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Why are you a fan?
rain | 
Lithuania Planum 
Tell me how you chose a team or a player to be a fan of. My story: I found the csgo esports scene in late 2017 and the only name I recognised was faze because I was watching alot of their youtube stuff at the time and so I stuck with them through their ups and downs.
2019-08-31 12:02
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I am a fan of s1mple and karrigan. Karrigan because when it comes to reviving dead players hes the next best thing to Jesus S1mple ever since his 2v2 with shroud against moe and summit.
2019-08-31 12:03
Finland level3onfaceit 
i cheer for ence because theyre from finland other favourites are mouz and forze mouz because ropz (my favourite player) plays there and forze because they are pretty promising team and im excited what they can achieve in the future
2019-08-31 12:04
I started watching cs:go in 2017 Zeus in PGL Krakow 2017 And of course "why you bully me?"
2019-08-31 12:05
African Union OllieMaN 
Maikelele Most entertaining awp style and he is a great guy overall ENCE memes
2019-08-31 12:05
rain | 
Lithuania Planum 
memes r fun
2019-08-31 18:43
Europe JohnMurphy 
There are no memes about ence but ok
2019-09-03 10:12
Was an optic fan from watching Call of duty and was fan of their NA cs team, but now i am a fan of Navi because S1mple and eletroinc are proving how good they are and zeus teaching boombl4 to IGl before retireing is intresting.
2019-08-31 12:06
Finland Kasvain 
ence because it 's from finland
2019-08-31 12:06
Aleksib | 
Finland MorstB 
2019-09-03 10:30
Ence bcs they'rr so hot af lul
2019-09-03 10:39
African Union Zawwy 
s1mple because he's toxic and when he get bullied he says "Why you bully me? everyone askin"
2019-08-31 12:06
i am a fan of olof because he is the perfect male.
2019-08-31 12:07
Reunion Esquinox 
2019-09-03 10:20
hell | 
Italy yugeyy 
Twistzz: skill Liquid:
2019-08-31 12:07
2008. The Golden Five. First saw a frag movie about them which was really bad quality but loved it anyways, there two movies that I watch that blew my mine, Ruination and Pentagram G-Shock The Polish Style instantly in love with them right away. Supporting Polish players ever since then, maybe not all of them but just hoping for the best for the scene. This is where I recognized NEO when he was destroying everyone back then, still will forever be a fan of his ^_^ NORWEGIAN SCENE The eoLithic movie blew my mind, kinda like it blew everyone elses mind when dominated SK-Gaming back in 2002. However that stat is a little skewered but for some reason I found myself liking every top tier Norwegian player ever since. Norway have already started dieng out but like the polish guys I still hope for them the best.
2019-08-31 12:10
rain | 
Lithuania Planum 
A long time fan, nice!
2019-08-31 18:35
Hungary mEZENCEphalon 
ENCE because its EZ4ENCE
2019-08-31 12:08
Nip because of their playing style, F0rest for same reason
2019-08-31 12:08
African Union Zawwy 
And I started cheering for Astralis a month ago after I realized they are the best at tactics and holding sites in CT. And the best with nades.
2019-08-31 12:08
India TheSuspect812 
1st match Boston semi-final C9 underdogs C9 fan till tarik , stew left NA fan since then.. like the BR boys too
2019-08-31 12:08
Turkey tastemycobra 
Mibr fan cuz blown away by fallen’s playstyle and personality. He’s not the old self tho but still i respect him very much
2019-08-31 12:09
ahahahha newfag
2019-08-31 12:09
rain | 
Lithuania Planum 
Good for you.
2019-08-31 18:37
United Kingdom Klashnekoff 
Mouz cos like way they play fun to watch mens
2019-08-31 12:09
Started being a fan of what is now Astralis in 2014 back when they were called Dignitas.
2019-08-31 12:09
sh1ro | 
Russia mens))) 
Gambit Youngsters fan cuz they have a potentional to become a top 20 team in the next year but if they only keep up with this roster.
2019-08-31 12:10
Spiidi | 
Germany Janfred 
I was new to csgo in late 2014 and had no idea about the game or esport itself. I bought some random 10 cent skin from the community market and i saw ingame that it had Cloud9 stickers on it. I didnt know shit about anything and was like "wtf is a cloud9?". Then in 2015 the Katowice major started and i thougt that i should watch a match. Cloud9 was playing and i knew i saw this team somewhere before. Thats how i became a C9 fan. But yeah... not really a fan of them anymore...
2019-08-31 12:10
Russia seized_goat 
Gambit Cheer for them since 2016, since they got their roster cuz they seemed to be CIS star team
2019-08-31 12:10
back in 2013 my favorite team was copenhagen wolves because they were the best danish team. The team had dupreeh, zyp9x, fetish, pimp and friis back then, and it was back when they were underdogs.
