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flusha | 
Nigeria nocturnSRB 
So I'm going to buy built pc so I don't waste my time tilting. I'm gonna play mostly cs, though I'll play casual games too I cant decide between these two builds: Ryzen 5 3600 RX 580 8gb B450 16gb 3000mhz psu is corsair hx620W i5 8600k GTX 1060 3gb Z370-A 16gb 3200mhz it comes with lcpower 650w. but I'm very curious about it, don't really want it to burn my houz Are these psu's good enough? price for each pc is around 700eur Thanks in advance
2019-08-23 01:11
i have to bump
2019-08-23 01:13
dont | 
Czech Republic @me 
how do you even tilt from building a pc lmao
2019-08-23 01:14
I'm from balkans
2019-08-23 01:15
1060 3gb is trash, go for rtx 2060 or 1660 gtx, as for processor, get 8600k only if you are into overclocking, if not go for ryzen 5 3600
2019-08-23 01:17
I'm not really into overclocking and I would stick to my budget. May I ask you about psu, is it good enough?
2019-08-23 01:22
650 watts for that build is useless unless you are into fancy rgb lights stuff and liquid cooling etc, and overclock, 1660ti or 2060 will run on 500 watts easily. if theres price difference between the above mentioned psu vs 500 watts, go for 500 to save money, make sure it has extra power connectors to provide gpu with extra power (should be 6 or 8 pin connector)
2019-08-23 01:35
It doesn't have 8 pin connector, and from what I've understood it is better to go with the ryzen build
2019-08-23 01:34
yes, ryzen and 1660 or 2060 gpu and most of the psus should come with extra power connectors
2019-08-23 01:36
MarKE | 
Mexico MarKeGOAT 
The ryzen one is just perfect. In the future you can even add a super powerful gpu and be gucci still
2019-08-23 01:24
Thanks for your reply. I'm kinda concerned about psu, and should I get 1060 6gb or rx 580 with ryzen (since it's at the same price point)
2019-08-23 01:26
It doesnt really matter that much both gpu have the same performance. Get the cheaper one or the one u like the most Nvidia might be better because g sync monitors and the new feature that reduces input lag Psu is good u have no problems there
2019-08-23 01:33
1060 is one generation behind, look for gtx 1660 ti or non ti or rtx 2060
2019-08-23 01:33
I checked and the seller doesn't have gtx 1660 in stock, and the only thing I could find was gtx 1070 for around 255eur and 1070ti for 270eur, what do you think? Or perhaps should I buy pc without gpu and then buy 1660 from other sellers?
2019-08-23 01:52
1070 ti for 270 euro is pretty damn good deal, or you may buy without gpu and add it later. two choices
2019-08-23 02:13
Will that affect my budget for like 150eur edit: if my math is correct it would be something like dat
2019-08-23 02:24
it may affect yeah, a bit price spike, but its worth it
2019-08-23 03:33
Adding on #31, I think that would kinda mess up my budget perhaps, though I will still consider it
2019-08-23 02:04
amd build easy pick, rx 580 aged well and started outperforming 1060 in most games with maybe some exceptions, 3gb of gpu vram is actually becoming an obstacle too, some games are beginning to use +3gb vram for medium textures etc... even if the card can perfectly handle it, it will make game stutter
2019-08-23 01:30
Thanks for the reply, and as I said in #7, will psu bother me?
2019-08-23 01:31
ye, that psu seems to be older than some hltv users, i would be worried using old psu
2019-08-23 01:35
I guess it's still better than using lcpower brand?
2019-08-23 01:42
china | 
Asia Ace_Y 
it's old yeah, but when it released, it was a top end PSU so it should very much be fine now.
2019-08-23 01:46
Reunion 2iquser 
the 1st one is really good buraz. are you buying from winwin? or gigatron?
