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i5 9400f vs Ryzen 5 3600
FalleN | 
Brazil dihshow 
Hello everyone, im about to make an upgrade and i have doubt about these two chipsets. basically my computer is used 80% in CS GO and in any other random game. btw the graphic card will be probably gtx 1660 ti. i hope you participate based on your experiences, thank you in advance.
2019-09-09 21:45
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Ryzen 3600 ez winner. Get i5 9400f if you want 100% cpu usage while in csgo lmao
2019-09-09 21:46
Thats true, some comparisons i saw on youtube i realize that CPU usage on Intel chipsets are much more than Ryzen...i believe its because intel works differently in the use of cores.
2019-09-09 21:54
North America 007DBR9
ryzen is almost always hyperthreaded which helps
2020-04-24 05:40
hyperthreading should be deactivated for csgo.
2020-04-30 11:11
no, it's because intel has barely enough resources to run CSGO. the ryzen has more resources but CSGO doesn't utilize them all, so the usage stays low
2020-04-24 17:27
haha worst comment ever it's because intel has barely enough resources to run CSGO XDD KYS PLS maybe upgrade from intel celeron???
2020-04-28 22:22
i mean... why else would it be pegged at %100 constantly? ofc its giving out huge amounts of FPS but like... its maxed use your brain lol.
2020-04-29 02:34
Lithuania Sedge
i get 100 on gpu and cpu, means they're working... and don't bottleneck each other
2020-04-24 15:19
You want 100% usage you nonce.
2020-04-24 15:32
i am | 
Europe Tier1
No. You want 100% gpu usage, not cpu.
2020-04-27 02:52
No. In a GPU bound game you'd want that. CSGO is more dependent on CPU power, hence you want as much usage of the CPU as possible.
2020-04-27 07:44
i am | 
Europe Tier1
You never want a 100% cpu usage lmfao.
2020-04-27 12:20
2020-04-27 12:23
u allways want that game uses 100% of cpu :DD
2020-04-28 00:15
Europe Joebama
i5 9400f can confirm the 100% usage. Doesnt happen on LoL or CS go but god damn does my cpu sound like a vacuum cleaner when i play siege
2020-04-27 03:09
+1 XD already had 100% usage in bfv with an i7 7700k stupid shintel
2020-04-28 22:21
9400F here, 300-500 fps average
2019-09-09 21:46
Yeah, 9400 isn't bad, and it's cheaper than ryzen atm. :/ Hard choice.
2019-09-09 22:03
cheaper and less prefomance than 3600
2020-04-24 14:59
am4 is the better platform though, better upgrade path and cheaper boards..
2020-04-24 17:32
2020-04-27 03:06
Indonesia draizze
Why would you play at 240p?
2020-04-24 06:25
1024*768 like pretty much everyone here I think
2020-04-24 11:23
fullhd here
2020-04-24 13:43
2020-04-24 14:57
me too. i play 100% just for fun tho.
2020-04-24 15:20
2020-04-24 15:24
Maybe on empty map with 0 bots. Lmao why does every virgin have to lie om hltv. Everything on low here, I average 300-400 with a i7 9700k all core boost 4.6 ghz. No way you average 300-500 with that puny 9400f
2020-04-28 00:13
Maybe you are right fam. I have found a great solutiuon on how to give minimum amount of fucks about fps ingame. It calls net_graph 0. It really works! But even when my ocd forces me to turn it on I constsntly see my fps hitting the 400 cap on every map. I'm not here to flex on my mediocre CPU or amount of pussy I have.
2020-04-28 01:08
Fair enough. I don’t think than anybody is flexing rather than just occasionally inflating fps numbers which I often see happen here on hltv. It makes people make the mistakes I made and buy the wrong cpu. I saw so many people here boost about how strong the i3 8350k is on CSGO people out there claiming they get 300 average fps. So like the noob I am , I went and bought the i3 9350kf, disabled c-state to have an all core boost of 4.4 ghz and was so disappointed to see my fps drop to even 130-140 on Inferno B site during gunfights. Only times I had 300-350 fps was in spawn. Bought the i7 a few days later and have not looked back
2020-04-28 13:10
Yeah but 9400F has 6 physical cores unlike 9350KF. Hyperthreading doesn't boost FPS in CSGO, sometimes it drop it instead. So it's not fair to compare 9350 and 9400.
