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NRG are going to fall off hard.
Brazil Cyber_netica 
Daps was what made the team great, him sitting by himself and practicing before he made NRG beat Astralis was one of the most heart breaking moments i've ever seen in CS. History will repeat itself, the team reaches the top level, falls off a bit, blames their IGL and kicks him, then they do better for a couple of LANs (because they run his strats but have a better fragging player) then they will start sucking dick, you don't even need to look too far, it happened everytime Daps was replaced by Stanislaw and it will happen again. NRG blew their one chance at making something great last major, now they will fall.
2019-09-12 08:44
Finland Fliida 
It is very likely.
2019-09-12 08:46
Sweden Cixx 
Aint gonna be long before Stanislaw starts taking the AWP away from Cerq or puts Brehze in a shit role so they stop fragging.
2019-09-12 08:47
NiKo | 
United Kingdom desolade 
wtf are u talking ab lmao
2019-09-12 09:08
CeRq | 
Bulgaria HLTVholic 
stanislaw > daps overall but daps > stanislaw on strats.
2019-09-12 08:48
NiKo | 
United Kingdom desolade 
not at all
2019-09-12 09:09
Brazil Cyber_netica 
NRG are only doing well now because Stan gets to run Daps strats, it's fucking bullshit man
2019-09-12 08:49
+1 stan sucks ass
2019-09-12 08:52
I aren't think that
2019-09-12 08:51
I are agree that I arent also think that
2019-09-12 08:56
they fall off hard after Tarik's shittalk and Stan's yelling
2019-09-12 08:52
2019-09-12 08:52
tot | 
Turkey totot 
0/8 NRG are a better team without daps.
2019-09-12 08:58
Brazil Cyber_netica 
got higher finishes because stan can remotly frag and make mid round calls but he's getting carried by Daps strats and structure
2019-09-12 08:59
tot | 
Turkey totot 
Aight who cares they don't need daps anymore. And Stan obviously brought new strats and structure to the team
2019-09-12 09:07
so daps should be coaching
2019-09-12 09:32
And how do you suddenly explain Cerq reaching this type of form? It’s quite clear that Stan has made clear changes to the way the team operates around him, they are more supportive of him looking for picks and Cerq’s picks were a huge reason why they got wins over Liquid and NRG. Also stop bringing up this “using Daps strats bullshit”. NRG players and Stan himself said that during the break they let Stan implement his style. Nothing you’re saying has any substantial evidence relating to “Daps structure or strats” except for the fact he brought up the NRG core to this level.
2019-09-12 12:14
Mongolia Eyeyuris 
2019-09-12 12:03
2019-09-12 12:06
gla1ve | 
Turkey Mikeup 
Yeah you are right
2019-09-12 12:15
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