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Cr7 Amazon 20% Macron and Dicaprio
Brazil mibrbestteam4 HAHAHAHA They thinks that Amazonia supplies 20% of the world's oxygen. theys are in need of some geography classes to know that all the oxygen produced by the amazon forest itself consumes LOL. Cr7 also used a 2013 photo of Rio Grande do Sul, not the Amazon Also, some people are praying and believing that rain is the result of their prayers, but they do not know that the Amazon tends to rain almost every day. LOOOOOOOOOl (the miracle would be no rain in the Amazon because it always rained every day)
2019-08-23 02:48
Portugal NabasKi 
It rains there every day because of the amount of humidity caused by huge amount of trees
2019-08-23 02:59
Brazil Beckermonster 
actually the oxygen is true, bolsominion 0iq expected once again, at least people from other country care about our best thing
2019-08-23 02:59
Are you Brazilian and don't understand the basics of the Amazonia? The Amazonia does not supply oxygen because the entire forest consumes it.
2019-08-23 07:23
are you fucking dumb? It still produces the oxygen?
2019-08-23 11:57
Does not produce. It at most purifies the air, but does not produce oxygen. The Amazon produces a lot of rain
2019-08-23 11:58
These dumbs dont know a shit about Amazon. Its a completely shame to read some things here. Dont waste your time
2019-08-25 05:08
And it consumes it afterwards
2019-08-23 11:59
BUt its the only thing that keeps us from being a desert you moron
2019-08-25 05:19
@LulaLivre detected.
2019-08-25 05:04
yah buddy keep believing the amazon produces 20% of the worlds oxygen you fucking dumb fuck
2019-08-25 05:18
United States jmarcelo 
all the oxygen the amazon produces is pretty much used up by the animals that are there. Do a simple google search and you'll see it's true. (btw, im not saying we can just let the amazon burn, i think we should at least try to put out the fire, which is pretty much impossible, but trying wont hurt a lot...)
2019-08-25 05:27
Brazil Beckermonster 
now bolsominions have more people to put on their communist list lmao
2019-08-23 03:00
Brazil PlasticB0Y 
get the fuck out here this isn't your whatsapp family group.
2019-08-23 03:06
Albania sl4p3z 
Dude wtf is wrong with brazilians talking about old or new photos? people don't care what matters is the post edit: its like 30times i saw a brazilian commenting about old photos on twitter, it happened, bolsonaro talked about it so its not fake.
2019-08-23 03:11
bolsominion detected! do you understand the implications of burning down the entire amazon rainforest? of course not! you're too fucking dumb for that I guess...
2019-08-23 03:15
Europe xrnavkha 
the entire rainforest being burnt would be an issue but the fires rn are not even close, their total area is 1000 hectares while the rainforest spreads for 350 million hectares... the fire is not even close to causing an issue such as the whole rainforest being burnt
2019-08-23 03:19
Brazil Karl_Tanner 
Why do you think the entire amazon is burning, do you have any mental illness?
2019-08-23 07:26
That's because he never saw an real forest, he thinks amazon is like the park close to his home.
2019-08-25 04:34
cr7 still goat, better than messi, pele, or neymar, wawawa brazil, be thankful he's mentioning it, at least thats a step in the right direction
2019-08-23 03:29
i hope you burn
2019-08-23 03:32
Nt Bolsonaro
2019-08-23 07:31
amazon has fires like every other year especially in july and august when its dry, its actually good for soil, it will become even more forested jungle soon when rain season starts in september. normies should fuck off with their pseudo morality, they dont really care about this they are just riding the mainstream train to appear as caring and concerned, if they cared about world they wouldnt consume so much shit that was made in 3rd world countries by kids and that is destroying their nature.
2019-08-23 07:39
2019-08-23 11:55
If amazon doesn’t exist São Paulo would be a desert
2019-08-25 04:29
what do you expect cr7 has good intention , he's a good athelete , he doesn't need an iq above 80iq and about the twitter people there's always retards
2019-08-25 04:36
Hmm. I wonder if most of these fires are happening on farm land?! Could it happen every year??? OMG COULD THE DEFORESTATION BE WORSE THEN THESE FIRES THAT HAPPEN EVERY YEAR????? COULD THIS FIRES NOT BE THE WORSE IN THE PAST FEW YEARS? :ooooo OMG... Bolsonaro wants the amazon gone. He wants to replace the entire amazon with Soy Beans confirmed. Bolsonaro=Trump confirmed. Fukin N*zi's
2019-08-25 04:48
United States gtmaniacmda 
Who cars about Amazon? #SavePhotoplankton
2019-08-25 05:00
83% increasing fires since new BR president. You are stupid when you believe that is random...
2019-08-25 05:12
the deforesting of the amazon is a big problem, and something should be done about it, but it's funny how people regurgitate misleading information by the media when it's completely false. there's no way the amazon produces 20% of our fucking oxygen lmfao
2019-08-25 05:16
Amazon producing 20% oxygen is false. The correct numbers are around 9% which is mostly consumed by the plants and the microbes which decompose the vegetation in the ground. But that doesn't deter it from the fact the Amazon forest is important deal to our planet.
2019-08-25 05:25
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