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ropz | 
Argentina rawe1337 
What a performance he's having so far, seems they're giving him way more space to do his stuff
2019-09-02 05:55
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Brazil kaiknux 
Underrated player, rng should be a lot closer to tier 1 replacing fragisfaction
2019-09-02 06:07
New Zealand Eauor 
its unfortunate because he can be good sometimes, but just isn't at the tier 1 level and doesn't do enough for RNG. I think Sico would be a good replacement, unless they can snipe an actual decent awper from another country.
2019-09-02 06:08
Brazil kaiknux 
I'll try to follow Sico, never heard of that player before. Really wanted to see azr, liazz, jkaem and jks being major finalist or something. Very entertaining CS.
2019-09-02 06:13
Australia HOOD123 
he is a consistent awper who gets his kills, he does not need to be replaced, Brazilian cs washed up
2019-09-02 06:09
Brazil kaiknux 
Wtf your reply makes no sense. I cant criticize gratisfaction even though I'm praising liazz and rng.
2019-09-02 06:12
New Zealand Eauor 
hes being unreasonable dw mens
2019-09-02 06:14
Brazil kaiknux 
Funny thing is you're the kiwi and he's the Aussie. He's taking gratisfaction's pain, not you :o) (If I recall accordingly gratisfaction's from NZ)
2019-09-02 06:21
Grat has really stepped up since his faze game, played great vs g2
2019-09-02 06:30
2019-09-02 06:21
Brazil NahT_ 
+1 jks choking when the team needs him the most
2019-09-02 06:22
?????????????? jks is literally nuts, the man always clutches. Typical br noob doesn't know what he his talking about.
2019-09-02 06:33
Brazil kaiknux 
Both are good. Azr and jkaem are great.
2019-09-02 06:24
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