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Tinder - 10/10 girl - where the photo is taken
Germany GERMAN_ 
Hey I just got a match with a 10/10 girl on tinder. She wants to date me but i must know where the photo is taken otherwise she won't go. Please help guys (this is not coming from me, another user wanted me to post this for him proof: if you got questions PM to -> )
2019-08-25 21:27
yeah if you have an idea where it is PM me or here
2019-08-25 21:29
imagine be this desperate for pussy
2019-08-25 21:31
how often are you approached by 10/10girls? this is not desperate, she's just worth a try
2019-08-25 21:41
2019-08-25 21:45
Lithuania verslininkas 
ye sure hltv user
2019-08-25 21:46
ok not real 10/10, just my types. So lets say they are universal 8/10
2019-08-25 21:49
Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis
2019-08-25 21:31
wtf you must be stupid, theres clearly written "uniwersytet warszawski"
2019-08-25 21:31
It's not worth it.
2019-08-25 21:31
Poland Xpi 
Fakeflagger spotted
2019-08-25 21:31
i cant see anything on this pic 0/10
2019-08-25 21:31
Taj mahal
2019-08-25 21:31
actually it can be literally any Asian country: India Bangladesh China Thailand and etc.
2019-08-25 21:33
kebab | 
Turkey (''__") 
Plaza de España, Sevilla, Spain.
2019-08-25 21:35
omg you are correct this is Sevilla OMFG i love you
2019-08-25 21:36
s1mple | 
Other zj2 
yea i found it too but how are u supposed to know this if shes from poland
2019-08-25 21:42
Lul you got matched with a bot, tinder beginner. Why would a ''10/10 girl'' match with you and ask for a date, think in a realistic way. Unless your a 10/10 yourself which i honestly doubt.
2019-08-25 21:43
just be happy for him man, let him have fun with some basic bitches
2019-08-25 21:46
She didnt ask for a date obviously, i did, She said that i have to guess that place and then we can go
2019-08-25 21:46
Well then, good luck men))).
2019-08-25 21:48
Damn, I would never thought that this kind of knowledge would ever happen here. Give a man some kudos!!
2019-08-25 21:50
2019-08-25 21:36
2019-08-25 21:37
asking for a friend
2019-08-25 21:50
THE ANSWER: Plaza de España, Sevilla, Spain. thanks hltv love you
2019-08-25 21:52
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