2019-08-23 01:31
I'm buying from Republika Srpska buraz, gigatron nibbas too expensive :/
2019-08-23 01:35
Reunion 2iquser 
wtf not trustworthy. i get my pc shit from winwin. they're gdlk ngl
2019-08-23 01:53
perhaps but I unite with dodik to help me find things without vucic's help
2019-08-23 01:55
Reunion 2iquser 
on of my friend's dad knows dodik. maybe i can hook you up? :p
2019-08-23 01:56
sure buraz :P
2019-08-23 02:00
Reunion 2iquser 
nah he is like a police officer or some shit like that
2019-08-23 02:01
Thats nice
2019-08-23 02:03
Germany ropzGOD 
First one is great
2019-08-23 01:37
As the Ninjatuna said, it would've probably been the best if I could somehow get 1660 but unfortunately the seller has none of them on stock. RX 580 would still be good though, right?
2019-08-23 01:45
rx 580 is great, much better than 1060 (since you said they dont have 1660 in stock)
2019-08-23 01:54
Germany ropzGOD 
Rx 580 is still pretty good and does have slightly better performance in some games than even the 6GB 1060. But the 1060 3GB is inconvenient now because most games even need more Ram. Also not future proof, you could, if you want keep, keep the RX580 for a year. You should definitely upgrade to a better gpu anyway, because its the weakest point in the system. The 3600 will last a really long time.
2019-08-23 06:35
As I said, my main goal is to have good fps in cs since I'll play that the most. But yes, If I could grab 1070ti that isn't too much expensive I'll do that. ty
2019-08-23 10:09
china | 
Asia Ace_Y 
What B450 is that? Your configurations are really weird, how much is ur budget? Also, the first PSU is superb, the 2nd sucks ass.
2019-08-23 01:44
It is Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite RGB AM4 Ryzen Around 750eur, how do you mean weird? I agree. I was really worried about that noname brand
2019-08-23 01:47
china | 
Asia Ace_Y 
How much is ur mainboard on ur site? And how much is the MSI B450 Tomahawk? The Tomahawk should have the more efficient VRMs and its heatsinks are pretty good too. If the price is the same, you can take any of them tho, you should be fine with the Gigabyte btw if you wanna check VRM for urself, just check here:
2019-08-23 01:52
Tomahawk is around 230eur, and gigabyte b450 around 100e. The problem is I'm buying all parts (you could say whole pc) from one seller, and he doesn't have tomahawk in stock, only gigabyte b450 and a320
2019-08-23 01:59
china | 
Asia Ace_Y 
WAT TOMAHAWK IS 230??????????? Tomahawk is 700 kuai on taobao which is, according to google, 89 euros but sure, if that gigabyte board is available and tomahawk isnt, just take the gigabyte one, its fine
2019-08-23 02:10
Oh shit, I sincerely apologize, i misspelled it is actually 130eur. But as I said seller doesn't have them on stock so gigabyte it is
2019-08-23 02:17
china | 
Asia Ace_Y 
yep, that works aswell RX580 should be fine the ram should be fine, you will have a hard time pushing more than 3000MHz with Ryzen anyway, so 3000MHz Ram is enough
2019-08-23 02:39
Also, since I need to buy mouse&mousepad also, should I invest a bit more into gpu (1070ti) or is 580 just enough Thanks!
2019-08-23 02:43
china | 
Asia Ace_Y 
if 1070ti is not much more, go for it it's a huge upgrade from the 580 (its not if u only play csgo)
2019-08-23 02:52
Germany ropzGOD 
Wouldnt go for a 1070 Depends on what deal you get but the New AMD GPUs are better and I would look to get those.
2019-08-23 06:37
Portugal NabasKi 
I'd go for the ryzen one, but I'd prefer getting that 3200mhz ram
2019-08-23 01:46
It is how it is, but I think it won't be much of a difference if it was like 3200 vs 2666 or so
2019-08-23 01:49
it wont make difference for Intel, but ram speed matters for ryzen, but again, if its expensive, dont change ram yet, do it in future)
2019-08-23 01:52
Will do
2019-08-23 01:54
Portugal NabasKi 
yea, I guess you're right its still looking good though
2019-08-23 01:50
Replace 1060 3gb with 1660 6gb (+50 €) and its the best
2019-08-23 01:50
You mean go for the 2nd build but with 6gb 1060?
2019-08-23 02:01
.PhP | 
Slovakia janesick 
+1 and use corsair or evga PSU (500-600W will be enough)
2019-08-23 02:05
I agree with you, lcpower brand is just high of a risk for me
2019-08-23 02:08
1660 not 1060
2019-08-23 03:08
oh sorry can't read, and psu replacement also?
