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Matrix 4 announced!
Ukraine ReanuKeeves 
This is epic! Fingers crossed so that will be another iconic movie of modern days.
2019-08-23 19:04
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last matrix when? 16 years ago? damn
2019-08-23 19:05
Damn feel old.
2019-08-23 19:06
feels good used to watch matrix as a kid
2019-08-23 22:39
i really dont get the hype around matrix boring movies
2019-08-23 19:06
You're not a programmer
2019-08-23 19:11
Lol why would that matter, the story itself is fascinating.
2019-08-23 19:14
Why italians are so unfriendly?
2019-08-23 19:14
No we're just passionate my friend, here eat some pepperoni pizza
2019-08-23 19:17
Europe UhddiS 
2019-08-23 19:33
Germany Bier 
Lol rofl xdxdxd
2019-08-24 09:38
kkkkkkkkk lmao xdddd
2019-08-24 09:48
Xaxaxaxaxa :DDD
2019-08-24 15:29
United States blessedMMA 
he not even italian
2019-08-24 11:58
You haven't kept up with our internal joke I see
2019-08-24 15:28
just watch the first one and then imagine how good it could have been if wachowskis didnt spend all their time and money on blow and hookers after the first movie was a hit.
2019-08-24 09:42
Germany ToiletShitter 
Are they still made by the polak brothers/sisters or whatever they are?
2019-08-23 19:06
2019-08-23 19:11
Germany ToiletShitter 
Then there’s hope. I thought some shitty ass studio bought the rights and made some new movies.
2019-08-23 19:15
Naa that wouldn't be worth to make a thread on hltv.
2019-08-23 19:31
No it won't be.
2019-08-23 19:07
Why do you think so?
2019-08-23 19:12
99.9% of movies are really bad nowadays.
2019-08-23 19:13
Depends on director, since the core people of the movie is pretty much as before it has potential to keep the high level.
2019-08-23 19:15
Producers and studios have too big impact so even really good director isn't a guarantee of anything.
2019-08-23 19:16
True, let's hope there'll be no PC shit.
2019-08-23 19:22
Yeah, if you only watch hollywood productions that is your own fault.
2019-08-23 19:22
For me there is barely 2-3 movies a year which are worth watching, doesn't matter if it's hollywood productions or not.
2019-08-23 19:25
did you determine this just by descriptions / trailers or by actually watching? cuz there is definitely more than 2-3
2019-08-23 19:28
Mostly descriptions + trailers combined. Usually you can easily spot signs of the same patterns in the trailer already.
2019-08-23 19:30
I mean if novelty is your only concern, so far every year has had a decent amount of interesting movies come out, 2019 no exception.
2019-08-23 19:34
It's ok, different people have different interests.
2019-08-23 19:41
Confirmed my suspicion, you dont really like movies. Thats fine, but then you cant really say 99% of movies are really bad, cuz they aint
2019-08-23 19:43
Well, you're wrong, I always liked movies and used to watch a lot in the past, I was kinda film freak or whatever it's called.
2019-08-23 19:47
anyway there is more than 2-3 movies worth watching a year. I dont watch movies much so I cant even keep up with the amount of good, recommendable movies.
2019-08-23 22:31
look out for Parasite, soon coming to the west. some already call it the movie of the year.
2019-08-29 16:26
France Sheld 
but Trinity is dead
2019-08-23 19:07
My first thought. Wonder how they gonna bring her back.
2019-08-23 19:24
NEO will cock her and she will come back to life.
2019-08-24 02:37
They're probably gonna shove down some left agenda in this new Matrix
2019-08-23 19:12
Bulgaria Omaiguudnes 
nope, made by poland
2019-08-23 19:12
LGBT directors though
2019-08-23 19:14
Hopefully only lookvise.
2019-08-23 19:16
South America PartisanGrill 
Do you realize they are the original directors?
2019-08-24 03:01
Yeah but they transitioned long after Matrix movies.
2019-08-24 08:17
Matrix is plagiarism of anime i forgot name
2019-08-23 19:14
2019-08-23 19:14
Taiwan -_^ 
2019-08-23 19:19
Ghost in the shell itself isn't something conceptual new. Matrix movie was inspired by this book:
2019-08-23 19:19
its based on a conspiracy?
2019-08-23 19:25
Read and figure out.
2019-08-23 19:25
Why dont you give me a summary? Its an old book and cant be bought anywhere.
2019-08-23 19:31
I can upload it so you could watch yourself and understand why I or someone else can't just give you a summary.
