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Spain die_hippie_die 
Since i got lucky and won sone bucks betting I've decided to try learn a bit of it. I want to go from 1€ to 25€. I've already won 1.5 with astralis today. So, any general tips to have the best chance to complete my goal? I don't want to be like the guy who lost 1000 euros to liquid today.
2019-08-29 22:45
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Cmon bet addicts, help me :(
2019-08-29 22:48
s1mple | 
Other zj2 
i got everything right so far except for 1 game yesterday (mouz) and 1 today (liquid)
2019-08-29 22:50
Gratz. Still not what I asked):
2019-08-29 22:52
Xyp9x | 
Turkey drizit 
my first day 8/8, second day 2/8 wtf mens))
2019-08-30 11:59
Finland Robbs3n 
deposit more money to win good profit €€€€€
2019-08-29 22:50
No thanks. I want to learn before putting more money.
2019-08-29 22:51
I usually don't bet over 5$ on any match, even if it's top 5 team vs top 200 team, unless i feel really lucky and bet 10$. If there are so many matches in one day that i'm 100% sure of, i usually chain bet 5$ on all of them and make a good profit of about 20$ Generally, betting probably brings in an extra 400$ income every month for me, it's safe non-risky betting that will make you a fortune.
2019-08-29 22:53
And do you bet for the safe team, the one with highest odds or...?
2019-08-29 23:23
Neither, i bet on matches i think are good to bet on Follow your heart my friend.
2019-08-30 14:44
the best bets made are those that u make by urself:)
2019-08-29 22:52
I'm asking for tips regarding betting, not asking them to share their bets.
2019-08-29 23:22
ahhhh ok then:) well, I can give some tips too, in that case : 1) use a trustworthy bookie, make sure it will pay you w/o problems (that's why u hopefully are 18+) 2) the amount betted should be directly proportional to the confidence you have in that result Try to make a own system of how much u are betting. Bet using percentages of your bank, that are again, directly proportional to your self confidence (5,10,15% or etc) 3) when making single bets, try to wait for the map picks first, instead of just going blind 4) never trust your heart, only ur brain 5) try to make an Excel table where u record all ur bets : matches, betted amounts, profit or loss. That will help you too keep the things in order and to track ur results
2019-08-30 06:29
What's a bookie? The betting site? Im +18 but for now i will use csgofast and try to get 25 bucks. After that if i like it i may go to a bigger house like bet365 which should be more reliable.
2019-08-30 11:09
bookie = bookmaker = the site u make bets on. So basically,you got it right, yes. Well, didn't use csgofast never, but if pays, then I guess u're ok. When u'll want to move to a better bookie, I sincerely recommend u Pinnacle, Unibet. Used them for a while, they r fantastic) Gl bro. If got any other questions, I'm open)
2019-08-30 12:58
Those you recommend accept pays in crypto?
2019-08-30 13:53
dont let emotions control you
2019-08-30 13:54
I think they do, I don't use crypto, only credit card :)
2019-08-30 13:55
Still need help mens
2019-08-30 00:03
Basics: 1. Don't get emotional. Emotions lead to unreasonable decisions. Especially negative ones. Usually it looks like this: lost bet -> got mad -> instantly trying to comeback -> trying to bet on nearest match which is less predictble but the will of getting your shit back hurts you so u force urself to make a bet anyway (usually with higher stake) -> losing bet again -> repeat 99% of unsuccessful bettors are people who cant handle their emotions. 2. No all-ins. At all. (Especially when it seems that team1 wont ever lose to team2) 3. Be patient. You'll be losing and winning ur bets but the goal is to gain more PROFIT. If you are not sure - skip a bet and wait for the safer bet. Again - dont get emotional. CSGO related: • BO1 — unsafe bet • Matches between tier1-2 teams from the same country or a small region — unsafe bet Most scrimms being played among teams from the same country due to ping so those teams and players know each other very well. North winning Astralis or Liquid losing to NRG is not a coincidence. • Result of a match makes no sense for one of teams — super unsafe / random bet For example: online league with a groupstage where some teams can get enough points to get into playoffs before they play their last match in a groupstage. • "Team to win 1st/2nd pistol round" — random bet, pick better ratio • Huge gameplay update lately — unsafe bet • Teams close to each other in terms of skill and map pool (be aware of Xizt and Fallen who pick enemies best map and nullify that rule) — think of making a bet of "total rounds N+" (N ~26+) • BO3 Playoffs — safe bet on a BETTER team • Learn features of some teams/players. Team's performance may differ in LAN/online matches. Some players choke against better/worse opposition. Some teams are bad against almost everyone but may compete against certain team. Etc. Basic strats: (lowbet 5-25% of ur bank, midbet 30-60, maxbet 70+) -lowbets on huge underdogs with great ratios in single matches -midbets on favourites with good ratios in single matches -lowbet on multiple favourites with bad ratios in parlay-bet
2019-08-30 02:25
+1 Thanks for that man
2019-08-30 06:39
Thank you very much. That's exactly what I was looking for. One last question: should i stick to betting on map winner or better try the round difference etc bets?
2019-08-30 11:08
Make bets where you have more confidence. Imo it all depends on a certain case.
2019-08-30 11:41
I don't even understand how the difference bets work so I guess I will just bet to winners.
