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Recommend some mind-fuck movies Underrated ones, if you know any
2019-08-26 06:11
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Flash MCQueen
2019-08-26 06:12
Never heard of it
2019-08-26 06:15
France Huvi
2019-08-26 10:06
Shutter Island,Triangle,Memento,The Machinist
2019-08-26 06:12
All great movies Triangle especially, good aussie flick
2019-08-26 06:17
American pie
2019-08-26 06:13
Never heard of this movie What's it about?
2019-08-26 06:19
It’s comedy watch with ur family
2019-08-26 06:20
2019-08-26 06:25
It is comedy, oh really? Thanks for enlightening me Wow
2019-08-26 06:49
a lot of tits
2019-08-26 16:52
Oh yeah? Really didn't know Who needs porn when you have lot of tits in a movie Nice
2019-08-26 17:01
Latvia ARS123
what a classic movie XD
2019-08-26 21:16
Albania HLTV_God
2019-08-26 06:13
Heaven seen it yet Read somewhere it was really gory and messed up
2019-08-26 06:18
Georgia cleve
But it's aslo not good in my opinion, just pure nonsense tbh, better watch movies that are more nice like this one otherwise your mind will fuck with you for a long time.
2019-08-26 06:48
Doesn't look Psychological to me dude What's it about?
2019-08-26 06:52
Georgia cleve
Life in 90s
2019-08-26 07:17
jacket, spider
2019-08-26 06:23
Bad movies
2019-08-26 06:25
i disagree
2019-08-26 06:26
Thanks for the Cronenberg recommendation Haven't seen his movies in a while
2019-08-26 07:14
Oh man i love Cronenberg. Naked lunch probably my favourite
2019-08-26 10:10
2019-08-26 06:34
Saw it few months ago Had me hooked until the ambiguous ending Reminded me a lot of Tarkovsky's Stalker
2019-08-26 06:57
The endless, raw, the witch
2019-08-26 06:41
Enjoyed The Witch The plot for the endless looks pretty good Thanks
2019-08-26 07:01
Georgia cleve
I don't know about mind fuck but this movie is very good
2019-08-26 06:44
Looks good Thanks
2019-08-26 07:03
Swiss Army Man is amazing but you've gotta stick with it to the end, also if you wanna fully understand it you'll probably need to watch it a few times. Such an original movie.
2019-08-26 06:55
Will check that out Description says surreal, so count me in
2019-08-26 07:06
how the grinch stole christmas
2019-08-26 06:56
Flag checks out
2019-08-26 07:07
North America Samalemor
ex machina
2019-08-26 06:58
Have that on my list Thanks anyways
2019-08-26 07:28
North America Samalemor
np, its a great movie
2019-08-26 07:29
terrible movie, worst ending ever
2019-08-26 16:52
Xyp9x | 
Russia Ypp1
The Road 2009 I think it`s very underrated.
2019-08-26 06:58
Is it psychological or just drama? The cast look pretty solid
2019-08-26 07:09
Xyp9x | 
Russia Ypp1
I think it`s both. At least I can see drama in film`s genres.
2019-08-26 07:16
2019-08-26 07:29
Xyp9x | 
Russia Ypp1
no problems)
2019-08-26 09:42
This film is too depressing jsus
2019-08-26 07:55
Xyp9x | 
Russia Ypp1
Ofc films like this are not for all ppl
2019-08-26 09:42
The book is even more depressing... there are some really fucked up moments that sadly didn't get to the movie
2019-08-26 10:07
Yes, i want to read the book
2019-08-26 11:37
Depression, you say? Now I'm more eager
2019-08-26 15:43
This is kind of movie that since the start u have no perspective of good ending
2019-08-26 15:58
Shit, that's tough
2019-08-26 16:38
2019-08-26 17:11
barbie and the sensations: rockin' back to earth
2019-08-26 07:04
The fucking best movie is "The Hateful Eight" And "Catch me if you can" 10/10 AWFFFFFFFFFFFFFffff
2019-08-26 07:16
Not mind-fucks but I get where you're coming from The Hateful Eight was very slow tho Maybe Tarantino's weakest movie?