2020-04-28 18:44
9350 kf does not have hyperthreading either. Since CSGO is famous for single core speed and only using 3 cores, the 9350 should have been more than enough. My moral of the story however was that user on hltv tend to inflate their fps stats. Which is misleading and makes users on this forum buy shit with high expectations. So many people here claiming to average 300 fps with a 8350kf. Other people say they have a Ryzen 3600 and have 400 fps lmao. No, the i7 9700k, one of the best gaming cpu’s out there gives me 300 or 350 average on low graphics so no way the i5 9400f or the Ryzen 3600 gives more. Everybody wants in on the big “ steal” and cheat the system. You can’t lads, the more expensive the CPU, the more likely its the better alternative. Hence why the 3900x and the 9700k are priced similar, because they deliver equal performance in gaming.
2020-04-28 21:35
Actually I do get 300-400 fps with Ryzen 5 3600 lol
2020-04-28 22:26
You are like a friend of mine who oc his 9700k to 5.1 ghz and sends me pictures of his 750 fps facing the wall. Or sends me pictures of 500 fps in CT spawn on Dust 2. That is you right now. Do you also get 400 fps while on Inferno B site looking at CT? Those are the real questions asked and that is the fps that truly matters. I can say I get 280 fps on that spot, while friends of mine with Ryzen 3600 get as low as 200 sometimes even less.
2020-04-30 11:07
I do get 300 fps in that spot only time I don't get 300 min. is at DM or community servers, Every chip is different, your system configuration may be different. Why would I lie about my csgo fps? lol I just locked my CPU to 4.2GHZ (max turbo speed) and undervolted the max I could without system crashing. The game is so poorly optimized for Multi-threading that just the fack that Intel have the "upper hand" is just insane.
2020-04-30 12:09
If CSGO doesn't need more than 3 cores then why 9700 is somehow much better then 9350?
2020-04-28 22:45
Beats me to be honest. I am not expert. I can only give you a comparison between the i3 9350k all core boost 4.4 ghz giving which I had for a week. I was monitoring the fps a lot and it would drop below 200 often. 1 week later I replaced it with the 9700k, all core boost to 4.6 ghz and I can say I average 100 fps more, the game never went under 240 ever, no matter the circumstance.
2020-04-30 11:09
The answer is simple - CS:GO can use more than 4 cores. I'm not sure if it can use more than 6 though. I rarely see drops below 300 with 9400
2020-04-30 19:39
i5 - 6 threads 3600 - 12 threads ez choice
2019-09-09 21:47
i was a bit afraid with those heating issues, but it seems that AMD fixed it and improved alot their chipsets, i used Phenom X4 in the past and got headaches xD about prices for us in Brazil, the i5 more cheap, i think i will wait a bit till Price of R5 come down :P thank you anyway for participating.
2019-09-09 22:01
North America 007DBR9
bro no cap I got dat
2020-04-24 05:46
Poland Hanse
Heating issues are not only myth, but also debunked for 10+ years now. AMD is as safe as Intel, and currently Ryzne series are best CPUs on the market.
2020-04-24 13:58
I posted it in 2019, XD i already chose, after a lot of research, I bought the Ryzen 3600x on sale, for the same price as the 3600, together with a b450 tomahawk and a 1660 super, and I am satisfied, leaving an i5 for r5 3600x.
2020-04-24 14:30
Finland ksyppe
3600 is awesome at csgo.