2019-08-30 11:53
here is how it works for example liquid -6.5 so it means that if u think that liquid will win with diff more than 6.5 rounds u bet this example: liquid 16- 9 nrg 16-6.5=9.5 and ur bet is correct if it is with +6.5 then for example: liquid 10-16 nrg 10+6.5= 16.5 and ur bet is correct hope u understand this mess i just wrote xD
2019-08-30 11:58
I understood the - but not +
2019-08-30 13:55
16.5 is higher than 16 so 16.5 wins its the same as -
2019-08-30 14:00
Oh yeah I've read again and now i understand, thanks. Anyways round difference looks like too much gamble to be worth.
2019-08-30 14:06
its not that bad if u do live betting xD
2019-08-30 14:07
Vietnam EssenEsser 
be aware of Xizt and Fallen who pick enemies best map and nullify that rule) LMFAO +100
2019-08-30 11:32
very nice analytics
2019-08-30 11:51
Canada thelegend27 
bo1 + underdog = yes bo1 + bet favourite = u stoopid)))
2019-08-30 06:40
kennyS | 
Russia yus1 
don't bet
2019-08-30 11:09
+1 you are never going to have any edge against the bookmakers, especially in esports with shit odds like 1.89 vs 1.89 your best bet is to just bet on your favorite team and view that money as lost. you will never consistently make money, much less 25x returns casually. Even with a very selective process and insider info, you would barely have any edge at all and see hardly any long-term returns You might get lucky at first, and you can profit some. but the more and more you bet, the more certain it will be that you will lose money in the long run since you're playing a loser's game and all this is completely ignoring the psychological factors that will eventually make you lose anyway (e.g. making an all-in bet after losing a couple in a row, chasing losses). you will 100% lose money.
2019-08-30 11:24
This is actually an experiment to see whether this is true or not. I've started with 2euros from an usp that I didn't even use, and I'm not planning to risk my own money, only the profit I make betting. So if some day i loose all I've gained it will be completely fine.
2019-08-30 11:29
Portugal macpjoao 
Great advice, most people don't factor maths at all. Those shit odds are also bc of the taxes that betting sites now have to pay (or spend money in lawyers to go around them) in many countries. Gambling sites are unethical, taking advantage of human emotions to make some guys very rich. But trying to educate people and making sense in HLTV is probably not worth the effort.
2019-08-30 11:34
"..human emotions to make some guys very rich." ^^^Listen to expert mens)) "But trying to educate people and making sense in HLTV is probably not worth the effort." Especially when you are pseudo intellectual 12iq minded guy who puts odds math over teamwinning factor.
2019-08-30 11:45
here u can see the guy who thinks that betting is to go all-in and wait till he becomes a multibillionaire after 2 or 3 bets Eventually goes for the ethics after he lost all his shit
2019-08-30 11:49
k0nfig | 
Netherlands miles- 
The best bet is the bet with your future self. Bet that you can improve on a certain area. If you fail, you will feel guilty and useless. If you win, you have improved yourself and are able to enjoy life much more. Seems like good odds you can have influence on!
2019-08-30 11:12
Europe JohnMurphy 
If you ask about basics you shouldnt bet at all because you are going to lose your money Also if you start be a man and start with 100€+
2019-08-30 11:45
Yeah everyone started betting knowing it all. Don't @me, asshole.
2019-08-30 14:07
Europe JohnMurphy 
pussyboy xD
2019-08-30 21:05
Too many fish here mens)) (people who dont get basics and get negative gains) Top mistakes from tje thread: 1. "Its all about luck". Dont bet on stuff u know nothing about. A person probably tried to make bets in sports he doesnt know shit. 2. "Youll lose anyway". The guy went emotional. Remember the 1st rule - dont get emotional which leads to unreasonble desicions. 3. "Shit odds". You are guessing the winning team with lower risks and not trying to find the best odd. Typical fish who thinks he'll become millionaire after single bet. 4."its unethical". Much more ethical when people are risking ther lives in coal mines for 300$/month when instagram whores do nothing, risk nothing and get whatever they want.
2019-08-30 12:17
Namibia nawledge 
1. Don't bet anything you can't afford to lose. 2. NEVER ragebet if you lose 3. If you want to place a bet but you're not sure which team to bet on, go with your gut feeling and place a small bet. 4. Bo1's are always risky, so NEVER place a large amount on a bo1 since everything can happen in a bo1. 5. Don't let everything get out of control, let's say you win 100 EU and get hyped af, remember to bet low amounts and not 20 EU bets on bo1's etc. 6. At some point you have to cash out, maybe if you come up to 500 Euros you'll have to cash out before you lose everything. What I always do is cash out like 95% of my money that I won then bet with the rest and if I lose it I don't really care since I already won much.
2019-08-30 12:30
bump this, +1
2019-08-30 13:55
I had planned to set goals. Now it's 25 euros, if i get there i will cash out 15 and use 10 to try to get 100 etc. Thanks for the tips
2019-08-30 14:00
Namibia nawledge 
No problem man, good luck.
2019-08-30 14:00
Estonia rYm 
use your brain
2019-08-30 13:56
My what? I'm spanish, mate.
2019-08-30 14:07
dont lose
2019-08-30 14:37
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