2019-08-26 07:21
Sweden flippig
+1 didnt like hateful eight at all, but his new one Once upon a time in hollywood was even worse. Really terrible
2019-08-26 10:11
OUATIH was not terrible It actually was a great movie Everyone expected to see the Tate murders but Quentin, as expected, changed the history of that fateful August night and paid homage to Sharon and what could've been Not his best work but certainly not his worst
2019-08-26 15:49
If you want a mindfuck of a movie, get yourself a thicc eddie and watch the live action speedracer movie. One word: colors. Or watch Akira or Allegro Von Treppo for well done animated movies.
2019-08-26 07:25
Seen Akira What's this "colors" you're talking about? Is it another animated movie?
2019-08-26 07:34
I literally meant a whole lot of colors. It's a shitty movie, Speedracer, but in context of the visuals, it's actually pretty great. Vibrant, colorful, visually exciting. And Allegro Von Treppo is quite a treat. It's basically the Italian Anastasia. If you want a mindfuck of a movie, there you go.
2019-08-26 19:19
What if I'm an epileptic?))
2019-08-26 20:55
Then you might want to reconsider watching it but I do not remember it being very epilepsy-threatening
2019-08-26 21:18
Bulgaria zikinu
2019-08-26 07:31
Actually one of my favourite non-linear movies
2019-08-26 07:38
The Green Elephant
2019-08-26 07:32
The poster looks gory AF Will check it out
2019-08-26 07:44
Enemy, Predestination, Coherence
2019-08-26 07:45
Enemy was brilliant, that end scene was unexpected, to say the least +1 for mentioning Coherence, small budget indie movie better than most wannabe thriller flicks out there.
2019-08-26 07:52
Yea not many people know about Coherence. The Box from 2009 just came to my mind... i don't really remember it that much but i know i liked it :D And then there's Mullholand Drive etc but i guess you've seen that
2019-08-26 08:00
Oh man and The Frame from 2014 that movie is so amazing even tho i still don't really understand it 😂
2019-08-26 10:04
Thanks brah
2019-08-26 15:50
India h8or
will check them out, thx
2019-08-27 00:07
Xyp9x | 
Indonesia he_J
one hour photo, the end of evangelion
2019-08-26 08:03
Slovakia znXd
Laid In America
2019-08-26 10:05
the prestige, memento
2019-08-26 10:09
Classic Nolan
2019-08-26 15:51
Sweden flippig
lucky number slevin
2019-08-26 10:10
+1 that movie is underrated for sure
2019-08-26 10:11
Yeah, heard of it Never paid attention Thanks for the reminder
2019-08-26 15:51
Poland n0ster
Hobbs and Shaw
2019-08-26 10:11
2019-08-26 15:52
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
2019-08-26 16:11
One of my favourite movie of all times The movie that made me realise Jim Carrey isn't just a comedian
2019-08-26 16:41
dark city timecrimes the thirteenth floor the lazarus project haute tension (high tension) the lawnmower man gimme list of your favorites or not so well known : D
2019-08-26 16:23
I dropped Dark City for some reason Enjoyed Timecrimes, always enjoy a good time-travel thriller 13th floor is on my watch list I'll add the others , looks great Some underrated ones huh? Time Lapse Creep Unsane Side effects Session 9 Solaris (OG) Sound of my voice Upstream color Repulsion Following The Gift Lost Highway Bet you have seen few or all of them ;)
2019-08-26 16:50
NiKo | 
Serbia Krosis
Who killed captain Alex
2019-08-26 16:45
An Ugandan film ? Hope it's as good as their memes))
2019-08-26 16:49
It's a one of a kind movie really, refreshing humour and production with interesting characters.
2019-08-26 17:07
Yup, read some reviews Many have given it a 10/10 Must be good Thanks
2019-08-26 17:09
Azerbaijan vocaroo
blue is the warmest color sympathy for mr.vengeance
2019-08-26 16:50
The first one seems to be a lesbian flick, not what I'm looking for at this time of the day )) Added the second one So, your abstained from using vocaroo, huh?
