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Gods VS amazing players..
SpawN | 
Switzerland fanb0yyy 
hi guys.. God vs amazing players? good point dev is a amazing player but people will always remember players like s1mple, kennys, olofmeister, pasha, scream.. all of them gave us a lot of amazing moments of cs go maybe someday zywOo can join this list (maybe) .. but pls have a bit respect and dont compare gods with amazing players because amazing players are still humans.. GODS dont need major wins, they already won everything u can, they will be known forever, i mean Gambit 1 major? who was playing there seksmachine Dosia and? oh yes zeus.. who else? idk wait i need to google —-ah okey!! i know now —- „1day later“ - who was in gambit? How many world cups Messi won? ah i know 0 .. oh noob messi... Umtiti won 1 btw.. so Messi 0 and Umtiti 1 .. who s Umtiti??? i dont fakin know but he won world cup 2018 Gudnight
2019-09-14 08:36
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Czech Republic wonderhead 
>pasha >god I mean I like pasha, but he's no where near a god
2019-09-14 08:38
SpawN | 
Switzerland fanb0yyy 
to be a csgo god u dont need to have aim like twistzz, u need to enjoy the power of people all over the world, loving u, believing in you and remember you!
2019-09-14 08:40
kennyS | 
India Ryuota 
this is the reason...
2019-09-14 10:45
Jonti | 
Japan MrBean444 
it was 5 century ago lol
2019-09-14 10:49
kennyS | 
India Ryuota 
tells the difference between the gods and amazing players though...
2019-09-14 20:22
expro | 
Ivory Coast Toveri 
What you described is a clown/entertainer, not a god.
2019-09-14 10:49
Spain Holiwis 
the only god in csgo is zywoo /close
2019-09-14 10:51
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