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FACEIT Level 10 Experience (eu) - Funny/toxic moments #6
Europe lanspieler 
Hey guys, it's me again. I thought I would post my new video here again because the last 3 times I did that, I didn't recieve one single negative comment. I appreciate it very much!! If you have faceit demos with either funny/toxic or really bad moments, please send them to me. I would love that. I hope you enjoy:
2019-09-14 20:49
United States LoganPaulFan 
2019-09-14 20:49
kike | 
Mongolia ENCEphalon 
do u take fpl demos too?
2019-09-14 20:50
no, i need to have a demo with ingame voice :)
2019-09-14 20:51
Reunion 1iquser 
2019-09-14 20:50
hahaha, thanks a lot bro!
2019-09-14 20:55
Reunion 1iquser 
fr tho, your editing is really good, but for next time try adding povs in some situations
2019-09-14 20:56
thanks again! Most scenes are just dead people talking shit to each other so its a lot of "free cam" but I use pov in some scenes too. At 3 min I have a whole clip with a pov :)
2019-09-14 20:58
Reunion 1iquser 
oh shit sorry, didnt notice that lol. i think that you could've used pov in that situation on cache at toxic
2019-09-14 20:59
oh yea, you are right. I didn't even think about that once. I will try to use more pov's in future vids!
2019-09-14 21:02
United States fatburger 
2019-09-14 20:51
2019-09-14 20:56
which timing?
2019-09-15 11:03
he means the scene at 0:18 :D:D bcko is a pretty well known toxic guy it seems (i learned that yesterday) :D
2019-09-15 14:21
Ah, yes. I was playing with him on esea. He's toxic with -20karma lmao
2019-09-15 14:22
lol what the fuck man HAHA, how is that even possible
2019-09-15 14:28
well when you have bad behaviour you can report him for this and then admin chek your demo if he's really toxic they ban him on 3-5days and make -30karma. And who got right choose to report him giving +15karma
2019-09-15 14:26
oooh ok, i read that wrong. I read "-20k karma" and thought WTF
2019-09-15 14:27
2019-09-15 14:27
Very nice edited 👍👍
2019-09-14 20:51
thank you very much, I appreciate it :)
2019-09-14 20:55
and your frie LUL
2019-09-14 20:55
i think that scene is fucking hilarious :D
2019-09-14 21:17
it is, good video :)
2019-09-14 22:15
Thank you very much bro! :)
2019-09-14 22:19
Slovakia VladO.  
"you have war on real life" lmao, these videos are gold man, keep it up
2019-09-14 20:56
I enjoy that shit so much :D Thank you bro, I'm happy you enjoyed it!
2019-09-14 20:59
i cured my brother's depression using your videos
2019-09-14 21:02
hey man, i'm really happy if i can make people laugh with these videos! It means a lot to me, I really hope your brother get's better!!
2019-09-14 21:05
Russia imzbe 
man that shit was hilarious thanks for that video!
2019-09-14 21:04
means a lot bro, thank you very much!
2019-09-14 21:08
best troll is TENSE
2019-09-14 21:05
haha this guy is really something else. Maybe I will check out a few of his demos :D
2019-09-14 21:09
SpawN | 
Switzerland fanb0yyy 
hhahhhahhhahhjahhhwhhhh i can be one of these guys im so damn toxic hate all noobs
2019-09-14 21:09
hahaha, I don't judge bro!! :D
2019-09-14 21:14
Europe marQQs 
Nice series of videos Keep it up!
2019-09-14 21:10
Thank you bro!!
2019-09-14 21:14
Cyprus Swishh_ 
nice again))
2019-09-14 21:11
thank you :)
2019-09-14 21:16
Portugal VirgemExtra 
you have war on real life and you play counter strike 10/10 ty for video
2019-09-14 21:12
hahaha, i love that stuff. Thank you very much!
2019-09-14 21:16
Zerocool | 
Other rssyo 
ur vids are good man keep it up LOL
2019-09-14 21:18
I appreciate it brother, thanks a lot!
2019-09-14 21:21
Zerocool | 
Other rssyo 
Ur welcome bro, I subbed ur channel aswell :D. Next time when i have similar teammates in my lvl10 queue I will post the demo's to you too xD.
2019-09-15 09:12
Looool finally you got bcko in here
2019-09-14 21:22
I really had no idea about him.. I really think I'm missing something here :D:D I found him through a friends match. He was toxic there so I just checked a few of his demos. Is he known for being toxic? :D
2019-09-14 21:24
"Toxicity doesn't lose games, bad players do" - bcko Need i say more :P
2019-09-14 21:25
with bcko accent it would be toxicity dont lus game, bad pleyer du
2019-09-14 21:27
hahaha LOL
2019-09-14 21:31
I call trump he atom bomb you
2019-09-14 21:27
that shit is gold :D
2019-09-14 21:32
I lost it in "I fucked your mom in hijab muslim shit" LOL LOL
2019-09-14 21:28
HAHA, I'm happy you laughed bro!! :D
2019-09-14 21:33
Austria RRRS7 
nice edit bro. but somehow sad to see how people interact with each other.
