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Amazon burning
Germany Sturmbannfuhrer Keep ignoring it
2019-08-23 03:49
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bolsonaro did that
2019-08-23 03:50
I love Bolsonaro <3
2019-08-23 08:11
Who does not?
2019-08-23 10:26
Ain't no joke you inbree* re7ard.
2019-08-23 03:51
It will grow back. Wild fires happen all the time.
2019-08-23 03:56
I guess you study at the trump university.
2019-08-23 03:57
plastic fan, shut up
2019-08-23 03:58
Fan of Elise's csgo skills has nothing to do with my opinion. And who da fuk are you to say shut up? You keep saying things and make all of us know how retard you people really are. No one really breader outside of the family for centuries, right? Or people keep on falling on heads as kids?
2019-08-23 05:20
who da fuk are you to tell me im imbred and was dropped on my head as a kid? classic hypocritical euro, makes sense
2019-08-23 05:30
cuz it seems like you are (african here)
2019-08-23 08:05
During wildfires, the nutrients from dead trees are returned to the soil. The forest floor is exposed to more sunlight, allowing seedlings released by the fire to sprout and grow. ... Sometimes, post-wildfire landscapes will explode into thousands of flowers, in the striking phenomenon known as a superbloom.
2019-08-23 04:00
United Kingdom Lionhart
ah right, itll be fine then, lets just wait for it all to grow back :)
2019-08-23 04:02
it is fake, Wildfires in the Amazon happen all the time in the other post there was a link which even Nasa confirmed this is your every day Wildfire, and the most of the pictures people posted were from south brazil not the amazon
2019-08-23 04:06
84% increase compared to last year.
2019-08-23 04:08
Brazil vhq
So we could use the resources amazon have??? Wtf europe care so much LoL i dont get it at all
2019-08-23 06:16
Brazil vhq
84% maybe too much but you it is a fact that amazon have ALOT of resources that cant be used because of stupid laws
2019-08-23 06:31
What resources?
2019-08-23 06:46
dont | 
Czech Republic @me
Monkey meat for the soup
2019-08-23 07:20
cya in 3
2019-08-23 07:24
2019-08-25 16:58
It grows back fast most of the time. Depending on the trees of course. I have seen many wildfires in California and its almost like nothing happened just a few years after.
2019-08-23 04:06
United Kingdom Lionhart
i dont think trees regrow in a couple years but yeah, fair enough i guess. Bolsonaro should still be trying to prevent shit like this from happening though
2019-08-23 04:14
I agree we shouldn't be demolishing the rainforest, but acting like these fires are going to be the end of the world is dumb.
2019-08-23 04:40
"A team of American and Brazilian researchers using radiocarbon dating methods to study tree growth in the world’s largest tropical rainforest found that up to half of all trees greater than 10 centimeters in diameter are more than 300 years old"
2019-08-23 04:21
Okay? Other plants grow during the regrowth time of the trees. Trees are not the only plants in the rainforest.
2019-08-23 04:38
I dont even know where your arguement is. Thats like saying if you trash down a house, its no problem, you can just build some smaller houses instead, its the same! I guess we wont agree on anything, so we might aswell stop.
2019-08-23 04:40
"allowing seedlings released by the fire to sprout and grow" Yeah thats how they do it all around the world. The place some seedlings, then they set it all on fire et voila, trees!
2019-08-23 04:06
Just because you refuse to believe something doesn't mean its false. Do some research fire often helps areas create new growth.
2019-08-23 04:09
Yeah cause it destroyed everything in order to do. And last time I checked, trees that are decades old, dont just regrow in less than a few decades. How is it hard to admit that a 84% increase in fires in the biggest forrest is a problem? 75.000 fires
2019-08-23 04:11
It is a problem, but trees will regrow new plants will have a chance to grow with the extra light they get. Why don't you understand its not as big of an issue as the media puts it on as.
2019-08-23 04:17
Because an ecosystem like that always has an equilibrium that has been established during tens of thousand of years. And changes that might seem small can have huge effects, Especially cause we shouldnt forget that the cutting of the rainforest leads to more and more fires and that Bolsonaro is in favor of doing so.
2019-08-23 04:20
How do you know it's not as big of an issue as the media makes it?
2019-08-23 06:48
that's true but i'm curious to see the new trees
2019-08-23 04:45
Im sure you are able to find some pictures online, but it might be hard because of all the media attention about these fires.
2019-08-23 04:52
say this to all species living in amazonia
2019-08-23 04:44
Animals die in wild fires everyday and more animals are born everyday. Yes its sad, but the world will go on.
2019-08-23 04:45
ok, everyday humans dies and born so let's kill a lot of humans cause earth is overpopulated. yes its sad and the world will go on.
2019-08-23 04:48
Finland MorstB
that isnt even too bad idea. not ethical but functional
2019-08-23 07:50
We shall start from Portugal first
2019-08-25 16:17
why not or another irrelevant country
2019-08-25 21:13
Cuck off you idot burger person with shit for brain.
2019-08-23 05:15
LOL I'm brazilian and it happens EVERY YEAR. Stop believing fake news dude.
