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faceit high ping
Myanmar dolbaeb_matka 
Is there any way to lower my ping on faceit besides going for different provider? 90% times it's netherlands and playing with 70 ping is so fucking painful, close to unplayable.
2019-09-22 16:08
2019-09-22 16:09
Norway k3ron 
Playing with 70 ping is so fucking painful? You're pussy, I swear to god
2019-09-22 16:09
definitely it isn't when your enemies play with 20-40 lol also i play dm with 20-30 ping so there's a huge difference, u have no clue about cs
2019-09-22 16:14
20-70 no diffrence
2019-09-22 16:18
considering ur flag u play with 350 on eu servers so certainly there is no diff for you brazzer
2019-09-22 16:19
2019-09-22 16:47
Stewie2K | 
United States Nohj_ 
70 ping isnt bad lol
2019-09-22 16:10
2019-09-22 16:14
Tomato | 
Europe boys 
in america its normal to have high ping they have shitty internet there everywhere
2019-09-22 17:01
you just typical crybaby i guess that means you met russians mostly that means that you play vs 90 ping russians STOP CRYING ping is not a deal if you have good connection without choke and losses it only matters on straight 1 v 1 duels when you and your opponent have known positions
2019-09-22 16:17
2019-09-22 16:19
i have shit ping on faceit too its 100 on dm i have 70 so your faceit ping is my best ping
2019-09-22 16:21
Norway k3ron 
2019-09-22 16:57
lol some of these guys are retarded, when ur used to playing >20, 70 is fucking awful wtf they talking about xD
2019-09-22 16:23
yeah just jealous guys who haven't touched cs outside their supreme mm
2019-09-22 16:25
Romania AwesomeDoggo 
I dont think u can actually do anything to get better ping :(
2019-09-22 16:25
get straight connection to faceit server i guess with vpn or something
2019-09-22 16:26
i've heard about killping or wtfast things but never used them, im looking for anything that i could use to make my routing better
2019-09-22 16:27
nEGRo | 
Kazakhstan Lost4q 
In Kazakhstan ping to faceit servers is 110-150. So free is cry
2019-09-22 16:29
in morocco is 110 too
2019-09-22 16:49
Iran yashpashar 
M0e alt spotted blaming lag and ping
2019-09-22 16:31
wtf is wrong with yall novas stop commenting my threads
2019-09-22 16:32
to hltvers yes, 70 ping is bad to play everything below 53 is bad ping for this game to op no idea bro :/
2019-09-22 16:34
i wish faceit would start banning people from joining your game with a ping over 60. in 1.6 you would own anyone with a Highping but in CS:GO ? 150MS just peeks the Corner i cant fucking hit him and he strafes wides just oneshots you. Always amazing how fucking Bullshit that is
2019-09-22 16:35
Cyprus Swishh_ 
ur just bad cry
2019-09-22 16:38
Cyprus Swishh_ 
how do u know changing isp will lower ur ping
2019-09-22 16:39
Netherlands NELK 
Swedeish servers worst
2019-09-22 16:59
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