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Who is ENCE IGL?
Norway Astrial_ 
2019-08-24 02:10
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Austria F4bs3N
2019-08-24 02:10
Russia zLex67
allu of course
2019-08-24 02:11
Argentina BuscoNombre
They are finnish, finnish people dont talk with eachother. No need for IGL
2019-08-24 02:11
Norway Astrial_
So true
2019-08-24 02:21
2019-08-24 02:27
200 IQ
2019-08-24 02:29
France Uexo
I see. Even finnish people doesn't understand finnish
2019-08-24 02:31
2019-08-24 02:32
joelz hiding in allu's underwear
2019-08-24 02:12
United States _ATaXiA_
Perkele of course.
2019-08-24 02:14
Allchat: Go A Teamchat: Go B
2019-08-24 02:15
Daddy allu
2019-08-24 02:15
(This may not be true) I've always had the impression that Allu had a lot of influence as to how ENCE were already playing; thought similarly when he was playing on OpTic. Also follows that I think many people are overrating Aleksib quite a bit because of that.
2019-08-24 02:17
Finland Kujis
Allu is an arrogant douche, who thinks of himself as a god who can do what he want.
2019-08-24 02:23
Norway Astrial_
Yeah, in the documentaries it felt like Aleksib was bringing strats and allu was bringing and forming those strats with experience
2019-08-24 02:25
Japan chanse
2019-08-24 02:28
The move is weird for sure, some kind of drama had to happen for this decision. But I think they can turn it around with the new fire power and allu IGLing. Allu is a smart guy and having played with Aleksib for months he will manage to simulate a similar calling style.
2019-08-24 02:29
United States me_0_major
twista calls out every round beforehand and then finns execute with photgraphic memory
2019-08-24 02:30
Alexib. After the major probably Allu
2019-08-24 02:39
suNny gave this:!/article/tiedotteet/yritys/2019/08-elokuu/tauon-kautta-takaisin-enceen-%E2%80%93-miikka-%E2%80%99%E2%80%99sunny%E2%80%99%E2%80%99-kempin-voitonnalka-palasi Exclusive interview to Finnish betting organization Veikkaus. In interview he basically says that he left mousesports because organization didnt give him Ropz and Oskar enought money for new players and he didnt want to be part of organization "that would be just in top 10" What it comes to Ence he tells that he got offers from other teams but: "I wasnt ever interested of joining to anyother team than Ence. This is a finnish top tier team who GIVES ME RESPOSIBILITTY of making it worlds best cs go team." "After taking a breath for a while, i talked with Allu and we thought it would be fun to play together again..." After that suNny tells that his new role in Ence is going to be big, and he is excited of that. "Allu told me that i have to be teams superstar, so i have to practicaly take care of that we will win" In the end of interview he tells that he has always wanted to be part of worlds No1 team and that he wants to win everything. ______ He basically says that he would be in charge of the team from now on, and it was Allu who invited him. So I would guess that he got to decide who was leaving from team, and if he becomes new leader then there is no need for IGL? I tried to translate most critical parts of that while typing on phone, so sorry for typos.
2019-08-24 02:43
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