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Poland n0ster 
Hello! Do you know Bullet For My Valentine Band? Do you enjoy listening to them? What's your favourite song? Notice: If you clicked here just because you don't know what "BFMV" means - just move on, keep scrolling. Nobody wants your dumb comments here. Don't troll and bait. Just wanted to walk about some music.
2019-09-12 09:18
Norway FriggeK 
"Nobody wants your dumb comments here. Don't troll and bait." Don't tell me what to do gay.
2019-09-12 09:23
Nifty | 
Europe 10outof11 
im gay, maybe interested?
2019-09-12 09:28
Norway FriggeK 
yes men
2019-09-12 09:29
Don't troll and bait. Just wanted to walk about some music.
2019-09-12 09:24
If you can't walk the walk don't talk the talk.
2019-09-12 09:30
Haha, You fucking pussies, I'm a fuck with' 'em a lil on this one, Just a little, You fucking posers! You know we don't stop, Reloadin' while we hit the top, I get down cause that's my job, Y'all better learn to Walk the Walk!
2019-09-12 09:32
Came here to troll and bait 😎
2019-09-12 09:26
Hand Of Blood Breaking Out, Breaking Down Room409 Tears Don't Fall Your Betrayal Waking the Demon 4 Words
2019-09-12 09:27
Poland n0ster 
2019-09-12 09:32
Tears don't fall bestest song 💪🏿
2019-09-12 09:51
Knew them since their first big song. Never really liked them, to soft for me.
2019-09-12 09:39
Bulgaria slaughtersun 
2019-09-12 09:45
Finland xore1 
need for speed most wanted 2005
2019-09-12 09:42
Poland n0ster 
that's Hand of Blood
2019-09-12 09:42
Not very much since i listen to old-school metal but i like Tears don't fall cuz it reminds me of something
2019-09-12 09:46
"Just wanted to walk about some music" i specially mentioned about old school music and tried to know if he's a fan of but i got ignored :((((((
2019-09-12 09:55
Germany Flachzange 
Love them
2019-09-12 09:48
sergej | 
Poland Noxize 
hannds of blood
2019-09-12 09:52
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