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New fnatic?
Romania kr1tex 
Who do u guys think is gonna replace twist and xist on fnatic?
2019-08-22 03:18
Romania kr1tex 
Floosha pls cum bek
2019-08-22 03:19
2019-08-22 03:21
Poland Mat3rix 
yez floosha pliz cum bek to fanatik. yu was de best. Aimlok activated again
2019-08-22 03:22
Romania kr1tex 
Veri tru mai fren
2019-08-22 03:24
Better players
2019-08-22 03:21
Greece Michaelides 
flusha and nawwk
2019-08-22 03:21
I hope +Flusha +Golden
2019-08-22 03:22
Never gonna happen but flusha and aleksib is what im hoping for
2019-08-22 03:22
chelo | 
Brazil davvasti 
Maybe some international team is coming, because JW, KRIMZ and Brollan have a good English, and Fnatic always had a full swedish lineup. If they stay with the Full Swedish, I think their best options are Nawwk and Hampus, they are the most talent up-and-coming Swedish players right now and they´ll leave easily GamerLegion.
2019-08-22 03:23
China Blitzer 
olof & flusha
2019-08-22 03:24
olof & flusha. FaZe -olof -NEO +Xizt +coldzera
2019-08-22 03:25
tbh Faze is probably the only team Xizt wouldn't make worse than it already is. Xizt is bad but Neo is even worse.
2019-08-22 03:31
Aleksib | 
Indonesia Chonji 
Flusha is definitely going to be back, i think aleksib also is a good choice too
2019-08-22 03:26
Need floosha to come beck and flaunt his new hacks
2019-08-22 03:38
Romania kr1tex 
In a perfect world it would be +floosha +friberg but it's not happening
2019-08-22 04:03
Flusha and olof
2019-08-22 04:08
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