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I want to leave my GF.
Sri Lanka VITAshoxieJESUS 
guys nothing special, we have been together for some time, had some great fun but i feel like i dont wanna be with her anymore, we dont have any problems, she is a nice girl i dont know how to say it, dont have much experience with leaving ty for tips
2019-09-22 11:40
ghost her it makes her go crazy lmao
2019-09-22 11:41
no man wouldnt do it
2019-09-22 11:42
ok then I cant help that is the only way I have ever done it
2019-09-22 11:44
Finland tamii 
Ghosting is an easier way for a boy to leave a girl because you don't have to do anything face to face but in reality it just hurts the girl more so its better to just be honest
2019-09-22 11:58
explain pls ghost from call of duty?
2019-09-22 12:16
Poland Adisky 
No u silly He means to dress as a ghost and scare her rly much so she wont come back
2019-09-22 14:51
Bulgaria Amerikana 
dress up as ghost from call of duty
2019-09-22 14:54
Zerocool | 
Other rssyo 
+1 i did this aswell
2019-09-23 00:36
fuck her sister and she will leave you
2019-09-22 11:41
Serbia MatadoreN98 
+1 xDDD
2019-09-22 11:42
bad tip :D
2019-09-22 11:43
Worked for me tho
2019-09-22 12:21
Just say that to her. Say to her, the time with her was good.
2019-09-22 11:42
+1 Respect
2019-09-22 13:01
Sweden hagelin 
Tell her exactly what you told us
2019-09-22 11:45
Or send this thread to her 😎
2019-09-22 11:46
dont wanna make her sad tho, idk bro as i said dont have many experience hard for me
2019-09-22 11:46
There's no way you won't make her sad. Being sad is part of getting over things.
2019-09-22 12:12
It's because she's ugly or what
2019-09-22 11:46
no, because i feel like she is into me very much and i wanna be alone for some time
2019-09-22 11:47
make sure you wont regret it because you want to be alone now
2019-09-22 11:49
true, but i dont think so, by alone i mean rest a bit and chill
2019-09-22 11:50
just tell it to her, sooner is better. there's no better way. she'll get over it
2019-09-22 11:51
ok ty
2019-09-22 11:53
better you try before to tell her to give you more space and time before really leaving her bcs u want to rest and chill
2019-09-22 13:06
rest a bit and chill. Do you mean it like, she is too much to handle, calls you every day, wants to spend time with you all the time, you can't be alone for 20 mins? Then tell her that you also need some personal space, even though in the relationship. If she is old enough, she will understand and not take it as an offense. Or do you just want to use "be alone and chill" as an excuse, because you are scared to "end up" with her, and you want to party and experience other girls too?
2019-09-23 00:41
rain | 
Lithuania LevelUpp 
If you want some time for yourself, that's fine, tell her you need a break for a few weeks.
2019-09-22 12:01
then say you wanna be alone for sometime. If she wanna break up then you are also fine... If not she will wait and understand you, if he says okay but still want to be there you have to the cut. But I know what u mean it is rough if someone wants to be always on your side when you want to be alone. It sucks a lot of energy.
2019-09-22 15:29
acid | 
Estonia MC_Ride 
theres not a good way to do it straightforward and honest is the least bad tho
2019-09-22 11:53
You are good, I am the problem then leave :D
2019-09-22 11:59
nice one tbh
2019-09-22 11:59
2019-09-22 12:34
Bulgaria Amerikana 
then she will be even more into him now that she knows he is kioshima
2019-09-22 14:58
2019-09-23 00:34
Just do it now, the more you wait the more it will get complex. Just be honest is the best you can do. "You are great but I don't see a future together" "I don't want to continue and deceive you" "I really love you for all the time we spent together but THAT feeling is kinda gone and now I see you more as a friend/sister" I don't think these are actually excuses but perhaps things you feel right now. GL
2019-09-22 12:06
Brazil Coldzera_top1 
why post in hltv about your personal life?
2019-09-22 12:17
you think reddit is better? lol
2019-09-22 12:37
There are other (real) forums, than just Reddit and HLTV, LOL. Both HLTV and Reddit is garbage though.
2019-09-22 12:43
who the fuck is trying to find right forums to get help about his gf lol
2019-09-22 13:42
How old are you? 13?
2019-09-22 12:20
18, why? i look like 13 because im not baiting ?
2019-09-22 14:30
If you arent baiting, you shouldnt ask something like that on hltv
2019-09-22 15:01
If she hasnt done anything wrong, its very bad to leave her, just think about it, u have someone who loves u and she would never cheat on you, never hurt you, and you feel like thats too much.. u have a blessing. You are making the wrong decision and something is telling u that she is not enough, check on yourself first.
2019-09-22 12:26
agreed but dont want to be connected to something and want to be free, chill and rest for some time. i dont wanna feel like i have to check my phone, text or meet etc.
2019-09-22 14:35
look man, you better think twice before you leave her. i mean you have committed to love her and also her. you sure wanna leave her just because you want to have some times alone and not disturbed by phone / text / meet up or etc? thats a bit silly for me. just get over it man, you mean the world to her, dont hurt her feeling
2019-09-22 15:20
then you are the problem, you dont know what you want. reconsider everything, like you have something 95% of hltv fags dont have, especially me, so idk why you even want to "chill" and dont check your phone, take it with her instead and tell her like we talk too much lets talk less on phone or smthn, instead of leaving make a decision you both would like.
