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AUG Fluke teams tier list:
S: ENCE A: Furia, Renegades All of these teams relied on the Aug to cause some upsets but once the Aug was nerfed they became irrelevant.
2019-08-26 01:30
2019-08-26 01:31
kike | 
Mongolia ENCEphalon 
furia top 5 according to thorin
2019-08-26 01:31
top 5 fluke teams
2019-08-26 01:41
2019-08-26 01:40
yeah that's why Allu kicked AUGleksib for Sunny who knows how to use rifles for real men))
2019-08-26 01:42
nt noscener
2019-08-26 01:43
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