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How do you stay motivated in the game ?
Malta ciORAN_NT 
2019-09-22 03:33
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NAF | 
United States skzl_ 
i dont need to stay motivated when im popping heads every game 😎
2019-09-22 03:34
If you don’t like the game then don’t play
2019-09-22 03:38
2019-09-22 04:06
u dont if u feel like its boring just leave (like i do 😎)
2019-09-22 03:38
You either have motivation like a winner or you lose it like a Weiner.
2019-09-22 03:39
stop playing pugs.get friends or create friends and scrim and play in leagues.pugs and mm are both hot garbage and not the real way to play actual cs.
2019-09-22 03:42
Malta ciORAN_NT 
I play with a team but it's always like that, I put too much effort into the game then I get bored, ill make a pause for about a week I know I will gain motivation back
2019-09-22 03:46
are u scrimming or are u 5 man queuing a pug system?
2019-09-22 03:55
Malta ciORAN_NT 
5 man queuing atm, we're a fresh team, about 13 days maybe together
2019-09-22 03:58
i see....maybe take a break and play something else and when ur team wants to play play with them.
2019-09-22 03:59
Malta ciORAN_NT 
I made a thread about that, we want to tryhard as fuck so we made up goals and shit, they always want to play and me too but we starting to loose and we play too much I believe (120h Last 2 weeks) I'm gonna take a forced break cause I got things to do, going back to Malta and shit, this will make me breath
2019-09-22 04:03
2019-09-22 04:07
Argentina Joedash 
yeh, either do anything IRL or play any other game that dont make you tilt or where you can actually troll or do whatever you want.
2019-09-22 04:07
Malta ciORAN_NT 
Don't play video games besides CS, I'd rather watch films, go out or read
2019-09-22 04:16
Argentina Joedash 
yeh, you can also do that
2019-09-22 04:40
autist | 
Germany RIZZOLI_ 
i mix l-theanine with caffeine
2019-09-22 03:50
i dont need to stay motivated when im good at the game and enjoy killing everyone
2019-09-22 03:54
By being good
2019-09-22 04:36
f0rest | 
Sweden D24_Tic 
2019-09-22 04:42
11:00Vitality vs EHOME
14:00Natus Vincere vs Heroic
Natus Vincere
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