2019-08-23 04:07
2019-08-23 04:19
Argentina n4ziS1mple
2019-08-23 07:40
Yes caralho
2019-08-23 18:15
2019-08-23 05:03
Do you understand how much time the amazon rainforest has been growing for? I don't know if you are being real or a troll but this really triggered me
2019-08-23 04:07
How much time? Tell us, educated sir.
2019-08-23 04:08
"A team of American and Brazilian researchers using radiocarbon dating methods to study tree growth in the world’s largest tropical rainforest found that up to half of all trees greater than 10 centimeters in diameter are more than 300 years old"
2019-08-23 04:12
"Up to half of old trees are old." Nice. Also, what is slash-and-burn farming and why was it used? Plants like crops and trees don't grow in landscapes that make you sad, right? :(
2019-08-23 04:32
farming and burning down trees is the same thing apparently.
2019-08-23 04:37
Probably as much time as its been having wild fires as well and growing back after those fires. Wild fires thin out the forest and allow new growth around the entire world every year.
2019-08-23 04:12
Whats so weird is, that even though you perfectly described the cycle of the rainforest and its fires, you cant acknowledge that an increase of 84% in 1 year is something to worry about?
2019-08-23 04:14
You said it. It is the cycle of the rainforest, so no need to worry about it. It will look the same in a few years and guess what. Another part of it will be on fire.
2019-08-23 04:21
So we still ignore that humans interfere and change that cycle, which results in increased wildfires?
2019-08-23 04:22
What are you going to do in a country you don't live in? Yup just talk about it on a hltv forum about how terrible it is when in reality this happens every year even though its worse this year it will still grow back with new growth. The world burns and grows back. I'm sure you have more important things to worry about.
2019-08-23 04:32
Okay man, Im sorry, from now on I will close my eyes on the world and only care about germany. I will completely ignore that we live in a well connected and globalized world and the all could benefit from this. Great stuff you brought up there ;D
2019-08-23 04:36
Dude you say the weirdest shit wtf men
2019-08-23 06:54
LOL keep commenting your ineptitude is entertaining
2019-08-23 05:04
When the President of the country cuts $23million from funding for Environmental Protection and vows to explore the rainforest' economic potential, leading to an 80% increase in fires from years prior, it is a problem. The Amazon produces more than 1/5 of the World's oxygen. Less trees, less oxygen, higher temperatures, more of Greenland melts, the Arctic continues to melt at speeds greater than seen before and >100 years before scientific predictions. New York New Jersey Miami Houston NewOrleans Los Angeles SanFransisco Oakland Tallahassee Boston etc etc go bye bye over the next 100 years.
2019-08-23 04:21
Its not like plants won't grow and create just as much oxygen as the tree do now its the cycle of the rainforest. More co2=faster plant growth=more oxygen created. Fire does leave the land dead. It brings new growth.
2019-08-23 04:26
Major Cities potentially under water within 100 years due to rapidly heating of Earth. Potentially 300 year old trees cut down, replaced with new growth with similar enviornmental benefits in enough time to not cause strain on Planet. This isn't burning deadish land to create new and productive growth. This is burning extremely lively land for a short term economic benefit. Do this 10 years in a row, how much of the forest remains and how much more can the people doing it benefit from it?
2019-08-23 05:06
And the wildlife that has died?
2019-08-23 04:20
Yes animals die in wild fires.
2019-08-23 04:34
And what about they? They will simply grow back???
2019-08-23 04:39
Yes the animals will have more babies.
2019-08-23 04:43
It’s not that simple, the ecosystem balance will broke, a lot of wildlife has been taken, stop talking about shit u don’t even searched for
2019-08-23 05:17
It's called natural selection. The ones adapted will survive, the others will die. End of story.
2019-08-23 07:18
2019-08-23 06:48
Not fake 😎👍
2019-08-23 03:58
Is it still burning
2019-08-23 04:38
2019-08-23 06:09
why wont they put it out
2019-08-23 07:01
BnTeT | 
Indonesia 9uesz
because they don't want to ?
2019-08-23 07:09
It's normal at this part of the year. The media is making a case because they wanna somehow blame our president for it, even though most of the burnings are happening in Bolivia.
2019-08-23 07:16
Brazil Gutsx
Most are happening in Brazil, retarded. Who told you that it is in Bolívia? LUL
2019-08-23 07:55
Brazil Gutsx
It's normal because it's a dry phase of the year according to NASA. The problem is that it is at the same level of burnings of 2005, which was the historical record. In addition, many states have already reached their deforestation threshold, so deforestation has fallen slightly.
2019-08-23 08:04
Brazil Gutsx
It is one thing for you to clear when there is a lot of forest, another is to clear when you are near a point where the forest desertifies.
2019-08-23 08:06
Unfortunately, there is no way to stop it by human resources
2019-08-23 04:44
Send brazilian tears?
2019-08-23 14:05
I'm more worried with the major tbh
2019-08-23 08:00
Which team is gonna choke?
2019-08-23 14:13
vitality and nrg
2019-08-23 15:01
Nice after-game predictions
2019-08-23 16:25
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