2019-08-31 12:12
team liquid csgo = i bought csgo in 2017 and saw astralis winning a major. but i was really impressed with twistzz and elige as players. later in 2018 i started grinding at the game and watching more pro scene and saw liquid just getting 2nd places all over and i knew its only liquid who can dethrone astralis after all. PSG.LGD dota2 - this team literally defines what a team can achieve through discipline. i have watched many esports but these band of 5 players just took teamwork on a next stage. not a dota forum but still i learnt alot by watching this team play.
2019-08-31 12:18
France Wyrd 
I started watching CS in 2007 and instantly became a fan of f0rest because I loved the way he played. I became a fnatic fan at the same time, I just liked the roster. I loved following them through the (1.6) years, especially in 2009 with Gux, but even later with Xizt, moddii and all. I never really loved their csgo rosters, but I'm still rooting for this org.
2019-08-31 12:19
Golden | 
Serbia d1ckson 
I've been watching Valiance/Cr4zy since Djoxic played, I watched them when kassad joined briefly, Neno leaving, jayzar joining etc. When they signed the Inperial trio nexa,Espiranto and ottond, I was sceptical to say the least I knew that Espi was toxic with Krystal and that Ottond had just joined the team recently. But when they started showing results I started to believe that Serbia will finally have a tier1 team. And I was right mens))) I'm just sad that I came into csgo late and didn't see the old iNation playing.
2019-08-31 12:24
United Kingdom Jewv1ce 
Started watching cs in late 2017. Wanted to pick a team to support but not a big one so chose Penta cos they were a German team (close enough to UK) but they eventually fell apart. So I decided to start suporting a Danish team which was between Herioc and Astralis, I preferred Astralis' logo and Dev1ce is one sexy boi so I chose them.
2019-08-31 12:26
Russia deadforest 
I started to watch eSports in 2015, my first tournament was ESL One: Katowice 2015 I think and there was a match of TSM and NiP on de_nuke in play-offs. I really liked how NiP been playing there, so I started to cheer for them and I'm still a fan since, never stopped to support them in any period.
2019-08-31 12:27
Me too omg, same exact tournament haha
2019-09-03 09:58
Russia deadforest 
2019-09-03 10:40
heaton because heaton
2019-08-31 18:42
rain | 
Lithuania Planum 
Makes sense
2019-09-03 09:56
2019-09-03 09:57
yeah thats true
2019-09-03 18:02
Estonia mr_abdul 
tbh I'm not really a fan of any team, just lineups that I like, usually those who play solid CS
2019-08-31 18:45
Austria ElGerda 
Started to watch professional csgo at MLG Columbus 2016 and then i saw that Luminosity are only brazilian players an i thought it is cool because i never expected any esports in brazil. From then i liked then very much. Still rooting for them and the players which aren't at the core anymore. They suck right now and i don't think they will be good anymore. I have never annoyed people with stuff like: EZ SK/Luminosity/mibr. I hate those fans too. But i will still support them at their tier 3 tournaments which they will play in future cause no invites.
2019-08-31 18:45
Spain X4rly 
I started playing on early 2014, when i watched games i noticed NiP, the best team at the time, first i watched them because the name was funny but then i really liked how they played, their motivation and the players, specially GTR and Friberg who were my favourites, but now im not really fan of any team, i dont like NiP anymore too much roster changes and they dont play the same way, this is not NiP anymore no matter if f0rest and gtr are still there.
2019-08-31 18:47
Because ence is from Finland?
2019-09-03 09:57
Also watched allu since 2015 in nip
2019-09-03 09:57
Happy | 
Russia Jovik! 
Happy had a great profile picture, he was the best fragging leader at the time and he was very influential and impactful within his team and the scene in general.
2019-09-03 10:02
United Kingdom KieranFR 
I am currently a fan of Karrigan, I met him in london and he seemed like a nice guy even though faze had just been eliminated and he had his suitcase with him on his way home. I feel like he always gets the short end of the stick when his rosters start to under perform and he is doing wonders in mous right now so I support mous because of karrigan. When I first started watching in 2014 I was a fan of NIP, I still like them but the fact that they were so reluctant to make meaningful changes made me dislike them a slight bit.
2019-09-03 10:10
Ukraine vexuzz 
I started to watch cs 1.6 in 2010 when I found out that Na'Vi won IEM4. Edward and Zeus are from my city. I have cheered for Na'Vi since then.
