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Poland Neo0o0o0 i was "neoko" on enemy team game of my life i was fucking insane
2019-08-22 02:06
Netherlands BigMarvin 
Imgur link or no happensing
2019-08-22 02:07
Sweden Zeepter 
Gratz i won over a legend "spawn" on esportal and i´ve also won against krimz. 1/8
2019-08-22 02:08
Canada TorontoSucks 
We beat all of renegades on overpass. Not a big deal considering they suck on it and plus no one plays for real in MM
2019-08-22 02:10
wow so insane bro!!!! lemme get ur autograph uWu
2019-08-22 02:12
Canada TorontoSucks 
If you actually read I understood it wasn't a big deal cause no one tries in MM. Stfu illiterate burger
2019-08-22 02:13
Panama xemzex 
Reported by pro player rip account men(
2019-08-22 02:12
xsepower | 
Italy rad0r 
Gj bro I believe
2019-08-22 02:13
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