2019-09-09 21:48
Ukraine Taira
3600 ofc
2019-09-09 21:48
luckily zen 2 performs really well in cs go. so its just as good as the 9400f in cs go and in every other use case the 3600 wins hands down. so go for the ryzen. proof:
2019-09-09 21:53
True that, its been hard choice cause of prices, but if Ryzen 5 price come down i will get it. atm Ryzen 5 BRL = R$ 1.099,90 // i5 9400f = R$ 808,99
2019-09-09 22:21
oh really? that sucks. in germany the 3600 is way cheaper
2020-04-24 13:44
Hi buddy, i already bought the 3600x on sale, was the same price as the 3600. :)
2020-04-24 13:56
nice, enjoy :)
2020-04-24 13:57
Nice. you wont regret
2020-04-24 15:24
i ordered 3600 and im still waiting for it to arrive. hope for some good gaming :)
2020-04-24 15:26
what are the prices? here 9400f is 10-13 euro cheaper than 3600
2020-04-24 15:26
3600 is often of sale these days for ~170, 9400 goes more around 200 still
2020-04-24 15:31
damn. here few months ago ryzen 3600 was about 210 euro (I think everywhere was similar price) now it dropped to around 180-185 depends on the store. 9400f is 170 euro now that i checked
2020-04-24 15:33
2019-09-09 21:51
2020-04-24 04:37
2020-04-24 13:42
2019-09-09 21:55
3600 ofc
2019-09-09 21:57
Germany Enlay
Ryzen 5 3600 easy
2020-04-24 04:39
someone revived the post, hehehe. botw, i already chose, after a lot of research, I bought the Ryzen 3600x on sale, for the same price as the 3600, together with a b450 tomahawk and a 1660 super, and I am satisfied, leaving an i5 for r5 3600x.
2020-04-24 13:26
Germany Enlay
Good choice mens))
2020-04-24 13:30
+1 good choice
2020-04-24 13:43
Macau j0g
3500x if you can get it for less than 130$ (it was 120$ a few months ago on ali but it got sold-out) it gets the same fps on csgo as the 3600. even though it only has 6 cores with no hyper-threading but it doesn't matter on csgo
2020-04-24 04:40
North America 007DBR9
I'd get the 3600 because of the OC capabilities matching it pretty much to the 3600X, even if the 3500X is cheap
2020-04-24 05:45
Macau j0g
that depends on the motherboard, and even if you overclock it doesn't make a big difference (200 mhz). the 3500x and the 3600 work great even on a cheap A320 motherboard.
2020-04-24 06:01
B450 is the to go for priceless if dont need some extra pci-e e.g.
2020-04-24 06:15
I posted it in 2019, XD i already chose, after a lot of research, I bought the Ryzen 3600x on sale, for the same price as the 3600, together with a b450 tomahawk and a 1660 super, and I am satisfied, leaving an i5 for r5 3600x.
2020-04-24 13:32
sh1ro | 
Philippines euzu
ryzen easiest choice. csgo won't be the only thing running. You obviously have faceit and some voice chat program right for premades.
2020-04-24 05:04
North America 007DBR9
using a 2600 and it smashes modern i5s in anything multitask wise
2020-04-24 05:44
Argentina trackssZZZ
2020-04-24 05:08
i have i5 and ryzen is the better choice. %100 cpu usage in all games . its annoying af.
2020-04-24 05:10
Australia halyxd
ryzen 5 1600af solid cpu and only like 85usd if you're trying to save money
2020-04-24 05:17
United States TrashPanda
This shouldn’t even be a choice. With Ryzen you get more cores, more threads, a better all around CPU, for gaming and other tasks. Also the upgrade path is possible with a B450 board, where it isn’t if you get a non Z motherboard for Intel. Also boards are far more budget friendly, and all around better in the 85-120$ price range. You get overclocking straight out of the box with Ryzen, and the stock cooler is even better. There literally isn’t one reason why the 9400F would be a better option unless you just like a Intel. The 8400 is more of a competitor to the 3600 but even then the 3600 still beats that out. ALSO, Intel will be releasing their new CPU line sometime soon. So buying an old refreshed Intel chip just makes zero sense.
2020-04-24 05:29
Asks for advice. Denies advice. Okay.
2020-04-24 17:26
North America 007DBR9
ez ryzen
2020-04-24 05:41
cyx | 
Turkmenistan mitt@
i have 9400f and its much better for csgo. and cheap aswell so ezy intel if u knew something about pc
2020-04-24 05:44
Macau j0g
LOL joke of the year the r5 3600 and the 3500x smash even the 9600k, the shitty 9400f is no match (not only on csgo but everything else)
2020-04-24 06:01
cyx | 
Turkmenistan mitt@ nice smash :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD and 9400f is much more cheap, jesus, if u need a pc for csgo - 9400 the best choice, moron
2020-04-24 06:08
Macau j0g
lol those are games optimized for intel and are GPU bound anyway, let's compare csgo (which is the most important for most of us and is heavily CPU bound) check this out : and :
2020-04-24 06:28
lmao 9600k tested at 4295mhz? It literally has 4.6GHz turbo and is easily overclockable to 5GHz.