2019-09-14 21:29
Thank you bro, really means a lot! True but thats the internet, I guess. That will never change. It's really sad but fuck it. Its fucking hilarious at the same time :D
2019-09-14 21:33
Austria RRRS7 
Yea that‘s true. I have laughed a lot :d
2019-09-14 23:00
really happy that the video made you laugh man :)
2019-09-15 00:28
Ukraine kauk 
very funny to watch if u wanna to translate some russian talks in these demos, u can ask me for help u are doing great job
2019-09-14 21:44
Hey, thanks man!! That isn't a bad idea. Could be very useful :) Send me your steam via dm please. I will add you later!
2019-09-14 21:50
this is some really good content. U just got a new sub. Keep it up man:)
2019-09-14 21:49
I appreciate it a lot bro, thank you!
2019-09-14 21:52
hahahaha LOL thats very very good men!! I like =)
2019-09-14 21:59
Very happy you liked it man!!
2019-09-14 22:03
Your videos are really funny. Keep up the good work with the editing. Also BCko is a legend (if you want to know about him watch neokCS's last video). Liked and subscribed waiting for future videos =)
2019-09-14 22:17
sometimes im sad and i watched this video and i have to laughed xD good bro
2019-09-14 22:50
hey bro, some times maybe good, some times maybe shit ( I'm really happy that the video made you laugh :)
2019-09-14 23:13
aahhaha bro you make me laugh again men, i follow you )
2019-09-14 23:21
i watched other videos, they all good bro ahaha
2019-09-14 23:33
:D thank you man!! Hope you feel better
2019-09-14 23:34
i want to write dm in twitter but not possible bro you need change that or people can not write to you
2019-09-15 21:35
damn, thanks for the heads up, I changed it. just dm me here, a lot easier :D
2019-09-15 22:58
Cyprus Swishh_ 
it was even funnier watching this live at that press conference :D
2019-09-15 10:11
i can imagine HAHA, that's gold :D:D
2019-09-15 10:16
first clip already laughed xd , nice job men 😎 👍
2019-09-14 22:53
hahaha, i'm happy you like it :)
2019-09-14 23:08
Very nice content, keep it up!
2019-09-14 23:36
thank you brother :) I will try to upload once a week!
2019-09-14 23:53
Germany flufluflu1 
2019-09-15 10:40
2019-09-15 11:30
hahaha holy shit dude this video killed me, great job
2019-09-15 01:17
thank you man, very glad you enjoyed it!
2019-09-15 10:06
saw your comment and rewatched it. i really hope you keep up with that stuff, its gold
2019-09-15 10:34
i'll try to upload once a week, thank you very much!
2019-09-15 11:54
ahaha perfect video in the morning, THX
2019-09-15 13:09
np :D happy you enjoyed bro
2019-09-15 13:20
i just send you two demos, hopefully you like them
2019-09-15 16:18
thats amazing, thank you a lot, i will check it out later tonight or tomorrow. I will dm you and tell you if i take it or not :)
2019-09-15 17:06
United States Nohj_ 
lol I love how theres chill music in the background
2019-09-15 10:20
I really like the contrast between these clips and the music, glad you like it aswell :)
2019-09-15 10:30
GuardiaN | 
Other Darge 
LMAO It reminds me of Halo's Red vs. Blue, free cam makes it a lot funnier. Good shit dude!
2019-09-15 10:40
hahaha, thank you very much, means a lot!!
2019-09-15 10:49
good vid men, it was fun to watch
2019-09-15 10:42
I'm happy you enjoyed it, thank you :)
2019-09-15 10:50
Nice man, always love your vids
2019-09-15 11:03
thanks dude, i appreciate it a lot!
2019-09-15 11:12
Disliked your video sucks
2019-09-15 11:16
could you tell me what you don't like about it? Don't you like to see people talking shit to each other in generall or is it something about the editing / music? really interested to hear, if serious
2019-09-15 11:20
Iv got joispoi24 for that noob
2019-09-15 11:21
okay, i understand, i love his videos too, they are amazing :D
2019-09-15 11:26
Finland Abelzini 
Brilliant again!
2019-09-15 11:28
very happy you liked it, thanks man!!
2019-09-15 11:33
United Kingdom aima 
Awesome video but that dude on d2 with the bomb man....
2019-09-15 11:31
thank you! you have to be a special kind of player to play that situation like him :)
2019-09-15 11:34
bcko why didnt you sign my profil men i asked u on esea
2019-09-15 13:15
Kazakhstan aqua4kz 
2019-09-15 14:22
thank you!
2019-09-15 14:26
sh1ro | 
Russia mens))) 
2019-09-15 14:26
bcko the hero we need mens xaxaxa
2019-09-15 14:53
bcko for sure the mvp in here :D:D
2019-09-15 19:06
Vietnam yunfei 
your vid makes me lol so damn hard
2019-09-15 15:20
im happy that the video made you laugh :)
2019-09-15 15:47
brilliant, hahaha
2019-09-16 10:38
happy you like it!!
2019-09-16 10:51
2019-09-16 12:23
thanks dude
2019-09-16 15:15
Finland jjl 
best video of this kind i've ever seen
2019-09-16 15:22
means a lot dude, thank you! :)
2019-09-17 10:24
Slovakia sanjuro 
if u would skip demos with retarded russians, you would have no material for videos.
2019-09-17 10:36
haha, I think that's not true but imo russians are the funniest people because 1. I love the accent when they talk and 2. They like to discuss the situation for a looong time :D:D
2019-09-17 10:40
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