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What keeps you awake at night
Poland DefeN 
What do you think about when falling asleep? I usually thing about the universe and existential matters, sometimes about banging bitches
2019-09-12 21:54
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my brain
2019-09-12 21:54
i stay awake worrying about if my little pet cactus okay
2019-09-12 21:56
Finland mustiGOD 
send pic
2019-09-12 22:17
Brunei TtE 
my tooth was keeping me awake until i went to the dentist few days ago, what a relief !
2019-09-12 21:56
i think about aleksib kicked from ence
2019-09-12 21:56
Finland mustiGOD 
check newest ence bts (liked that part where he was smiling behind hot german girl) 😉
2019-09-12 22:17
China lxxI 
I think about Stuttgart's sexy ass
2019-09-12 21:57
2019-09-12 22:10
Finland mustiGOD 
i think about his 12cm dick
2019-09-12 22:18
And that's the girth
2019-09-13 00:43
Europe unlukomaluko 
Random shit
2019-09-12 21:57
Usually I think about the future. Career/Goals/Etc Past 3 weeks though, it's all church girl (((
2019-09-12 22:08
Netherlands zeoligma 
I know these feelings men((
2019-09-12 22:25
Who or what is church girl?
2019-09-13 00:43
I think about getting gangbanged by all brazzers women
2019-09-12 22:09
bob vegene
2019-09-12 22:14
Yes ur moms plzzz
2019-09-13 00:21
Canada ZHF 
I think about the monsters that will eat me if I fall asleep
2019-09-12 22:10
Poland Feym 
3 scoops
2019-09-12 22:10
Norway h0k0n0n 
"I usually thing about the universe and existential matters" +1
2019-09-12 22:11
Ritalin and/or amphetamine I guess?
2019-09-12 22:12
I think of how badly I blew my chance with a grill nearly a year ago. Can't move on men :((
2019-09-12 22:12
How you blew it?
2019-09-13 00:41
Sent her awkward cringy card
2019-09-13 14:01
France OtelloO 
It's old story now mens, hang out with your friends and meet new girls, you'll find another one that will please you and fill your heart
2019-09-13 01:19
I'm sometimes walking to toilet to peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. So yes, dont want to pee in my panties
2019-09-12 22:15
Denmark ImNotBez 
Yesterday and today. I catagorally refuse to go to bed before midnight.
2019-09-12 22:15
Zeus attempting a 1tap. Flashbacks every night
2019-09-12 22:23
do gays have a mental disorder
2019-09-12 22:24
Hungary IstvanHorvath 
Why do you have to think about that so much, the answer is obvious
2019-09-12 22:34
I usally start to count Liquid's chokes I feel asleep after a while
2019-09-12 22:27
Hungary IstvanHorvath 
i think about hungarian history and what we could have done better to still be huge country today
2019-09-12 22:30
damn u must sleep rly well at nights
2019-09-13 00:39
Switzerland Sylleo 
I count every majors s1mple, niko and elige failed to win
2019-09-12 22:32
keeping my eyes open
2019-09-13 00:33
I think about all the comments on HLTV i made that day and what excuse could jon e put to ban me
2019-09-13 00:40
I think about the fact that I will not live to see my 30th birthday. I think about the fact that my country is collapsing. I weep for Europe. I want to die.
2019-09-13 00:41
my ex
2019-09-13 00:41
same men((( We spoke the other day though and she says her bf went to sleep on the couch because she was moaning my name in her sleep, so it feels good that I'm cucking him without even being there.
2019-09-13 00:53
she wants to get back with you if she told you that
2019-09-13 01:04
I'll give her a call on the weekend. I don't know what to say though.
2019-09-13 01:07
mostly about banging bitches, sometimes what im gonna do the next day.
2019-09-13 00:41
my ex men ((
2019-09-13 00:43
Portugal NabasKi 
i think about how everything started
2019-09-13 00:45
It's really weird, but I always think of living in a car xdddddd in like a bus or something, so I can have a home there and move wherever I want whenever I want just by driving away always works for me man, gotta buy myself a bus - I'd hate the shower/toilet situation tho
2019-09-13 01:01
France OtelloO 
living in a van can be seducing because of the freedom of movement etc but you noticed the massive flaw, hygiene. 1 thing is essential wherever you go: bathroom. I move a lot to visit friends, party, etc ... in other cities and I always plan one thing, having a proper bathroom. Idc about the rest, I can sleep on the floor or in a car, I can eat at the restaurant, etc ... but a shower is priceless
2019-09-13 01:22
China SkywakerR 
I am angry about why I can not fall asleep and that thoughts keep me awake.. What a cycle
2019-09-13 01:02
hyperactive mind and not exhausted body. What I do is do some sort of sports and then eat good have 1 beer if I can afford it or not. then easy sleep. But exercise/sport really does help alot , no matter what your fitness level is . also stressing about things is really a huge enemy of sleep, i had to learn not to give a fuck about anything, then things started to get better, including sleep
2019-09-13 01:09
China SkywakerR 
Thanks man.. For me. Is mainly work thing.. Now I just quit.. So should be OK.
2019-09-13 01:23
Liquid lost the major
2019-09-13 01:12
Flair checks out You alright man?
2019-09-13 01:13
no. I will be using HLTV way less until next major
2019-09-13 01:15
Expected Back to the cave for a while, eh?
2019-09-13 01:16
yes. i am a snowflake i cant handle all these NA memes
2019-09-13 01:16
Yup, they hurt so bad
2019-09-13 01:18
wow. sort of the same things for me LOL!
2019-09-13 01:16
North America Swagblanket 
I start thinking about sexy csgo women "pros". I imagine being bestest csgo players so I can have all of them drool over me. Then I realize I'm MG1 in csgo and then start crying.
2019-09-13 01:25
MarKE | 
Belgium Skwiek 
I often overthink death and the eternal blankness once we're gone. I'm not depressed or something and I hate thinking about it, but I often get these thoughts at night.
2019-09-13 01:25
16:00RED Canids vs RUFUS
RED Canids
02:00DETONA vs W7M
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