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Hopefully vitality and g2 dont make it
Netherlands therealtydaa 
Think about it ? Real superteam kennys shox zywoo matusaa (french fpl god idk) amanek or jackz
2019-08-25 04:30
also flukia and shiteaters
2019-08-25 04:36
MAD betttor spotted 💯👌👍
2019-08-25 04:39
what's wrong with dream eaters? they proved that they earned their place.
2019-08-25 04:45
YEah Ive been sayimg that for a year, just grt rid of NBK if he doesnt stop bein a crybaby
2019-08-25 04:39
Brazil NiceBrazilian 
Shox (IGL) KennyS (Awper) ZywOo (Rifler) Jackz (Entry) Kioshima (Support) TOP 1?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
2019-08-25 04:42
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