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Berlin best major ever?
Germany PulpFiction 
i think so
2019-09-12 19:19
Germany PulpFiction 
2019-09-12 19:20
juliano | 
Germany hatrez 
Hell no.
2019-09-12 19:21
Brazil DPEZRA 
don't agree, worst final
2019-09-12 19:21
Sosa | 
Europe wtfmen)) 
Worst ever
2019-09-12 19:22
India mxam 
being faze fan Boston major was epic eventhough thy lost but Berlin's was deep shit boring ever
2019-09-12 19:23
device | 
Denmark Androfb 
GOAT team winning the major. Liquid proven once and for all as a fluke team with no era. Pretty good major.
2019-09-12 19:25
Poland nclme1ster 
one of worse majors ever lol
2019-09-12 19:25
Poland KubaMeisterYT 
delay delay and delay , boring final
2019-09-12 19:25
Jonti | 
Japan MrBean444 
not even close.
2019-09-12 19:26
One of the worst tbh
2019-09-12 19:26
Eleague BOSTON the best major
2019-09-12 19:27
katowice 2015
2019-09-12 19:30
United States Nohj_ 
Lmao contending for the worst major
2019-09-12 19:31
Europe Vallon3 
SL Berlin was a great major. No delays, very good production, great casting, amazing crowd. The matches were also great... up until the final. Look, I wanted Astralis to win. But AVANGAR, similarly to ENCE, just lost that flare that made them beat the top 5, top 2 and top 1. I dunno what Astralis does, but in the last 3 majors teams just crumble against them. They only really struggled vs VP during ELEAGUE 2017, which was an amazing match. Overall, for me it was a joy watching Astralis completely outclass AVANGAR and show they're on a different level, but I definitely understand why others don't like watching that. Most people prefer close games where you don't know who will come out on top, a.k.a the opposite of Astralis matches.
2019-09-12 19:33
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