2019-08-23 10:11
Izaberi sve na pcpartpicker i pise ti koliko watta trosi i onda izaberi psu ali 650 ce bit dovoljno
2019-08-23 14:35
CIS DonkRage it would be better. if u have more money get 2060 and another one ssd but nvme
2019-08-23 02:18
The seller has 1070ti for 270eur, maybe I should invest more and go for 1070ti in stead of 580?
2019-08-23 02:34
The Ryzen 1600 is dogshit compared to the 3600 for CSGO (which is what OP intends to play). The 3600 is also more power efficient.
2019-08-23 03:08
CIS DonkRage 
u will not see difference if u use low gpu with powerful gpu, u need balance between them. you should use 3600 with 2060s minimum
2019-08-23 03:21
huh? I'm assuming you mean a low GPU with a powerful CPU (bottlenecking). In theory it is true but only if he is buying like some shit tier graphics card. An RX 580 will do just fine with a 3600 in CSGO.
2019-08-23 03:22
CIS DonkRage 
yeah. its shit when u use low gpu with powerful cpu, u need balance in it. much better when gpu better than cpu. ahhah, im captain obvious
2019-08-23 03:24
You do realize the main bottleneck in CSGO is the CPU not the GPU right? A 3600 will perform ALOT better than a 1600 (100-200 more FPS) with an RX 580. He doesn't need a fucking 2060 to play CSGO.
2019-08-23 03:29
CIS DonkRage 
u will get about the same performance (25+-) with 580 + 3600 and 2060 + 1600. also u will be able to play other games more comefortable. i dont see point to build disbalance pc for cs go
2019-08-23 03:39
ok if thats what you believe then so be it. I'll let OP do the research and decide.
2019-08-23 03:47
Germany ropzGOD 
No, you are wrong. The 3600 is gonna perform miles better than a 1600 (in CSGO). I have a 1600 rn (with a 1060) and I get 250-300 average. I am going to upgrade to the 3600 soon and I should have 400-500. If the 1060 6GB can get me that much, the AMD will aswell.
2019-08-23 06:40
Yes, I'll be able to play other games more comfortably, but you won't get same fps in cs nowhere close with 1600 and 2060
2019-08-23 10:16
Then what gpu will be good for 3600, but not too expensive ofc, Is 1070ti there?
2019-08-23 10:12
CIS DonkRage 
yeah, u can take used 1070 for 180€, 1070 ti for 225€, 1080 for 275€.
2019-08-23 10:16
Can't find used 1070 for 180, but rather for 250eur. And 1070ti is around 270 edit: Is that big of a risk, buying used ones?
2019-08-23 10:20
the Ryzen build is definitely better. The 1060 3gb vs RX 580 is literally not a competition.
2019-08-23 02:23
I'll go for the ryzen build. Later today going to see what's the price difference like if I put 1070ti / 1070 in stead of rx 580.
2019-08-23 02:32
the rx 580 is definitely going to be cheaper no matter what. In the US its like $120 cheaper in many cases. If you can find a 1070 used for cheap then go for it I guess but if you are looking for a "new" 1070 tbh you should just get a GTX 1660 Ti.
2019-08-23 03:05
Here 1070ti is 270eur, and 1070 is around 250eur 1660 is around the same price as well, some sellers even bump their prices for like 50eur
2019-08-23 10:21
2019-08-23 03:07
will do
2019-08-23 10:40
Good also u mentioned PSU That ryzen is only 65Watt TDP so your okay.
2019-08-23 20:34
Brazil _wlk93 
man, forgive that f GTX1060 3gb. GTX 1060 6gb ou a better video card.
2019-08-23 03:36
Brazil _wlk93 
2019-08-23 03:36
I'm going with ryzen build, and now I look should i either go for 580 or tryna get 1070ti for lower price.
2019-08-23 10:23
Brazil _wlk93 
2019-08-23 15:09
Spain ez4Crusher 
go for the ryzen 3600, 12 threads vs 6 in the i5, so more future proof, if you play triple A games besides CS you gonna be much better than with that i5, especially in the next gen games that gonna be optimized for 8 cores 16 threads in the new consoles
2019-08-23 06:46
Will go for it, ty.
