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Okay for real, this dude has an eye for talent, nearly all top Danish pros played under him at some point. /discuss
2019-09-22 23:07
Finland Autisthicc 
he should be a poach coach?
2019-09-22 23:08
imo yes he could work for Astralis/North when he retires to scout talent.
2019-09-22 23:10
I would like to see him join North as the igl
2019-09-22 23:11
nah lol, he's shit individually
2019-09-22 23:12
Doesn't matter, he is so good at making his teammates perform
2019-09-23 00:11
Netherlands zeoligma 
He should work for astralis Zonic and hunden would be a goat duo working in the shadows
2019-09-22 23:14
actually i can agree. This man is a fucking underrated IGL, just cuz of stats. He ALWAYS plays for team, for the win. HUGE respect
2019-09-23 00:15
The Danish Ange1. Both Hunden and Ange1 are really good but always end up being screwed and bigger teams signing their teams.
2019-09-23 00:16
Albania Chest 
HUNDEN is the Danish OCEAN
2019-09-23 00:18
GOD HUNDEN lots of respect for him
2019-09-23 00:19
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