2020-04-24 07:44
I'm sure early Zen 2 BIOSes had some kind of system timer issue, which made them report higher FPS than they were actually achieving. Compare for example LTT's Zen 2 launch review numbers vs 3950x review numbers: 3700x beats the 9900k by 5% 9900k beats the 3800x by 17%
2020-04-24 15:11
Macau j0g
the 3rd gen ryzen has better IPC just deal with it, stop posting rumors. intel had to fucking raise the power consumption to astronomical figures in their latest 10th gen cpus just to match the zen2 performance, when ZEN3 drops sometime during this year it'll be game over for intel
2020-04-24 15:17
Did you even look at the clips? You got to admit these seem pretty odd (afaik it wouldn't be the first time Ryzen gets skewed results because of the system timer fuckup). Also while Zen 2 does have amazing IPC outside gaming, it also has a lot higher latencies, which gives Zen 2 performance penalty in real time applications such as games. Here we can see Zen 2 CPUs beaten by Intel CPUs in gaming when tested against clock-for-clock and core-for-core: Zen 2 has AMAZING efficiency at 100% MT load, but on idle and ST load Intel is still more efficient, so at the end of the day which CPU is more efficient for you is dictated by your use case.
2020-04-24 19:39
i have a i5 9400f. this chip is cheap, powerful and runs cool at 50-70%. 3600 has more threads but not more fps and it runs hotter. so these threads dont add anything in cs.
2020-04-24 05:50
Macau j0g
it doesn't run hot if you have a decent air cooler (the gammax 400 for example or the 212 evo) and both of them are pretty cheap (less than 25$) even on the stock cooler it's alright
2020-04-24 05:59
Indonesia draizze
Hotter? AMD stock cooler is better than Intel. Bulldozer days maybe but the current generation It's the other way around, Intel is the one that hotter than AMD.
2020-04-24 06:29
nice joke amd kiddo
2020-04-24 11:53
Macau j0g
he's right, stop talking out of your ass, did you see the 10th gen intel ? XDDDDD shit's gonna be also useful as a heater during winter
2020-04-24 15:19
i am | 
Europe Tier1
He's right you clueless dumbass. Computer nephew lmfao.
2020-04-27 02:57
It is always the question. Do you invest your money in the future or do you live in the past?
2020-04-24 05:53
2020-04-24 06:10
btw hltv is the wrong forum to ask and get serious answers about any hardware or peripherie :D
2020-04-24 06:23
Asia Blitzer
twice as many threads and superior single core performance, the r5 3600 offers a lot more bang for your buck. in head to head benchmark comparisons, against the i5-9400f, the ryzen 5 3600 destroys it in core-heavy games and applications. it currently costs $25 more, but it was often 50% faster in applications and provided roughly 30% gains in modern games.
2020-04-24 06:25
Also, don't forget when the B550 mainboards are released (june or juli) you can have an amd ryzen with PCI 4.0 support. That could help you in 2-3 years.
2020-04-24 07:35
2020-04-24 11:26
Cyprus Swishh_
obv ryzen, whats the price?
2020-04-24 11:56
Just go for i5-9600K instead of nether one of those, just bought it and cs go runs with stable 300 fps with gtx-960 gpu
2020-04-24 13:31
Ryzen 3600 cheaper in my country and better
2020-04-24 13:32
thats an easy choice pretty sure in terms on single core performance the ryzen does pretty much the same as the non overclockable 9400F, so it should be nearly the same for csgo but the ryzen has double of i5's threads which is really helpfull (especially for the future), so i would obviously go for the ryzen (im an i5-8600k user myself tho)
2020-04-24 13:45
Ryzen 3600 any day man
2020-04-24 14:00
Russia Jet1k
Ryzen 3600 all the way, just don't forget to NEVER buy an old B350/B450 motherboard like I did or you'll have to update the BIOS with another CPU
2020-04-24 14:56
If he gets an MSI MAX series board the bios comes ready for Ryzen 3000
2020-04-24 15:16
i bought MSI B450M MAX which supports 3rd gen ryzen from the box, its quite cheap and should work just fine
2020-04-24 15:30
Russia Jet1k
Great for u man I wish I had bought that one too
2020-04-24 15:31
damn, which one u got? did u need to ask tech guys to update bios with older ryzen?
