freind thing... The team also fell apart cause personal issues between the players
2019-08-22 09:31
Netherlands BigMarvin 
Maybe they can make up. Taz seems like a nice guy.
2019-08-22 12:51
Austria Schwerpunkt 
Wasn't TaZ the most toxic on the team or something like that? Or it was Byali, but TaZ wasn't far behind Byali's toxicity.
2019-08-22 12:58
Netherlands BigMarvin 
I don’t remember. Would be a great chapter in Pasha’s eventual autobiography
2019-08-22 12:59
Poland Crai9Xen 
Byali,Snax friends with Taz?¿ Forget about it bruhh
2019-08-22 10:21
Turkey PutinBlyatoglu 
Dude, they are washed up. It's best for them to stay away from eachother unless it's a show match like old-VP vs old NiP
2019-08-22 00:25
EliGE | 
Brazil hjddenz 
-TaZ -Pasza -Bialy +Michu +Snatchie +Innocent
2019-08-22 00:26
Innocent ahhahahahha
2019-08-22 09:32
I have no idea why would someone put innocent in the best polish team xD
2019-08-22 09:35
Finland xore1 
all of them need to retire from pro cs
2019-08-22 00:29
Latvia BionicRick 
Only makes sense from a nostalgic point of view. The team would be trash. There's a reason they disbanded in the first place.
2019-08-22 00:29
Sweden meistr0 
No & No. TaZ wont leave Aristo, they are doing OK. Pasha just joined AGO on trial. Byali plays with adwokacik (Well, played i guess). Snax should join other team such as Illuminar Gaming or PACT, hes so sh*t now compared with 1 year ago. It would also be a waste of their time to play as the old VP again.
2019-08-22 00:29
they would never play again even a matchmaker, some of them have their egos much too high to even say sth more than hi to each other
2019-08-22 09:40
Turkey sonbafrali 
Disband polish cs
2019-08-22 09:40
Yugoslavia HeavySmoker 
Nt citizen of reunion
2019-08-22 10:18
will they be the first legitimate team in rank 80-150 that make 6 figures? obviously other teams have been in those ranks from roster changes and it messing with the algorithm etc. i reckon i could queue with random in mm and beat that VP team before they split up no joke,
2019-08-22 10:21
s1mple | 
Lithuania Gigska 
okay than reunion old navi pls edward zeus starix markeloff ceh9
2019-08-22 10:25
Will they change their flag to Reunion then?
2019-08-22 12:55
not gonna happen
2019-08-22 12:56
Norway stekt_laks 
yes, grandpas reunion in retirement home. good idea
2019-08-22 12:58
they would win their 2nd major in csgo
2019-08-22 13:00
Poland @skaddycsgo 
Why would Taz be kicked from Arist?
2019-08-22 14:00
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