2019-09-03 10:07
Finland Autisthicc 
idk i was just watching some higlight videos back in early 2015 of krimz and i liked him
2019-09-03 10:08
Norway supremoxdd 
I have watched FaZe for many years now, even since before they started with a cs team, so i would say that's how i'm a FaZe fan
2019-09-03 10:09
Other delmaszm 
I kinda like any old team since i've been watching esport since atleast ESWC 2005 The org like NaVi, mouz, fnatic, mibr were already there and performing. Right now I like NaVi and Vitality because S1mple and Zywoo can do something insane at any time. But Im not really a "fan" of any team. I like good counter strike and great match up
2019-09-03 10:14
Xyp9x | 
Indonesia he_J 
cuz its really fun to watch turok play
2019-09-03 10:22
s1mple cause he made big path to be a best!
2019-09-03 10:21
I started watching pro CS:GO in late 2017/early 2018 and suNny was the only good finnish player in the international scene then. ENCE was created after that.
2019-09-03 10:26
Hungary subzera 
i started liking clg in 2015 because they were the other american team that made majors yet no one really seemed to cheer for them. theres been lots and lots of disappointment but they went on a few good runs. and then they got dropped and i was lost for a long time and didnt know who to cheer for but then i saw furia last summer. they were killing the brazilian scene and getting so close to qualifying for a lot of events and knew they were gonna be a hot team. and this year theyve been breaking out into high tier events. seeing them play at dh dallas was really cool, love their high energy, guerri #1 hype man. results at the majors have been disappointing but im sure theres more to come
2019-09-03 10:28
I was fan of VP when I've started playing CS:GO because they felt like 5 close friends playing CS more than a proffesional team. I've also supported Space Soldiers at their prime for representing my country on CS. I'll support any team that tarik and woxic is in.
2019-09-03 10:32
i am a fan of shoxy especially the days of old g2 with scream he always made the impossible / possible like the clutches in esl and ecs plus even tho now he's laking skills he's still playing with brain always trying to outplay the enemy
2019-09-03 10:33
Romania jDT 
+1 with faze. beginning 2018
2019-09-03 10:39
Poland LiquidWater 
First encounter with csgo : 2013 summer, went over friends house and he was looking for random games to play so he started up csgo which he didn't even play for 1 hour on his steam and we had a game each of gun game. Thought nothing of the game at first, as a cod noob i was like how to ads? That's the only thing i remember. November 2014 my brother and our friend started playing csgo and i was interested in it so i bought it and started playing. Since then i clocked 2000+ hours. I started watching Izako like you know the typical Polish noob and i noticed he posted like these live commentaries of Virtus pro vs certain teams and i was interested. Then i found the most holy place on earth, HLTV and that is when i first started watching esports. around that time. It was like ESEA Season 18 against fnatic vp won. But i started properly following VP Through every match in every event in the dubai event ESL ESEA pro league invitational they win against tsm 3-2.
2019-09-03 10:52
Poland LiquidWater 
Obviously this account is not since 2015 cuz 1. banned (LUL JONATHON) 2. didn't make an account until like 2017.
2019-09-03 10:51
Mouz because they have good looking mens
2019-09-03 13:07
nitr0 | 
Korea thr33o 
I'm a fan of nitr0, EliGE, and jks. Found out about liquid around 2016? More or less. I liked watching nitr0 play as well as EliGE just because of their playstyles. Been a fan ever since. As for jks, I watched a few ReneGODS games before and around Katowice major and saw his potential.
2019-09-03 13:11
Czech Republic muliku 
got into cs in 2014, fnatic were rekting everyone, been fan since cuz they made me a lot of skins
2019-09-03 13:14
Well there's 2 sides to that for me. When I see someone with just ridiculous skill of course I fan that, mastering the game. But I am also a big fan of underdogs that surprise, teams and players who work full time and CS is the "hobby". I really love to see young talents break thru.
2019-09-03 13:16
NAF | 
Netherlands Ramskis 
I'm more a fan of certain players and therefore fan of the team. Big fan of Rain and NAF.
2019-09-03 13:19
Faze - very similare story Mouz - always enjoyable to watch (pre-Snax roster, I mean)
2019-09-03 13:20
Estonia kapsXD 
1st ever pro i saw play was kennys and then my fav team has always been where he is playing
2019-09-03 13:24
Poland yoyo1440 - I started cs in 2015 and only started watching them in 2016 they were not consistent but i usually supported teams from my country, but vp was different no matter what they showed resilience and would carry on Many Polish Peoples hopes of winning a major again, but they didnt. I still support them to this day even though it isint the same squad. Snax - Because my uncle always said i played a bit like snax, star player, ofc in gold nova this meant nothing but i loved snax since he was such a good player, was.
2019-09-03 13:25
14:00Zorka vs GODLIKE
16:00RED Canids vs RUFUS
RED Canids
15:30GODSENT vs Illuminar
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