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Pimp delusional ?
France MbappeGOAT 
This clown retired at 22 years old but everytime on his stream he keeps saying "If I wanted to I absolutely could become one of the best players in the world again". That and the fact that he managed to become a worst analyst than he was a player.
2019-09-12 01:06
yes /closed
2019-09-12 01:08
+1 delusional and entitled , but at least better than spunj
2019-09-12 01:10
spunj is a bitch always crying about hltv forums like a little pussy
2019-09-12 01:10
He never said that
2019-09-12 01:11
You still got some of Pimp's cum on your lips
2019-09-12 01:12
(licks lips)
2019-09-12 01:13
2019-09-12 01:14
Canada thelegend27 
nt crnak
2019-09-12 01:49
Im not Big C ????????
2019-09-12 03:15
Canada thelegend27 
Mohamad GuCrankSon
2019-09-12 03:17
2019-09-12 03:20
Mongolia bozgor 
its revolting he is a "top" analyst
2019-09-12 01:13
i need a clip of him saying that to laugh for eternity
2019-09-12 01:20
hes just a tool, he actually thinks he was ever a good player when he really wasnt, he thinks he is a great analytical mind but he just reads from prompt cards and copies thorin
2019-09-12 01:21
Canada thelegend27 
2019-09-12 01:49
2019-09-12 10:14
abdul | 
Europe men) 
wtf men 😎😎😎
2019-09-12 01:57
Albania 2^10 
Real or fake wtfffff
2019-09-12 10:16
oh yeh no i am back, i was given a chance at redemption by the very kind Mr Dimitrii, i did make a new post the day i was unbanned but it was removed ofc
2019-09-12 11:44
United States 10YearBansRUs 
wait wtf i thought u were dead mens
2019-09-12 13:01
nah, u cant keep a good man banned
2019-09-12 14:12
pimp is cancer. Also did he really say " AGAIN " ? LMAO This fucking idiot. Guy played in 6 majors and never made it out of the group stage.
2019-09-12 01:24
Lithuania Mr|Julius 
Clip or didnt happen
2019-09-12 01:25
i got perma banned on esl stream for calling pimp a racial slur :(
2019-09-12 01:29
Peru TheJuan 
wtf when will this oppression end?
2019-09-12 01:32
wtf esl((
2019-09-12 01:50
United States skroobdoober 
Clip or didnt happen
2019-09-12 01:34
Canada TorontoSucks 
The worst part is people defend him because he is the laughing stock of analysts and people feel bad.
2019-09-12 01:48
he is delusional yeah
2019-09-12 01:50
Thorin | 
Poland PSZ 
clip or didnt happen
2019-09-12 01:50
NAF | 
United States skzl_ 
1.32 rating nt
2019-09-12 01:52
Turkey tastemycobra 
Pimp was once a decent player. But he didnt have the stability.
2019-09-12 01:52
Finland Smoonah 
I dunno about delusional but he does have a crooked eye that might disrupt some of his judgement and perception
2019-09-12 01:58
damn you're salty mate
2019-09-12 01:59
i also saw him saying exactly that around 1.5 years ago in his stream xD
2019-09-12 01:59
Lol he was never outstandingly good in the first place, he can barely carry global games to begin with. Delusional
2019-09-12 02:04
EliGE | 
Kazakhstan Elietsch 
3 months of intense grinding and I could see Pimp be decent in a top 30 team. I don't think he's that bad tbh. And I think he's a decent analyst as well. Not the greatest but he does know a thing or two. I'm betting there's a reason people respect him within the scene, players and analysts alike.
2019-09-12 03:19
United States KKonian 
Yeah sure he could be in a top 30 team. But to be one of the best is a stretch
2019-09-12 11:46
clip or didn't happen
2019-09-12 03:19
Jordan xrealx369 
He's been a pro, played with top teams He's been a streamer got 1k+ subs He's been an analyst, now hes a top analyst He's beaten his weight issue all I can say is you haters are jealous of this man, he's an inspiration of hard work and dedication
2019-09-12 10:21
EliGE | 
Kazakhstan Elietsch 
This. And that.
2019-09-12 11:47
Well put.
2019-09-12 12:54
nt Pimp
2019-09-12 13:09
he was a decent pro and could probably go back to it. he has previous experience and connections in the scene. Now "one of the best players in the world" ... i don't know about that.
2019-09-12 11:47
i remember he said he was a top 20 rifler once, which is just not true
2019-09-12 11:48
RpK | 
France Snabe_ 
The main problem is not pimp but HenryG, can someone explain me wtf is he doing for the stream ?
2019-09-12 11:49
+1 never seen someone be wrong so many times. Pathetic considering he used to be a player.
2019-09-12 13:04
when he still played he was mentaly weak and cloudnt handle the pressure.
2019-09-12 12:58
Yeah he was a garbage tier 5 player and now he's a tier 5 analyst
2019-09-12 13:06
Poland Spanksss 
he is noob lol
2019-09-12 14:13
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