2019-08-26 16:55
Azerbaijan vocaroo
you can watch these if you like the second one oldeboi sympathy for lady vengeance i saw the devil parasite memories of murder
2019-08-26 16:56
Yugoslavia seeeed
Old boy is great
2019-08-26 16:58
+1 The twist is pretty Alabama ;)
2019-08-26 17:02
Lot of Asian movies, i see Thanks men
2019-08-26 17:04
I've seen all but sympathy for lady vengeance and memories of murder and they're all great, I don't think I saw the devil is a mindfuck movie but it's great
2019-08-26 20:21
I saw the devil ist the best of them for me
2019-08-26 21:36
it's you again my friend, great taste! I know that you meant the original oldboy ofc, you even wrote the original title, but say the original oldboy or oldboy 2003 because some poor soul might accidentaly watch that piece of shit US remake. Plus I've seen that there's a movie called Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance and another one called Lady Vengeance, which one did you meant to recommend?
2019-08-26 20:27
Azerbaijan vocaroo
both of them are so good, they are part of the chan wook-park's trilogy along with oldboy 2003. mr.vengeance contains a lot of blood and violence though but it's still worth to watch. madeo is also good afaik gonna watch asap
2019-08-26 20:40
Azerbaijan vocaroo
wtf is oldeboi LOL i meant to write oldeuboi fuck this keyboard
2019-08-26 20:35
flair checks out
2019-08-26 20:38
Azerbaijan vocaroo
what does my flair do with that men
2019-08-26 20:53
It checks out men
2019-08-26 20:58
Space Jam Inglorious basterds Pulp Fiction Spongebob Movie
2019-08-26 16:53
All great movies Which SpongeBob movie are you talking about BTW?
2019-08-26 16:57
the first one was a real treat
2019-08-26 19:51
China KoreanFan
There's a new one coming out btw! I recommend you to watch all of them.
2019-08-26 19:52
Yugoslavia seeeed
Das Cabinet Des Dr Calligari (original from 1920) Angels Egg - Yes weeb movie blah blah blah 1001 nights animation Oh and i guess that Belladona Of Sadness counts too
2019-08-26 16:55
Movies in YouTube That's how you know they are underrated))
2019-08-26 17:00
Yugoslavia seeeed
None of theese have over 50k views :)
2019-08-26 17:00
Have you seen "the vanishing" ? If you haven't, check it out It's a great french thriller and it's on YouTube as well
2019-08-26 17:06
United Kingdom oyyrofl
Jacob's Ladder was really good imo!
2019-08-26 17:02
Yup Saw it few months ago Was a pretty surreal experience not gonna lie
2019-08-26 17:07
Russia Fsalat
Blowup (1966, Antonioni) Dunno if it's underrated though.
2019-08-26 17:07
Plot looks good Added Thanks
2019-08-26 17:08
Ôdishon, its a japanese horror, its kinda weird
2019-08-26 17:11
Audition, right? Haven't seen a Japanese movie in a while Thanks men
2019-08-26 17:11
ye that one
2019-08-26 17:12
The Invisible Guest
2019-08-26 17:12
Glad someone mentioned this A very very underrated gem The plot-twist is just Magnifico'
2019-08-26 17:23
Yeah, very well made movie altogether. One of the best movie finds of last year for me.
2019-08-26 17:48
We children from zoo? Is that what it is called?
2019-08-26 17:25
China KoreanFan
2019-08-26 19:53
room 1408 (there two endings I prefer the crucial on that has a harder mindfuck) ‎Stephen King’s Storm of the Century This are movies that show how fear and horror reveals who humans or a character we are. Everyone makes a decision. We don't get a reward for it etc We just live and die with them. And how empty our life is actually. In this way, Stephen King wrote a lot that goes in this direction. His other movies like Green Mile is less horror but transport the same feeling of life.
2019-08-26 17:38
Seen room 1408 and Green Mile Storm of the century, if it's a Stephen king adaption then why not Thanks mr.10 IQ guy))
2019-08-26 18:07
Storm of the century is ofc a S.King and has 7.4 at imdb I watched as a kid and how the main char suffer was at least for me a mindfuck but a nice mirror of how the world works and morality doesn't change that. it is the opposite morality fucks you. I mean people think shutter island is a mindfuck. LUL it is a joke. You realise that long before they move out in woods. np and no I have at least 100IQ but I guess i have more.