2019-08-23 10:24
I cant decide between these two builds: Ryzen 5 3600 RX 580 8gb B450 16gb 3000mhz psu is corsair hx620W upgrade rx 580 to RX 5700 or RX 5700 XT you're good to go.
2019-08-23 06:51
Too expensive, really out of my budget
2019-08-23 10:25
rx 580 is actually really good for 1080p gaming. But its an old gpu now. Ryzen 2600 and RX 5700, can you afford this?
2019-08-23 13:16
I can't, rx 5700 in my country is too expensive
2019-08-23 13:22
gtx 1660 ti? best 1080p card rn, with ryzen 2600 ofc
2019-08-23 13:24
It is 300+eur
2019-08-23 13:27
wow. almost same prize in turkey. go with rx 580 then, good card anyway
2019-08-23 13:28
I guess that would be the best best, its my first "better pc" anyway and I could upgrade it on the way ty for help
2019-08-23 13:31
dont ever buy pre-built PCs, EVER
2019-08-23 07:02
why is that?
2019-08-23 10:25
Because they install crappy motherboards, crappy power supply units, crappy memory modules, it's always like "hey dude look at the CPU and GPU, look it's 16 GB RAM, and better don't look at the other parts, give me your money instead!". Choose all the right parts, find a video on how to connect everything in it, for example and then do it by yourself. Just an example of a custom-built PC: CPU: Ryzen 3600 BOX RAM: Crucial 2*8 GB Ballistix Sport LT 3200 MHz or 3000 MHz if no money HDD: I would start from a regular 1 TB 7200 rpm HDD, e.g. WD10EZEX. Yeah I know all those cocksuckers say it's not cool to have no SSD in 2019 blablabla, it's up to you, having no SSD does not prevent me from having 300 fps in the FPS_BENCHMARK with the highest graphics settings, the only noticeable frametime spikes I get are in warmup of competitive MM. PSU: Corsair RM650x (CP-9020178) MOBO: ASUS PRIME X470-PRO or ASUS TUF B450-PRO GAMING (ask the store you're buying it from or an ASUS service center in your city to update your BIOS since only X570-based motherboards support Ryzen 3000 out-of-the-box) CASE: GPU: I'd start from at least GeForce GTX 1660. You bet I haven't checked the prices in your country, do it by yourself. It's just an example of a PC you might buy, I'm sure it costs more than 700e, and if you can't get more money from your parents or just by saving more from your salary - buy whatever you can, personally I saved money for 3 months to buy a mid-low-end PC for ~1200e.
2019-08-23 11:22
I chose the parts, but becuase all parts are from one seller he's going to build them and send them. and yes prices for that pc are significantly higher. Really appreciate your help!
2019-08-23 11:37
i dont know about cpus but rx580 > gtx 1060 3/6 gb anyday everyday. go for rx580 setup if you cant combine i5 8600k + rx580. even rx570 almost challanges gtx 1060 3 gb btw, that is how trash that nvidia gpu is. and also make sure the rams are dual channel that shit increases performance so much, it is crazy.
2019-08-23 11:51
will go with ryzen then, ty
2019-08-23 13:27
I have the same coffee lake processor id go option 2
2019-08-23 15:12
ryzen one its better at pretty much everything cpu is better in nearly every applications (in some games it might be worse but with these gpus they will bottleneck so it makes no difference) grx 1060 3gb is pretty much an rx580 (it not only has less memory it also has worse core than 1060 6gb)
2019-08-23 15:13
I did order it, ty
2019-08-26 01:50
mens why dont u play on shit loptop and u go pro ez ))))
2019-08-23 15:14
cant mens, i tried
2019-08-23 16:09
Go with the Ryzen config, it's pretty good also Corsair PSUs are much better than the LCPower ones
2019-08-23 20:36
CIS DonkRage 
lul bruh corsair is shit everywhere, especially in psu's. super flower, seasonic, riotoro, enermax, fsp, evga, antec r kings
2019-08-26 01:11
seasonic bestest
2019-08-26 01:50
I ordered it and its coming in Wednesday, ty
2019-08-26 01:49
2019-09-03 12:16
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