2020-04-24 15:31
Russia Jet1k
I got the msi b350m bazooka. They didn't mention anything so i just thought i could put it in and thats it
2020-04-24 15:33
and what did u do afterwards? did u update bios urself?
2020-04-24 15:35
Russia Jet1k
Yeah but it was a pain, had to get another compatible cpu first and shit
2020-04-24 15:37
yeah damn. well, at least u got everything working now
2020-04-24 15:42
ryzen 5 3600
2020-04-24 14:59
2020-04-24 15:15
9400F -Cheaper -More fps than the 3600 in most titles
2020-04-24 15:28
AMD ryzen cpu's are better for csgo. Vs's the equivalent intel cpu, the ryzen will give you 20% + better fps performance! I personally have a 3500X and gtx 1660 and get a minimum of 300fps. AMD for the win!
2020-04-24 15:35
old thread, OP bought AMD, nothing to see here
2020-04-24 15:32
Brazil cadik
wait for 10th generation intol amd will absolutely rekt by it
2020-04-24 15:33
Europe obvious
Amd zen 3 will smash that intel trash.
2020-04-27 03:00
Bulgaria KadirCSGO
ryzen all day long
2020-04-24 15:37
i have 2
2020-04-27 03:06
i have the i5-9400f and 1660 super it performs well in cs about 300fps on high settings 1920 x 1080 whilst running many other programs in the background such as discord, google chrome, utorrent running torrents, spotify
2020-04-27 03:14
I have an r5 3600.. so does my gf. I have an 1060 6gb and she has an 1660 6gb We play both with 300fps +, i play in 1280x1024 and she on Full hd i paid 999 reais on the r5 and i am happy as hell
2020-04-27 07:47
3600 ez
2020-04-27 07:49
Turkey rio2k
of course ryzen bruh
2020-04-27 12:21
where is the finnish intel fanboy guy to bash all you non fanboys with supreme fanboyism?????
2020-04-28 00:19
It doesnt really matter, future u can upgrade both couple levels up like to high end ryzens or high end intel processors. Both Intel and AMD will make new sockets for new generation so that what people are saying amd is more future proof is kinda lie because in couple years u still must uprgrade for new socket if u want go with the flow thats the way how it works.
2020-04-28 00:22
What ? AMD has been using AM4 since 2017,while intel sockets last 1 or 2 year max,so yeah...AMD is more future proof,also people are saying Source 2 will be optimized to use more cores...don't know if this is true but if it is then Ryzen will be even better than i5.
2020-04-28 21:44
LGA 1151 since year 2015 so whats is your point? AMD promised new genertion will be am4 and they were lying because new generation will be AM5 2021. So Intel were more future proof in 3rd generation and they will go to genertion 4th hand in hand with amd Q1 2021. Both will release +12 core processors and your future proof talking is nonsense because u still must buy new motheboard to get new processor.
2020-04-28 22:19
It's not just about socket, it's even about chipset.. You can't use latest 1151 CPU on first 1151 motherboard, but you can use current AM4 CPU on first AM4 motherboard (i actually have B350 MB i bought in 2017 with ryzen 1600x, now with ryzen 3600).
2020-04-28 22:30
Well i have a B350 mobo from 2017 and if i want i can upgrade to a ryzen 3800 or even 3900x,how is that not future proof ? also AMD always said support for AM4 would end on 2020,so they didn't lie and it's no surprise they are going to change socket in 2021.
2020-04-28 22:33
U dont get it boys. when AMD and Intel will release new generation early 2021. All 1151 and am4 users are pretty much done with futureproofing. There is no point rn to buy new computer.
2020-04-28 22:45
3600 i think , Ryzen better for csgo
2020-04-28 14:28
3600 have better fps in every game also more cores and threads no brainer choice.
2020-04-28 22:14
3600 BY FAR
2020-04-28 22:33
3600/3600X better future proof for sure and today many thinks change every month so be smart and get 3600 or 3600X
2020-04-30 11:09
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