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How do I play NA MM from EU? What do I have to do in order to connect onto those servers?
2019-09-12 03:58
dont /closed
2019-09-12 03:58
probably vpn idk
2019-09-12 03:59
United States YaLoveToSeeIt 
2019-09-12 04:46
Qatar PrisMcsgo 
i mean i wouldn't recommend it because players here are really good compared to eu.
2019-09-12 03:59
2019-09-12 04:01
LUL NA le = EU nova
2019-09-12 04:46
false, NA MM is much better than EU, was hardstuck MG1 for 3 months until I started playing on EU and hit LEM within a week.
2019-09-12 04:56
Europe JustCreated 
I was in Toronto for 2 weeks and notice that is no difference in skill or something. But in one thing NA MM is worse the amount of n words and racist toward black people is horrible. You never experience such a thing in EU MM.
2019-09-12 05:09
United States gtmaniacmda 
why would you want to handicap yourself
2019-09-12 04:00
There was something called MM server picker. Try to block all servers besides North American ones and see if it connects you. I played DM on a server in Dubai once, only 100 ping.
2019-09-12 04:01
Idk why ppl think na mm is shit... I have good trust factor so like 90% of my games at least 3 people have mic. People are nice and fun to play with too... Idk maybe it's just the change from Asian servers but it seems pretty good to me...
2019-09-12 04:01
+1 I am the annoying kid without a mic, but everyone else in silver is cool
2019-09-12 04:38
Get a mic dickhead its 2019
2019-09-12 04:47
probably just vpn to US
2019-09-12 04:02
csgo routing tool Use at your own risk)))
2019-09-12 04:41
United States ferric 
this is one of those things that makes me wanna thing i get insta-vacced if i click download lol
2019-09-12 04:52
I don't think you can get VAC'd for this I used this a while back and nothing happened But idk if this still works
2019-09-12 04:54
United States ferric 
Don't play NA mm... pros are so shit that they decide the best way they like to spend time is queue up in mm with their friends and troll people that are just trying to have a more casual game... Literally above DMG ranks, you are 40% likely to face a pro on the other team.
2019-09-12 04:50
Russia Zyuwu 
lol played against fl0m and his 5 que recently beat him tho
2019-09-12 05:15
I dont know i somehow ended up in a uk game once though It was fun they were nice
2019-09-12 05:02
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