2019-08-26 19:48
Germany Playboy51
I am Legend, The Book of Eli, Lone Survivor, 13 Hours: The last soldiers of Benghazi, Black Hawk Down, Mile 22
2019-08-26 17:53
All look pretty action to me Thanks anyway
2019-08-26 18:07
The Eyes of My Mother The House That Jack Built Eraserhead
2019-08-26 17:56
Eraserhead is my favourite surreal horror Thanks for the other two recommendations))
2019-08-26 18:08
then watch twin peaks if you haven't already, it's tv series by the same director
2019-08-26 19:47
Already have Gotta love me some Lynchian
2019-08-26 20:36
I assume you have already seen all Christopher Nolan films
2019-08-26 17:57
Pretty much I would literally give anything to watch his movies for the first time again ((
2019-08-26 18:09
Greece Poor_Noob
2019-08-26 17:58
Took me 3 days to finish it But I got there eventually
2019-08-26 18:11
The skeleton key Cube 8mm Shutter The Killing of a Sacred Deer Blue Velvet
2019-08-26 18:28
Cube was pretty good Thanks
2019-08-26 20:42
Mandingo action
2019-08-26 18:31
Netherlands poeya
have you watched hereditary yet or midsommar
2019-08-26 19:51
Hereditary yes Midsommar I have yet to check
2019-08-26 20:39
Denmark Arize
Vanilla sky. One of Tom Cruises early movies, it should be mind fucked. I liked it and find the movie pretty underated :D
2019-08-26 19:59
One of the movies i keep forgetting I need to watch xD If it's anything like Eyes Wide Shut, should be a trip
2019-08-26 20:47
Denmark Arize
U have probably seen it, but I would recommend "get out" as well ;D
2019-08-26 23:47
Angel heart.
2019-08-26 20:01
Looks good Thanks
2019-08-26 20:42
"You were never really here" is very underrated and very good
2019-08-26 20:17
Will check it out
2019-08-26 21:00
Perfect Blue Oldboy There's a bunch of anime series that go that route too. Are you just interested in movies?
2019-08-26 20:47
Isn't Aronofsky's Black Swan influenced by it? Don't generally watch Anime unless it's really good What names do you have in mind? Keep it in pyschological genre mens))
2019-08-26 20:52
If you're into psychological dramas and I could give you only one recommendation, it would be this: It's the best series I've seen from that whole genre, better than any live-action series I watched. Still rather unknown tho. Here's a trailer: The movies I posted above aren't necessarily all that good, but they kinda fit what you were looking for. Still worth a watch I guess. no idea what black swan is lol
2019-08-26 21:01
I've seen 4 episodes of Monster and dropped it years ago Is it really worth the time? Looks long as well Lol, Black Swan is a great pyschological flick and apparently used the plot of Perfect Blue or something along that line. You should definitely check it out
2019-08-26 21:06
1000% worth if if you're into that kind of genre. U sure you've seen 4 episodes and not 3? Just checked and there's like no way anyone would quit after that 4th episode.
2019-08-26 21:20
Idk, I've watched until that guy cures the boy and someone wanting to kill him or something. That interesting, huh? Sure I'll give it a go once again
2019-08-26 22:19
I'd recommend you watch the first 4 episodes from scratch. If it's still not your thing, drop it.
2019-08-26 22:21
K' Thanks
2019-08-26 22:22
Slovenia Tiooslak
The endless. Its a good underrated mind-fuck movie.
2019-08-26 20:51
Yeah someone already suggested that 2 times, must be pretty good Thanks
2019-08-26 20:52
halo | 
United States fraus
beasts of no nation
2019-08-26 21:18
Is it a war movie?
2019-08-26 22:15
halo | 
United States fraus
ja but its not really about war though. idk how to explain it realy
2019-08-27 00:44
2019-08-26 21:19
Waiting for Leon 2 actually Whenever that's gonna happen-_- Natalie Portman is too old now
2019-08-26 22:21
Luke Besson is worse than before So we won`t get Leon 2 or it will be bad
2019-08-26 22:34
watch the legend of 1900 , no idea why this movie went under the radar, great piece of art.
2019-08-26 21:22
Headhunter Oldboy I saw the Devil A History of Violence
2019-08-26 21:23
Space odysda sonth like that its the name Good will hunting Babel De usuhuaia a la quiaca.
2019-08-26 21:25
2019-08-26 21:29
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