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All-star: NA vs EU vs CIS vs Rest
Europe Zywoo_is_a_riffler 
Imagine if we organize a new All-Star Tournament. With the best players of each regions (NA, EU, CIS, AU + ASIA) like this one Make the team of your region. (and who would win ?) EU: -ZywOo -ropz -Gla1ve (IGL) -HuNter -KennyS (Awp)
2019-09-07 17:37
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Then NA wouldn't be present since they have no stars
2019-09-07 17:38
2019-09-07 17:39
United States Topunderscore 
lol never heard of the country other
2019-09-07 17:48
It's because NA isn't a country, it's a continent
2019-09-07 17:49
United States Topunderscore 
bruh I'm talking about you peanut brain Talking trash about NA yet you're afraid to show your own flag lol.
2019-09-07 17:54
It's to trigger americans like you. So ez
2019-09-07 17:55
United States Topunderscore 
I'm sorry That you're this retarded
2019-09-07 17:59
Can't help it that you are uneducated to not know that NA is a continent. Btw, the USA (your country) is in NA
2019-09-07 18:01
United States Topunderscore 
#14 please read it again. The point still applies. im so very sorry for you
2019-09-07 23:40
Is that seriously the best EU team you could make? But tbh would be really cool if there was a tournament with like 100 of the best players and then randomize the teams (kinda like a PUG)
2019-09-07 17:41
Make a better team with EU
2019-09-07 17:42
This is the best EU team that you could make? lol.
2019-09-07 17:43
I didn't searched a lot that was just an exemple, go make your BR team
2019-09-07 17:44
Oups I forgot BR(SA)
2019-09-07 17:43
zonic | 
Denmark Phoey 
EU: Just put Astralis in there NA: Liquid -Stewie +Brehze CIS: Na’Vi -Zeus +Jame Asia: TyLoo -Summer +Kaze -Danking +XigN SA: Fallen, Cold, kNgV, Yuurih & Kscerato OCE: Renegades -Grat +Sico -Jkaem +Dexter There you go
2019-09-07 17:47
EZ win for Astralis, but that's not fun to make already existing team, we need to DREAM
2019-09-07 18:26
UE : Snax, Pashabicels, Neo, Byali, Taz Ez new Era
2019-09-07 17:49
Indonesia AzZzzz 
just put Astralis on EU, they are the best team and player in the world
2019-09-07 17:53
Cis S1mple Electronic Jame Qikert Buster
2019-09-07 18:41
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