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NiKo | 
Serbia smiley69 
Heroic, LUL -b0rup +natosaphix -snappi +friberg -es3tag +bubzkji blamef IGL natosaphix SNIPER friberg ENTRY bubzkji ENTRY (STAR PLAYER) stavn RIFLER (LURKER)
2019-09-13 18:15
Ukraine mortydefiled 
who tf cares about this team
2019-09-13 18:16
REZ | 
Finland petemeister 
I used to because of friberg
2019-09-13 18:18
Snappi was decent wtf, what happened to es3tag too he was good
2019-09-13 18:21
Just remove snappi and get back nato and its great roster
2019-09-13 18:21
Sweden fille412 
nato is probably the biggest bot in the pro scene i think anyone above faceit lvl 8 can compare to him
2019-09-13 18:22
Oh so bot snappi who destroyed entire optic lineup is better?? Nato was played bitch roles and did good job in them plus had good stats vs good teams, what did snappi did since joining optic?
2019-09-13 18:23
Sweden fille412 
i'm not saying that snappi is better neither should be on the team they made very strange changes lately
2019-09-13 18:25
So u agree with -snappi +nato
2019-09-13 18:27
Sweden fille412 
no -snappi still no Nato and + Msl
2019-09-13 18:31
I dont think +msl would work, his style takes long to implement and idk if blamef and all of them wanna go from exciting csgo to msl csgo
2019-09-13 18:33
Nato lool why do people think he's good, blameF took the AWP away from him and gave it to es3tag. He's shite.
2019-09-13 18:23
NiKo | 
Serbia smiley69 
blamef good player but bad person. Since Heroic added him, he bench like 4 players. Mertz, moddii (i can agree with that one), nato and friberg. WTF bro
2019-09-13 18:57
NaTo doesn't fit with Heroic -Snappi +Farlig would be nice if es3tag prefers to rifle or +Bubski/roeJ Snappi is garbage
2019-09-13 19:00
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