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NiP didnt only f*ck Fifflaren
Sweden QuakeMaker 
They f*cked draken too. Plus many more as fifflaren brought up when he and Richard Lewis talked on Twitch. See drakens tweet: Delete NiP. These owners aka scammers, should not be allowed to earn more money. They treat their players so bad and they made shit of the whole NiP brand. As draken says, make a new Swedish team, completely new name/org.
2019-08-31 00:00
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they fucked over pretty much every ex-nip member
2019-08-31 00:01
Yeah I know. Its disgusting as fuck. Im ashamed to be a Swed when talking about CS.
2019-08-31 00:04
f0rest | 
Serbia dankoBGD 
+1 And then still end up with the shittiest players and not even with player that they played recently lmao. They get golden and plopski ahhahaha, maikelele was miles ahead over these trashes and with draken they could atleast relly on awp that can win the game. Yes he missed some shots but now you dont even know which player will miss the shot because you dont have any structure at all.
2019-08-31 00:10
And people say things like "i lost all the respect for Dennis" look if someone is posting something like he did It's because he is pissed off like hell with NIP management.
2019-08-31 00:24
well karma is a bitch right ? last major in history for nip
2019-08-31 00:02
2019-08-31 00:03
Thats haram
2019-08-31 00:05
are you swedish? 😂🤔
2019-08-31 00:20
U better say you are sorry, wtf men((( Im not a fucking swede. I even made a thread some hours ago saying i was scared cus my new neighbor might me a fucking Swede and i dont want to get raped. And no Swede would ever have a collection of all 6 OG bionicles from
2019-08-31 00:23
just thought because you said haram. I thought haram/halal was only a part of swedish culture. Didnt wanna offend you bro 😂🥺
2019-08-31 00:25
Ohh okay men))) Its all okay. I just really dont like Sweden, so i dont want to be called a Swede, hope you understand men)))
2019-08-31 00:26
ScreaM | 
Dominican Republic casxd 
maybe the org itself is the reason why gtr and f0rest dont care anymore about the game? yeah, they are old but come on cuh, they play without any strats or setting up for flashes or anything, really hope they fucking disband after this major
2019-08-31 00:07
Supmah | 
Sweden IvoS 
true, when i watch them playing against a better team they litterally run around and do nothing while the other team has strats abd smokes...
2019-08-31 00:09
Brazil fuNNa 
ban NIP
2019-08-31 00:10
Portugal R4nger)( 
Rip NIP org
2019-08-31 00:11
draken just too bad
2019-08-31 00:13
cis still mad lul
2019-08-31 00:22
king of banana ice cream
2019-08-31 00:15
stfu mikeybieber
2019-08-31 00:21
i am my own man, injury durant
2019-08-31 00:23
mad cause healthy durant eats the toronto craptors for breakfast?
2019-08-31 00:26
i dont watch basketball except when us respectful canadians cheered when KD went off, despite the players telling the crowd to stfu
2019-08-31 01:10
Turkey headshotk1ng 
probably fucked my boy maikelele too ;[
2019-08-31 00:24
12:30Unique vs SJ
13:00FaZe vs NiP
22:00paiN vs DETONA
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