2019-09-22 15:34
Bulgaria Omaiguudnes 
idk never had 1
2019-09-22 12:36
Lithuania aels 
you dont have fun anymore?
2019-09-22 12:43
dont want to be connected to something and want to be free, chill and rest for some time. i dont wanna feel like i have to check my phone, text or meet etc.
2019-09-22 14:30
Lithuania aels 
ye but it can happen after u leave her u will feel alone after 1-2months and want to get her back but it will be2late (
2019-09-22 15:35
basically you are selfish and don't know what you want. When it was fun for you you wanted it, now that the "butterflies" are gone and dedication/commitment/duty comes with a relationship, you want to drop it. Typical kid.
2019-09-23 00:44
Say bye
2019-09-22 12:43
Japan eternaL_ 
I don’t get it, do you want to take a break with her or actually break up? Just do it and be honest. It’s gonna make her sad but that’s just part of romance. You won’t get anything done if you keep trying to be nice.
2019-09-22 12:44
15 yo wanna break with his gf now and gonna regret it in like 1 month XD
2019-09-22 12:47
Yeah, probably. :D
2019-09-22 13:04
2019-09-22 14:30
Philippines m1ez 
If you are in a long term relationship this is a normal stage you will go through. I had the same feeling and we did break up only for almost a month to get back and it me realize how lucky I am to have a girl that still loves me and forgave me for my mistakes I did to her. I suggest that you think this through deeply, think about yourself, think about her and your relationship with her. Maybe you just need space and time but you don't wanna break up with her that's why you don't wanna make her sad and because you love her also. Good luck man. I made this account just to post this and wanna help a fellow brother out ;)
2019-09-22 13:00
ty bro
2019-09-22 14:28
Philippines m1ez 
It is really up to you. Just don't wait too long to say it to her that you want to be free cause it will hurt less if you tell her sooner than later.
2019-09-23 02:21
Why do you want to leave her?
2019-09-22 13:04
dont want to be connected to something and want to be free, chill and rest for some time. i dont wanna feel like i have to check my phone, text or meet etc.
2019-09-22 14:29
Well, being single has its benefits since women want a lot of your attention. But it's not necessary to break up, you can try to talk to your gf and explain her all of this, perhaps you both will decide to just take a pause. But if you don't love her and she isn't important for you then it would be better to break up completely to don't waste her time.
2019-09-22 14:48
I feel like this is just a temporary phase every lasting relationship comes through. Reach your own conclusions, but make sure you won't regret what you've done
2019-09-22 15:03
This feeling will come in every relationship ever. Think of exactly you want in your life to change. Maybe it's as simple as spending a little less time together. You know, you do you a bit more.
2019-09-22 15:11
Sri Lanka ShaNStrygwyR 
ask her to vote for maithri again, surely she will leave man :P
2019-09-22 13:46
im not from sri lanka :^^
2019-09-22 14:34
Szohn | 
Nepal Nepali 
Fake flagging is illegal.
2019-09-22 14:49
Sri Lanka ShaNStrygwyR 
2019-09-23 02:08
Szohn | 
Nepal Nepali 
I mean, just simply say it that there are no problems, but it's like a punishment to her keep her in a relationship where your feelings towards here are dying a bit. That's how I would probably try to explain it.
2019-09-22 14:51
agreed, im a pussy tho, cant stand hurting people
2019-09-23 00:36
Szohn | 
Nepal Nepali 
I understand that, but make sure that it's not hers fault if it's the truth, there is no easy way on this one, you just make her and yourself suffer if you don't let it go.
2019-09-23 14:05
Hobbit | 
Iran Tajik! 
Tell her that it's not her fault, but things aren't working out for you two.
2019-09-22 14:52
good one, im too much of a pussy to leave, maybe ill wait for her
2019-09-23 00:36
Bulgaria Amerikana 
tell her that she got too fat
2019-09-22 15:04
she isnt tho
2019-09-23 00:35
Netherlands BigMarvin 
Come to Zeeland Best mens))) Best womens))) Best food Best beaches Best place to literally leave your girlfriend
2019-09-22 15:07
Israel WokeMaester 
Tell her you believe in female circumcision.
2019-09-22 15:07
United States freakaroid 
Just tell her that you thought long and hard about it, but you finally know you're gay.
2019-09-22 15:09
no im not gay lol
2019-09-23 00:35
This is so sad, consider giving us the number so we can comfort her
2019-09-22 15:17
Make a rap about it to her. Send it as a voice message.
2019-09-22 16:01
what's her instagram, I make her dump you 😎
2019-09-23 00:40
What is the reason, i want detailed explanation, it's not because you just want to have a break, is it because you don't want the burden of having to think of another persons feelings and opinions and can't do as you really want? Is it just too much work being in a relationship? or have you lost your feelings for her completely? is she doing something or saying something that you dislike, what is the cause you say you want to chill and have a break but we need to know why that is, what is so hard and taxing on you that you feel like you need to chill? First when you have the asnwer for that i can help you my friend. But if your are just tired of being in a relationship just end it you are 18 you have alot to go through, it's really easy you just tell her how it is and she will cry and eventually get over you and find someone that wants her ez clap, every single girl and boy go through this, it's a part of life, rather you be honest to her now insted of wasting her and your time in a relationship you don't want to be in.
2019-09-23 00:58
United Kingdom og_quiche 
its gonna hurt, just bite down and let it happen. you might feel shitty for a week or a year. but if its the right thing to do, you need to do it. <3. much love, no homo
2019-09-23 01:13
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