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AWP Lighting Strike
autist | 
United States Samalemor 
The price of the lightning strike has gone up significantly over the past couple months. I have an FN one and I bought it when it was ~60$. Right now it’s around $115. Should I sell it and get a cheaper skin? IMO I’m starting to get tired since it looks like a 720p image. Any suggestions?
2019-08-23 05:10
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I’m thinking the neo noir, hyper beast, or asiimov (overrated imo though)
2019-08-23 05:12
neo noir is :ok_hand:
2019-08-23 05:14
United States Azuhh 
:joy: :ok_hand: MEME
2019-09-02 19:28
Sweden meistr0 
L-Strike is the best AWP skin.
2019-08-23 05:16
i mean– it looks like a low quality picture of a lightning bolt on an awp
2019-08-23 05:24
Sweden meistr0 
2019-08-23 05:30
United Kingdom shmilx 
Battle-Scarred Hyper Beast looks really good imo, looks mostly black with the beast painted on it
2019-09-02 08:49
neo or hyper
2019-09-02 20:29
Poland kkkkkkkkkkkkk 
sell and go for graphite, most underrated and awesome looking skin but idk the price noww
2019-08-23 05:18
United States WumboCumbo 
I've had my graphite for like 4 years men)) best skin
2019-08-23 05:26
just bought graphite with 4 faze columbus holo))
2019-09-02 07:38
United States WumboCumbo 
that's sick men)))
2019-09-02 19:26
ahh i didn't see this msg. Very nice skin, don't ever sell it :D
2019-09-02 20:40
I opened a Graphite FN StatTrack years ago. Damn i was happy AF. Still got it.
2019-09-02 19:30
sell and buy blackimov
2019-08-23 05:28
United States G0LDEAR 
+1 best awp skin
2019-09-02 20:29
United States dimension63 
As soon as the lightning strike started going up in price, people started thinking it was cool. It’s like a 20 pixel PNG just grabbed off of Google slapped onto a AWP. It’s shit.
2019-08-23 05:29
Snax | 
Poland axm32 
I used to play asiimov/man o war for years but now the best awp imo is Atheris. This skin should be red and costs at least 100€.
2019-08-23 05:40
+1 its so cheap for such a good looking skin
2019-09-02 08:05
Electric Hive with foil sticker "Fight like a girl"......111111elv11
2019-08-23 05:40
s1mple | 
India fs0sp 
Sell it an buy a Assimov Ft. Ezz
2019-09-02 07:48
hello shivam , im my name is rahul gupta
2019-09-02 08:07
s1mple | 
India fs0sp 
Hello Rahul nice to meet ya
2019-09-05 16:48
fk off
2019-09-05 16:51
s1mple | 
India fs0sp 
Nice coming from a baniya cu*t.
2019-09-06 15:56
u baniya
2019-09-06 18:04
Turkey headshotk1ng 
Some smart asses who had like 1000 redlines in their inventories are rich by now.
2019-09-02 07:49
nt headshot0redline
2019-09-02 08:20
Turkey headshotk1ng 
Have to agree, had like 20 redlines and lost all of them in csgolounge back then
2019-09-02 20:23
kennyS | 
India Ryuota 
i dont even like that skin tbh... other awp skins look way cooler. It just looks like a shitty design made on a purple awp and the colour combination and quality of paint and design is not good either... neo noir and asiimov look way cleaner and might provide pretty decent sticker combos too... also i currently use atheris and tbh it is one of the best skins rn since it the pattern is cool and unique yet it is very vibrant.
2019-09-02 07:55
Portugal xxxRUI75xxx 
+1 on the lightning. One of the worse looking awp skins for me.
2019-09-02 20:28
aetheris = better dragon lore but extremely cheap sell your l-strike for paypal money + aetheris
2019-09-02 08:06
Australia shjeldsO 
just wait. if its going up it could go up further
2019-09-02 08:07
JaCkz | 
United Kingdom rickY180 
Buy name tag and call it "Electric shox"
2019-09-02 08:14
or rename it to jpeg.png
2019-09-02 08:20
United Kingdom Lcheste3 
Yes sell it and get an Atheris
2019-09-02 09:19
If i were you i would wait
2019-09-02 09:23
Portugal xxxRUI75xxx 
Low res ugly skin. Almost all other awp skins are better looking. It's up to you to like it or not though.
2019-09-02 20:31
wait it'll get wayy more expensive
2019-09-02 20:32
I love my Neo Noir
2019-09-02 20:32
It is a 720p image b u r h
2019-09-02 20:33
Get a redline stat track, add lot's of bright holo's/foil's or wotevea u want. Looks very nice :) Or, if u really want to get serious ! Get a FN Sun in Leo & put 4 nice stickers from your Fav Team. Will look great ingame & save u loads of money at the same time :)
2019-09-02 20:39
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