2019-08-23 19:33
United States stephcurry30 
u still cant deny matrix movie was partly influenced by ghost in the shell
2019-08-23 19:34
Idk, both are based on default cyberpunk template.
2019-08-23 19:44
South America PartisanGrill 
Thanks I will have a look. I give you other book. Matrix of power by Jordan Maxwell.
2019-08-24 03:11
South America PartisanGrill 
actual content
2019-08-24 03:12
Sweden deadvein 
Neo is a transsexual black women
2019-08-23 19:14
Lmao would definitely fit in now.
2019-08-23 19:16
old news
2019-08-23 19:16
It's not even confirmed yet.
2019-08-23 19:18
Ukraine illinoize 
if keanu says so..
2019-08-24 09:49
will not happen
2019-08-23 19:20
I'm very hyped about it, hopefully they don't fuck it up with LGBTQ+ and other left-winged propagandas.
2019-08-23 19:32
Yeah the biggest concern.
2019-08-23 19:42
Norway Bjvf 
Female neo confirmed. RIP
2019-08-24 02:52
Billy | 
United States Russso 
Didn't both Neo and Trinity die toward the end though
2019-08-23 22:33
trinity for sure and neo probably too
2019-08-23 22:36
Won't be a long movie if they are dead. 5 minute movie?
2019-08-24 02:42
wtf theres more than 1 matrix?
2019-08-23 22:33
Wtf in which world have you been living?
2019-08-24 02:33
The first movie was so shit i didnt think they would make more
2019-08-24 09:15
What didn't you like about it?
2019-08-24 10:08
Is it some kind of porn series?
2019-08-23 22:35
People's heads get penetrated by big machine octopus so technically, yes it is.
2019-08-24 02:37
yeah porn for the head, but not bellow the belly
2019-08-24 02:51
Taiwan -_^ 
2019-10-04 11:15
Don't car
2019-08-23 22:39
who cars about matrix 4 when 2 and 3 were average as fuck
2019-08-23 22:50
Chance for redemption.
2019-08-24 02:34
theyll probably end up ruining it
2019-08-24 02:36
2019-08-24 02:47
in b4 they go sjw on it and make the main character a gay black lady in a wheelchair
2019-08-24 02:47
Germany Bier 
Oh god here we go again. If the old movies would be released nowadays fgts like you would cry "uhh why is morpheus black and trinity a women, that's so sjw" 100%
2019-08-24 09:40
There was a Matrix 2 and 3????
2019-08-24 09:31
Nope, just one Matrix movie, no shitty sequels 🙉🙈
2019-08-24 09:42
Germany Bier 
Name checks out
2019-08-24 09:38
American films degrade at the speed of light. Matrix 4 will be another slag. Hollywood's a dump.
2019-08-24 09:46
Yes but this one has the potential to be one of the few good ones .
2019-08-24 11:16
good joke
2019-08-24 11:49
Why so negative?
2019-08-24 11:52
No negative. It's just that the Matrix was a complete story. What's the point of continuing? It is obvious that only because of money. And the quality of current Hollywood movies is equal to the price of toilet paper.
2019-08-24 11:57
You've a point there maybe it's just nostalgia talking out of me but I hope for the best.
2019-08-24 12:00
There won't be Morpheus the way we know him, and Neo is way too old so he's not that quick and thus there won't be good action scenes with him. It's sad when they try to make money out of the past success.
2019-08-24 10:03
Not that quick? Is John Wick a joke to you?
2019-08-24 11:22
It's like any of the older Jackie Chan movies and his latest ones. Night and day.
2019-08-26 20:57
This would apply maybe to Stalone but Reeves is still pretty good I mean the guy did the training and his stunts by himself, I enjoyed it.
2019-08-26 21:32
Noice! I might go to the cinema again ^^
2019-08-24 11:22
I really hope its not a moneygrab and they will make a decent movie
2019-08-24 11:51
Great another sequel, if you look at what's in the cinemas 80% of them are sequels. What's the point of anothrr matrix film? Remake it for the kids with a propaganda spin? Matrix 1 is perfection sadly most people cannot get past the action of it, they don't understand what the movie is showing. 2 and 3 were just money grabs. 100% the new matrix will be 90% action just like shit marvel shit we have to now.
2019-08-24 15:34
yea, Hollywood today only cares about making money from blockbusters
2019-08-26 21:01
Will be shit and nothing to do with original matrix most likely head actress will be some trans faggot and plot is something about police brutality and racism.
2019-10-04 11:17
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